The white Rasta’s viewpoint – By Bo

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I’m a white rasta and there are many reasons
that led I to trod this path-way;
Hear me out quietly and judge me not harshly,
For with the measure you judge
Verily, so shall you be judged:

i believe in peace and good humanity in all people
i believe the more political your thoughts are, the more corrupt you are
i admit most white society is Babylon, but only Jah can judge people;
we need to end racism on both sides and realize the color of our skin means nothing and trust in the Father and mother of Creation;
our roots are all from Africa
As it was in the beginning it shall be in the end


(Edited by Jahdey)

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3 thoughts on “The white Rasta’s viewpoint – By Bo”

  1. Brother Bo, Humble words indeed. Do you think that as a white Rasta and I do have some reservations on that – when the Israelites left Egypt with Moses, many of the Egyptians left with them but it did not make them Israelites – you all could form a lobby for reperations and a international day of rememberance of slavery, the most horrific inhumanity to man?

  2. This is typical white racist BS.

    “we need to end racism on both sides and realize the color of our skin means nothing ”

    Don’t tell us that. Go tell your white brothers that.

    This is exactly the reason why I can’t stand white people. He’s only a Rasta because he wants to have dreadlocks and be counter culture. He’s nothing but a hipster. This is no different than all the other white appropriators of black culture like Iggy Azalea, etc… Of course the white man always gets what he wants. If he wants to be an Ancient Egyptian, he’ll put on some eye-liner, a headdress, and call himself Tut. If he wants to Rock & Roll, he’ll listen to a song from Little Richard or Chuck Berry, rerecord it, and call himself a Rock-star. If he wants to rap, he’ll take on the demeanor of all his hood friends and call himself being down. Then years later, he is called one of the greats if not the greatest. Jah can judge me all he wants. I’m sick of coddling white men. Talk about spoiled entitled babies. Do they have to have their hand in every culture. Black people can’t ever have anything of our own without white interference. It’s no wonder we can’t ever unite. Every time we create something, here come all the whites & Asians trying to jock our swag because they want to look cool. Was it not enough that they wiped away our African heritage during slavery. Our names, our language, our customs, our original way of dancing & singing. For goodness sakes, we all have European first & last names. I’m sick of this thievery. Whites know which European country their ancestors come from. Why don’t embrace their own cultures instead of trying to take what little we do have. Sorry for the rant.

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