The United States in April 2013 – AbdulKadir X

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The Americans have many enemies but whosoever is doing this is more dangerous than lethal toxins.

Marathon was bombed in Massachusetts, on April 15, 2013. Scores were critically injured. Two so-called Caucasian boys are prime suspects. They could be the so-called white supremacists or just plain old preppers and dissidents.

Today is April 19 2013, the anniversary of Waco bombing.

Two days before on April 17 2013, someone blew up a fertilizer company near Waco. The explosion had the force of a mini atomic bomb.

Scores were killed. Millions of dollars in property was lost.

North Korea had promised there would be an explosion after April 15, 2013. It targeted the State of Texas as an attack location.

North Korea has many suicide special forces personnel that can infiltrate a country and create havoc.

I am not saying it is North Korea. But then nobody knows who did this super terrorist hit.

Maybe this is the revenge of the Branch Dravidians.

It could be Syria,it could be Al Qaeda, it could be the white supremacist gangs of Texas.

The Americans are keeping very quiet about the Waco super explosion.

For how long???

We will keep you posted.

Boston Massachusetts April 15, 2013:

Wanted for Boston Bombing

Waco Texas April 17, 2013:

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