The Straight Haired Africans – Oguejiofo Annu

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Not every original African has wooly hair and dark skin. There are many original Africans with straight hair, dark skin, and all the other phenotypic traits that goes with being Muurish.

Africans have the most diverse genes on earth, the most diverse looks on earth and the most ancient heritage, of all the people on earth. You will find this traits in North, East, West and South Africa.

We are diverse, yet we are one blood. Diverse because we are the original models for all the later creations of man and woman.

One blood because we are the original children of the Black Father (Osiris) and the great Mother (Isis).

We are one love, one blood, one family. Rasta Livewire presents some pictures of the straight haired Africans still living in Africa today:









Puffy hair straight hairSomali


Somali President

Straight-Haired Africans

Straight  Haired Africans

Straight  Haired Africans

Straight  Haired Africans

Straight Haired Africans
straight-haired Africans
Straight Haired Africans

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47 thoughts on “The Straight Haired Africans – Oguejiofo Annu”

  1. i thank the almighty for the priviledge of finding a web page that is willing to put the truth out here. as i think of the condition of all our black people, it becomes more apparent that in order for us to change a generation, we have the duty to get the truth out to our children concerning their a child, i knew that a race of people that were treated so horribly had to have a purpose, and your findings prove that. we are the basis of every culture known to modern man. i will b sure to impart these truths into my children and their children. continue in your efforts to open our eyes. we have a hollowness inside of us as a race that can only be filled by the truth that has been hidden for far too long. thank you

  2. People from east africa ( and north africa ) arent fully african theyre mixed with arab. Thats why they have straighter hair/ curlier hair. Show fully black people like nigerians, and bantu people.

    1. Comparative studies of ethnically diverse human populations, particularly in Africa, are important for reconstructing human evolutionary history and for understanding the genetic basis of phenotypic adaptation and complex disease. African populations are characterized by greater levels of genetic diversity, extensive population substructure, and less linkage disequilibrium (LD) among loci compared to non-African populations. Africans also possess a number of genetic adaptations that have evolved in response to diverse climates and diets, as well as exposure to infectious disease. This review summarizes patterns and the evolutionary origins of genetic diversity present in African populations, as well as their implications for the mapping of complex traits, including disease susceptibility.

    2. Born in Africa and have been born in Africa for a 1000 years… That’s native African at that point. Deal with it.

    3. You dont know what your talking about. Why do people like you choose to speak on things you know nothing about. All you have to do is use common sense, I understand that sense isnt common, but at least try. JUST THINK. Australian Aborigines are some of the worlds oldest people, who predate the Pale Arab (The original Arab is of this East African phenotype). The Dravidian (South Indian/Tamil) are also some of the worlds oldest people, who predate the pale Arabs as well. The original Polynesian, Malaysian, and the dark skinned straight haired people of the Americas. These people are depicted on many ancient walls as they are, straight to curly hair. If they predate the pale Arab, how in the world are they a kin to them? How do you attribute the hair they’ve always had to Arabs? Stop trying to put dark skinned ppl in a box.. and we are not black, black means pale, we are not the Blanc people, those people have pale skin. Use your brain and think before you comment.

      1. He is not putting ‘black’ people in a box! If anything he is diversifying them even more by showing that not every black person has the basic kinky wooly textured hair.

      2. The so called Arab is a hybrid mixture of African, Greek and East Indian. They are not a race because they have no consistent characteristics that can classify them as one. They are mixtures of races.

        1. So, true! The peoples of India and Northern Africa ( Arab Countries) are a mix face….. That is a Fact. They are not 100 Percent Africans. No more than I am 100 Percent caucasian where mine ancestors are from Europe. Not even Caucasian people are 100 Percent White; even they have different shades of skin tones. I don’t believe in evolution where scientists say our skin tone changes according to the amount of sun. I believe we all come from the three sons of Noah: Ham (Africa) Shem (Middle east) and Jephate (Europe). How they all had different shades of skin tone I don’t know and neither does scientists. But we all come from the three Sons of Noah. If people would do their research a little bit more, they would find out that all three sons and their children enter married with one another. White people did not just appear overnight. This mix of race just didn’t start over night. It happened right after the flood. I am a person who believes in the Bible. There’s only one race and that’s the human race.

          1. Race isn’t actually skin color because every human group can range in skin tone from fully melanated to albino. The variation of races has to do with build, and every single one started as dark skinned.

          2. There is no mention of anyone with red skin until the birth of Esau. Ham, Shem and Japhet were all black men. They had dark brown skin. They would be considered black today.

    4. What the hell is a fully black person? If you were a true intellectual you would know that a person cannot be defined by a colour. Especially when that colour doesn’t describe them. And for the record, Bantu ppl come in all shades and hair textures too.

    5. Black people are in the corner of the world. Arabic is the language they speak so they called them Arabs and their religion but not who they are. There is no middle eastern either. We are all Africans. If we want to be technical about it, we are the real Hebrew Israelite. Remember, divide and conquer is the name of the game

    6. True. Why is it so hard for the world to comprehend that Africa does not automatically translate to Black, oppression, inferior period. The Western mindset in general about civilization deeply puzzles me. Most people of African descent were never slaves. The story of the “Black” people those not originate during the mid-Atlantic Slave Trade. I’m sadden that even AAs tend to see their history beginning mostly during slavery. No, every single group of people aren’t necessarily Black in Africa. It’s a continent! It does not have one single gene pool! That’s the beauty of the region! The Berbers are a part of Africa but they are not Ethiopian or Bantu people. When you really think about it, if humans are born out of Africa then that means the region produces a vast variety of genes. The genetic pool of the world exists there. Black is not a nation or race. It’s proven that even those of the same color have a different genetic grouping. Yes Africans are closely related but they are not the same. Truthfully there is no white and black race. There are people of the same region who share very similar genes so they look closely alike. Well even a Colombian, Jamaican, Kenyan and African American really all have their unique features.

    7. You are stupid most of those pics are from West Africa and all over not just East Africa. No matter if you say they are mixe dI would argue NO cause they are considered black so whats your point??????

    8. Uhm, im Nigerian with straight hair. No afro, just wavy curls. at first it was wierd cause nobody believes my hair is natural but then its just the way I am.

        1. Lol so caucasian people with wavy hair don’t have straight hair ? Please. Wevare talking about the texture not the hairstyle

    9. Your comment is racist! There are 3 types of African’s: Bantu, Nilote and Cushite. All of these are original African’s. The one’s you write as not ‘fully African’ are the cushites and they are FULLY AFRICAN. Please read more about the African race before you say offensive things.

    10. Actually I have a friend who is Venda/ “bantu” Her hair is wavy and kinky and a mix of brown and blonde.

    11. You’re obviously ignorant. The very word Arab means mixed. There’s no such thing as an Arab race. If you knew some history, you’d know that Arabs started out black (Harapaa). In fact, Arabs are Esau from the bible. Blacks have different ethnologies just like whites. Are Mediterraneans white? According to you they must not be. Blacks were in the Near East and South Asia.
      These groups were constantly running back and forth through Africa dummy. All people of the Southern Hemisphere are black! We’ve been here the longest, which explains our diversity. Black skin and curly hair are Negritic traits. Hence the term Negritoes.
      Go take a look at Melanesians. They have blonde hair and have nothing to do with whites! Nigerians give birth to white babies. It happens more often than you might think. You being ignorant, and not knowing anything about black people, wouldn’t know this. And, while you’re at it, go look at the Khoi with golden-copper color skin and Asian eyes. Are they black? You bet they are!

    12. I am somali and I can tell you you are dead wrong about Somalis.
      People I can’t stress this enough even arabs deny this.

    13. African is a term in respect to a location.
      if you were born in Africa you are fully African.

      The issue you are having is that your heart is telling you that there is something wrong with your beliefs but you can’t put your finger on it.

      let me help …”race” is being turned into a sociological term. the real difference between black and white people is simply skin color. and there is only one race of humans.

      but i imagine you have already realised this 3 years on lol

    14. Araibia was hijjaz and its oldest name is sumer ,becoz it is in fact it is africa connected lastly by egypt amd jeruselem, ( quds) but long ago when the red sea was only a river creek and the inhabitants wer the same as those of sudan somoli keya today thlast of original arabs are in yemen , all erupen looking ppl of africa are those whom hav becom arab, israeli,egyptian and lets not 4get habasha ethiopian ereatian, whom look more correctly like the son of man P.B.U.H and his mother and all those rightly guided!

    15. Actually, they are naturally different, whether or not they are mixed with West Asian, South Asian or any European. All original homo sapiens are melanated, but different groups in different areas had different traits. Long ago, Africans with features like (straight?) blond hair and blue eyes had traveled from Macrobia (gotta find out what that place is currently) to Europe and brought civilization to the last of the Neanderthals in ancient Europe.

    16. Exactly! I’ve seen HUNDREDS of their DNA results, and the straight hair is a result of Arab and or North African admixture. There’s a reason why both Kenyans and Horners usually cross the finish lines together in marathons. It’s not just because they are neighbors. They share DNA(hence the similar builds) that gives them those abilities and advantages. The difference in appearance is the Yemeni Arab paternal bloodlines of Horners

  3. Agra and horn Africans are pure Africans with straight curly and wavy hair. Africans can have many hair textures without mixing, as well as having varying skin tones and eye & hair color. the most common eye & hair colors are dark brown and black, but there is propelled with light brown yellowish and reddish hair, as well as with blue green and Amber eyes. the thought that only Euro people and albinism can have those traits is a common misconception based on flawed ououtdated research and analysis.

    1. The human race gene pool seemingly is in Africa. Again Africa does not always automatically translate to “Black” or very dark skin. There are white people in Africa too and they are African, not European.

    2. Amen sister, litteraly the only thing that makes a black person black is the shade of there skin, I am black and I have stick straight hair

      1. I don’t believe you. It’s probably a weave, wig, or relaxer but you’re delusional enough, like many black women, to think it’s your own hair.

        1. There are African people with straight hair. So what? Even if she was lying, why do you bother? Have a problem with yourself? You want people to feel bad in order to accommodate your ego?

  4. Nice photos, I think, Living near water source and taking bath in river for generations makes the hair straight and people living in highlands and mountainous regions have curly hairs.

  5. To all the people who are claiming African’s come in all colors/Hair/eyes and LIES.

    African/Black is
    Light brown skin -blue black.
    Dark brown eyes -Hazel.

    That is it.

    ONLY Khoisan Have The most genetic Diversity and THEY DONT HAVE ALL THE COLORS/EYES/HAIR OF MAN now do they?

    GENETIC DIVERSITY DOES NOT MEAN THEY HOLD ALL THE PHENOTYPES! It means Khoisan retain most of their Ancestral DNA/blueprint That did NOT recent mutations.

    That is impossible seeing as THE MUTATIONS CAME AFTER LEAVING AFRICA!!!!! Therefore it was not in our ORIGINAL ANCESTRAL DNA.

    Black people outside of Africa DO NOT POSSESS THE GENES with the mutations UNLESS they are descendants from THOSE WHO HAVE IT, ex Descendent of Melanesians.

    Furthermore, the gene for light skin came about maybe 6-10,000 years ago and was not in the original mans ancestral Blueprint.

  6. Black People in africa are very diverse and mixed with many different races causing some to have straighter hair.

  7. Albinism is a very common health issue. Whites are the result of multi-generational mixes of east African albinos including those who migrated to Asia. Discrimination engineered these albino groups and pushed them away. Ages ago, most straight haired tribes clustered in the east, and moved further east (Indians and other south Asians).

    Arabs are a product of albino tribes mixing back with blacks over time as people developed a different attitude towards them.

    Albinism also manifests in different ways. It doesn’t produce one set of features. Albinism sometimes only causes a black person to have slightly lighter skin, or light eyes. The color variations seen throughout Africa come from this, and also multi-generational albino tribes mixing back into tribes.

    There is no evidence to suggest that “Europeans” are a product of environment or changes over time. All explanations are completely absurd given the features of people in similar environments.

    There is also sufficient evidence of “European” albinos. Virtually every piece of art from ages ago depicts Europeans clearly as albinos, and many images include thick afros and dreadlocks.

  8. I completely agree. I recently learned that Europeans (white people) are just a mix of the Dravidian Indians of south India. “Dravida” means “southern”. The descendants of these Indians migrated North and mixed with non-albino Indians. From there their descendants became the Orientals (Chinese, Taiwanese, etc.). Their more direct descendants continued further North through Asia and eventually on to Europe. That is where they became known as the Druids. “Druid” is the European equivalent of the word “Dravida”. In Europe they mixed with neighboring tribes of blue and green eyed black people who are likely relatives of the black African tribes that once ruled Egypt. This is where white people get their blue, green, and other light colored eyes from. Hitler lied when he told the world that white people descend from a perfect race of blonde blue eyes Aryan Supermen. The truth is that any white person with curly hair or any eye color other than brown to hazel have black ancestors. That’s why white people in northern European countries often have kinky curly hair and blue eyes. Sometimes they even have a gap between their teeth. These are all black traits that passed down to them. It’s also the reason they can tan better than most other white people. They call it a Swedish tan because of the Scandinavians from Sweden who have high sun tolerance as a result of having our DNA mixed in with theirs. Some white people may have developed the different eye color Gene as a result of settling in the places in Europe that they stole from the black people who were there. The descendants of the Druids became Vikings. They would plunder everywhere. They even found an ancient mummy with red hair in Egypt. Dravidian Indian albinos have blonde or red hair. They would plunder the black populations along the Mediterranean from Europe to Africa. The bastards they’d produce and leave behind from their rapes became outcasts and formed their own tribes called Berbers. “Berber” is where the term “Barbarian” comes from. The Barbarian tribes where uneducated descendants of bastard Dravidian mixes. . They were worst in plunder and war than even the Vikings. Upon invading Europe their genes mixed in and their descendants became the white people in the world today. However, I’m still trying to figure out what happened that turned black people with black hair into Indians/Aborigines with straight hair. That’s how I discovered this article. That would seem to be the second true genetic mutation. For the person who says blacks don’t have those genetics and that life began in Africa, I say ” you’re a Kafur and you’re dead wrong”. A “Kafur” is an unbeliever in the true and all mighty God. Allah (or God) taught us that mankind comes from Asia. According to the scriptures Noah’s Ark landed in Turkey which is in northern Asia. It is from there every known remnant society that exists has descended. This is the word of God and not some scientist or mortal. That means that Africa was settled after Asia and therefore is not the motherland of any nation even if black people ultimately settled there. Peace.

    1. In response to Isa
      But mankind started before Noah, he came from somewhere else BEFORE arriving in Asia… that’s after the fact

  9. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Noah was the very first Albino. That means that all of his descendants had pontential to produce Albinos among their population. What puzzles me is when, how, and why the straight hair Gene mutation occurred. Obviously Indians are their direct descendants, but who were they?

  10. I’m a Nigerian guy, And I have a curly hair and some few of my friends has the same too. Sometimes I’m being thought to be an arabian, but I’m a typical Nigerian. For those saying west Africans can not have diversity in skin, eyes, hair is completely not right.

  11. Im a Nigerian with curly hair. I also have slanted eyes. People think im mixed with Asian. Im 100% Nigerian.

  12. Like it or Not, Every ONE ,say with Me when 12 hour s are finished with US

    we would say in any language GOOD NIGHT the night is all around us think about IT

  13. What confuses most people is that The West Africans and the East Africans arent the same people. The West Africans never really left West Africa until the slavers came and took them away. The East Africans however populated the rest of the world. Almost everyone else including the Egyptians descends from them. Afro hair is from West Africa. That trait is very recent in East Africans. As recently as 2000 years ago the people living along the Indian Ocean were all the same people. Including East Indians. They traded far and wide for thousands of years. Probably all had straight hair. Thousands of years before that the the Asians split off then the Persians, then the Caucasians then the Northern Europeans. All of which have straight hair.

  14. The original inhabitants of East Africa/ Ethipia, where the first human remain were found, did not look like modern day horn Africans. They were nilotic. Horners descend from Nilotes and yemeni admxiture that happened thousands of years ago, hence why no one is able to point to an actual non-African family member in that region. The first humans had afro hair, not straight. You are rewriting history and presenting afro hair as the abnormality, when it is straight hair that is the mutation. Nilotic, bantu and khoisan people all have afro hair, and they were the first groups of people in this world.

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