The New Black Caucasians – Changing Meaning of the Caucasian – By Lion!

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The New “Black Caucasians” – Changing Meaning of the Caucasian –
New Caucasian Delusions

In 1937, Caucasians were defined as “the white division of human beings so called because the people are from the Caucaus mountains. They were taken from the highest type of the human family, the circassians, Jews, Armenians, Hindus and Persians.” See Webster’s 20th century Dictionary unabridged, 1937.

A more recent revision of the New Websters dictionary, 1981 defined the terms as: “Caucasian- pertaining to the white race as characterized by physical features. A native of the Caucausus, a member of the Caucasian race.”

In 1992, the American Heritage Dictionary, 3rd Ed,1992 moved this re-definition process even further for it boldly declared as follows: “Caucasian- of relating to, or being a major human racial division traditionally distinguished by physical characteristics such as very light to BROWN skin (??) pigmentation and straight to wavy orcurly hair, and includes people indigenous to Europe, northern AFRICA(??),Western Asia, and India, relating to the Caucasian region of its peoples.”

The definition of Caucasian that exists in Webster’s New World College Dictionary of 1996 is a 180 degrees turn around from the term’s usage in the early parts of the 20th century. In the Webster’s dictionary one finds the following so called explanation: “Caucasoid- from the erroneous notion that the original home of the hypothetical indo-europeans was the Caucasus of the major…varieties of human beings…characterized by…straight or wavy hair..loosely called the white race although it embraces many people of DARK (??) skin color.”

Motivation For A Historic Lie

We all thought that Caucasian meant the so-called white race, (actually a pink-pale coloured tribe from Central Asia) who today dominate Europe, America and the rest of the world. This tribe was the last civilized tribe of humanity, yet it claims to be the first world nation.

Until recently, it was quite understood that the essential difference between the pink northern European (Caucasians) and the brown African (Coloureds)was the colour of their skin. It appears that the Euro-controllers of the world, dominators of the world consciousness, have now redefined the meaning of Caucasian to include Africans.

Why would they do this: To keep Moors (so-called Africans) confused about their identity; to keep Europeans deluded about their abilities; to steal the legacy and achievement of worthier civilizations; to perpetuate pink-skin supremacy by erasing the collective memory of humanity and giving an impression of a collective mass that does not exist in fact.

They also lie to the rest of us, so that we do not know where we are coming from or where we are all heading to. And where are we heading to? To a world of sanity, equity, and balance. We are fighting for a world where white (pink-skin) supremacy is utterly destroyed. Our strenght is in numbers, and we cannot be conquered, as long as we are aware of their manipulations and underhand tactis.

Keep watch, Moorish children, the night is almost over and the false one is in a great panic!


See : Suzar, “Blacked Out through whitewash” at


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