The Moors of Monte-Negro, Bosnia Hezergovinia: The Black Europeans

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The Blacks of Ulcinj (aka the Nigri/Mauros Latinis)

Has anybody heard the story of the Black african families who live around Ulcinj, they date back from Roman times.[Editor: when they probably came as Moorish cavalries of the Roman legion.]

They have stayed in that area ever since keeping themselves to themselves.

I heard there are only 6 families left, but they all speak Serbo Croat.

A friend of My father Mr Cuddon, who was also my english teacher at school [an expert of Yugoslavia too], wrote a travellers guide to Yugoslavia and went in search of these people.

He searched high and low, but could not find them, until one day he was in a remote part of Montenegro near Ulcinj standing under shelter because it was pouring with rain and a deep voice asked him what the time was in perfect Serbo-Croation, he turned around and to his amazement he saw a black man, who was one of these African Montenegrins, unfortunately the black man had no info on his ancestors and had a lack of education because of no schooling, so it was hard to get any info off him.

Does anybody know anymore info on these people?

Cetinje, 1915


Illyrian Muurs

Nigri Latinis

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7 thoughts on “The Moors of Monte-Negro, Bosnia Hezergovinia: The Black Europeans”

  1. A short article on African-Diaspora folks in a small Euro town.JA.Rogers wrote on Albania having African-Black descendants of slavery living there in the early 20th century.
    Good link Mob379.

  2. Im from Bosnia.I never heard of these people at all.In that part of Montenegro its mainly Bosniaks who live there and they speak Bosnian not Srbo Croatian.Illyrians are the ancestors of Bosniaks the very name Bosnia comes from Illyrian word Bosona meaning the land of running waters or rivers.We have Black people living in Bosnia who have been there since god knows when they speak perfect Bosnian and also live like normal Bosniaks.For example the director of the biggest Library of Bosnia is Black and its normal we are Muslims we don’t judge people by their skin color.We also have people from Sudan and Egypt,Kenya (Bosnian National Runner that compiled in the olympics is original from Kenya or Tanzania not sure).Our Soccer clubs also National Basketball team has people of african descent playing.There is also a tribe in Numbia that call them self Bosniaks are of mix of bosniaks and native africans that were born during the Ottoman expansion into Africa.They call them self Bosniaks today too.

  3. I was at the Albanian village of Zogaj (on the southern shore of Lake Shkodër) in MAY 2016. I spotted a ‘black’ man with curly hair typical of Africans or Afro-Carribeans. He was fishing alongside some ‘white’ Albanian villagers, with whom he spoke in Albanian.

    I would have love to have asked him his origins, but felt that might have been too intrusive.

      1. Im from this city a couple of black families came here after the end of the Ottoman Empire, they all came from the city of Ulqinj they were freed Ottoman slaves.

  4. My maternal grandmother’s maiden name was Barbarez, and she was Serbo-Montenegrin to the core. I have been trying to trace her family for years and I think the Spanish line may arguably have been through the Moors of Montenegro. I’m planning to get a DNA test in the next few years which will remove all doubt.

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