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David MacRitchie , « Ancient and Modern Britons » , 1884

1. Vol I, page 46 :

“Any latin dictionary, any old one at least, will tell you that maurus is a ‘moor’, a ‘blackamoor’ or a’tawny moor ‘. And Shakespeare uses the world ‘moor’ as a synonym for ‘negro'(Merchant of Venice, act III, scene V)”…”At that last world bears nowadays a somewhat restricted meaning , it may be better to take the old fashioned « blackamoor »,as the nearest English rendering of maurus signifying thereby any black, or brown skinned man”.

2. Vol II Page 87

“….One division of the posterity of this powerful black king, of the tenth century, became known to Gaelic-speaking people as MAGA DUBH ( Mc Duff) or “clan of the black “, see also Vol I page 161-162

3. Vol I, page 214 :

“And in the diction of the past, A black man was a moor….”

MacRitchie speaks of :

– Xantochroid : White,

– Melanchroid (Xantochroid , mixed with Austroloid i.e blacks)

– Austroloids

But Also :

– Blackamoors (Moors)

– Black People of scotland (Duine Dubh = Black Man in scottish gaelic ) : Vol I page 47

– Black people of Ireland (Duine Gorm = Black Man in Irish Gaelic) : Vol I page 47

– Moravia or river of the moors : Vol I p 49 ( one of the tribe was called Quadi and fought the romans)

– Black people of Wales (Bwabach, Coblynau, Adhach Dubh or Avagddu) : Vol I page 156

– Black Knight of Lancashire : Vol I page 158

– Black Scandinavians (Thorfinn and Thorhall) : Vol I page 117

– Black Scandinavians (DUBH-LOCHLINNEAICH ) and White scandinavians (FIONN-LOCHLINNEAICH ): Vol I page 117

Romans found black people in britain :

– Vol I P 45: Pliny described them as AETHIOPIUM

– Vol I P 46-47 : Claudian described them as blackamoor

Etc, etc and many more : Scotland, Spain, France, England, Ireland, Denmark etc

– Volume I : pages 21,121,131

– Volume II : pages 17,20,27,87,102,107,112,113,127,188-189,297,322,328-329,360,392

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