The Moorish Embassy of Morocco in England since 1588

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From the Moorish Ambassad:

Below you will find the names of the Moorish Ambassadors who served the Emperor of Morocco in England since 1588 through the reigns of different regents:

Queen Elizabeth I: (3 Ambassadors)
1588 – Rais Merzouk Ahmed Benkacem; (Sultan Al Mansur).
1595 – Caid Ahmed Ben Adel; (Sultan Al Mansur).
1600 – Abdelwahed BenMassaud ’Announe; (Sultan Al Mansur).

King Charles I: (2 Ambassadors and 5 Envoys)
1627 – Mohammed Bensaid (Lopez de Zapar) and Ahmed Narvaez (Envoys); (Al Ayashi, Governor of Salé Republic).
1628 – Pash Ahmed Benabdellah (Envoy); (Prince Abdelmalek).
1629 – Mohammed Clafishou (Envoy); (Al Ayashi, Governor of Salé Republic).
1637 – General Jaudar Ben Abdellah; (Sultan Mohammed Sheikh Al Asghar).
1638 – Caid Mohammed Benaskar; (Sultan Mohammed Sheikh Al Asghar).
1639 – Robert Blake (Envoy); (Sultan Mohammed Sheikh Al Asghar).

King Charles II: (1 Ambassador and 1 Envoy)
1657 – Abdelkarim Annaksis (Envoy); (Marabout Ahmed El Haj Dilai).
1681 – Mohammed Ben Haddu Attar; (Sultan Moulay Ismail).

King James II: (1Ambassador)
1685 – Admiral Abdellah Ben Aicha; (Sultan Moulay Ismail).

King WilliamIII and Mary II: (1 Ambassador)
1691 – Haïm Toladano; (Sultan Moulay Ismail).

King William: (2 Envoys)
1700 – Mohammed Cardenas and Haj Ali Saban; (Sultan Moulay Ismail).

Queen Anne: (2 Ambassadors and 1 Envoy)
Early 1700’s – Joseph Diaz; (Sultan Moulay Ismail).
1706 – Ahmed ben Ahmed Cardenas; (Sultan Moulay Ismail).
1710 – Bentura de Zari (Envoy); (Sultan Moulay Ismail).
King George I (3 Ambassadors)
1723 – Admiral Abdelkader Perez; (Sultan Moulay Ismail).
1725 – Mohammed ben Ali Abghali; (Sultan Moulay Ismail).
1737 – Admiral Abdelkader Perez; (Sultan Mohammed II).

King George III: (4 Ambassadors and 1 Envoy)
1762 – Abdelkader Adiel; (Sultan Mohammed III).
1766 – Admiral El Arbi Ben Abdellah Ben Abi Yahia Al Mestiri; (Sultan Mohammed III).
1772 – Jacob Benider; (Sultan Mohammed III).
1773 – Sidi Taher Ben Abdelhaq Fennish ; (Sultan Mohammed III).
1781 – Mas’ud de la Mar (Envoy) ; (Sultan Mohammed III).

King George IV (1 Ambassador)
1827 – Meir Ben Maqnin; (Sultan Moulay Abderrahman).

Queen Victoria: (4 Ambassadors)
1860 – Al Amine Said Mohammed As-Shami; (Sultan Mohammed IV).
1876 – Haj Mohammed Zebdi; (Sultan Moulay Hassan I).
1880 – Mohammed Ben Abdellah Ben Abdelkrim Assafar; (Sultan Moulay Hassan I).
1897 – HRH Prince Moulay Mohammed; (Sultan Moulay Abdelaziz).
King Edward VII: (3 Ambassadors)
1901 – Al Mahdi Al Mnebhi; (Sultan Moulay Abdelaziz).
1902 – Pasha Abderrahmane Ben Abdessadek Errifi; (Sultan Moulay Abdelaziz).
1909 – Tahar Ben Al-Amine; (Sultan Moulay Hafid).

Queen Elizabeth II: (11 Ambassadors)
1957 – HRH Prince Moulay Hassan Ben Mehdi; (King Mohammed V).
1965 – HRH Princess Lalla Aicha; (King Hassan II).
1969 – Mohammed Laghzaoui; (King Hassan II).
1971 – Thami Ouazzani; (King Hassan II).
1973 – Abdallah Chorfi; (King Hassan II).
1976 – Badreddine Senoussi; (King Hassan II).
1980 – Abdellatif Filali; (King Hassan II).
1981 – Mehdi Ben Abdeljalil; (King Hassan II).
1987 – Abdeslam Zenined; (King Hassan II).
1991 – Khalid Haddaoui; (King Hassan II).
1999 – Mohammed Belmahi ; (King Mohammed VI).

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  1. Most interesting.
    However, the Black presence in Europe started 45.000 years ago.
    Any black or brown person dealed with the browns and blacks who were the nobility and the bourgeois.
    whites were the serfs, hardly considered humans, kept also for shoe leather.
    they were emancipated in 1848 and had all portraits whitened,
    you can still see that if you go to a museum.

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