The Migrant Black Birds of Mauretania, Ethiopia and Europa – By OguEjiOfo Annu

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The Black Birds of Mauretania and Ethiopia – Migrational Patterns of Black African Birds

Some 500 million birds are estimated to migrate from Africa to Europe and Asia every year since the beginning of time. These birds, some of them as small as 9 grams undertake the annual migration of thousands of miles between the two continents to find food and suitable climate.

Birds need a large amount of weight and energy in order to migrate these long distances. Some of them perform biological transformation like shrinking the size of some of their internal organs to become more fuel efficient. Some species must double their weight to have enough energy to undertake the huge journeys.

According to Dr Stephen Willis of Durham University “Most warblers come [to the UK] in spring and summer time to take advantage of the surplus of insects, and leave for warmer climes in the autumn. ……………..

Professor Rhys Green of Cambridge University and RSPB commented in the Journal of Biogeography: “These tiny birds make amazing journeys, pushing themselves to the limits of endurance.

Many of these migrating birds use certain Islands and Oasis habitats as pit-stop for refueling on the route of migration.

Dr Willis believes that these African birds have been performing this round-trip migration even before the Ice Age.

When these birds arrive in Europe in response to their natural urges and instincts, there are no custom and immigration agents, nor police nor army nor coast guards to arrest them, humiliate them and jail them like they have committed a crime.


Human Migrations

Moors and Ethiopians (so-called Blacks) have been migrating from Africa to Europe ever since the Pleistocene era too. Since the stone ages Sudanese and Ethiopians have been the first nations to live in Europe.  The bulk of human beings who were later to be identified as black-a-Moors of Europe by the Greeks, Romans, and later Franks have thus lived in Europe ever since the dawn of humanity to the present day. 

In these modern days however, when the black-a-Moors who were banished to west Africa and Americas attempt to express their natural migratory instincts forged before time was born, they are drowned, or arrested, jailed or deported, in any event totally humiliated by the entire armed forces of so-called white Europe.  This same nation who appeared incrementally from nowhere, stole, then occupied Moorish Europe between 400 AD and 1400 AD.

The more virulently racist sections of the so-called white race committed genocide against the black Europeans echos of which one hears in old country fables about the little black men (sometimes called little green men) that haunt such places as the landscape of Ireland and Scotland. 

One also reads in books found in European libraries of today, about the inquisition, and interdiction of the black-a-moors of Europe by the late medieval period monarchs of Europa and the papacy of the Romanish Church.  An author suggested that the destruction of black magic in Europe had more to do with the colour of the practitioners than with the metaphorical hue of their invocations.


River Courses and Banks

Those so called white tribes are still there, pretending that Europe was always theirs; ignoring the facts that Europe is originally a so-called black country.  The bones of the ancient Europeans of the stone age clearly indicate an affinity with modern Africans not shared with modern Europeans. 

Nonetheless, the national policies of these so-called white countries seem to suggest that there is something wrong with the fact that modern Moors of Africa have to obey their natural and ancient instincts to migrate to their land in Europe.   As if the migratory black birds coming in from Mauretania to Germania have committed a crime.

Hear ye oh Holy Moorish nation if ye will, and all ye European Gentiles this idiom is for ye too: “All of Europe was Mauretania and Ethiopia before the first so-called white man was created. All of Europe will once again return and become the so-called black man’s country, in a very little while.”

Because water must always find its level, and every living river will eventually reclaim its course. This is the law of nature.


Europa daughter of Africa

Meaning of the word Europe: Comes from Europa: the only daughter of the Black Phoenician, King Agenor of ancient Tyre. According to legend King Agenor (twin brother of the illustrious Belus – Baluchistan – Modern day Province of Iran and Afghanistan populated by the so-called black people), had originally migrated from Egypt to settle in Canaan which implies strong cultural as well as family ties to ancient Egypt.

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