The Medical Killing of Stella Obasanjo (Nigeria’s First Lady 2005)

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The Medical Killing of Stella Obasanjo (Nigeria’s First Lady 2005)

Stella Obasanjo the late wife of the former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo only wanted to look better physically. Since she had the funds, she took a private trip to this super-expensive posh clinic of the rich and the spoilt for a little bit of tuck in her and tuck in there with her tummy.

It was supposed to be a few hours operation and recovery was to be fully achieved in a couple of days. It was supposed to be nothing serious, nothing complex, nothing to worry about. Besides, she was in safe hands, amongst the best of the best in the world of cosmetic plastic surgery.

That trip turned out to be her last. Because like so many rich and famous who could afford the services of the over-priced quacks and witch-doctors of the so-called modern medicine, she not only lost her money at the hands of the criminally incompetent, she also lost her God-given life at their hands.

This coming Friday, July 10, 2009 the cosmetic surgeon doctor of the exclusive Marbella clinic in Spain, who handled the surgery that led to the death of Stella Obasanjo will on Friday appear in court on a charge of negligent manslaughter. The charge carries a possible imprisonment of two years and a ban from the practice of medicine for five years.

The Medical Criminal Negligence

According to the prosecution, in August 2005, the then 59-year-old late Mrs Obasanjo attended the exclusive Molding cosmetic surgery clinic in the upmarket town of Puerto Banus to enquire about a cosmetic surgery operation.

She was seen by the accused who, following some tests, gave her an appointment for her to the surgical procedure to take place on October 21, 2005.

During the operation, despite the fact that the accused had carried out more than 300 liposuction procedures in the past, he allegedly made several fatal errors that punctured Stella Obasanjo’s liver and colon. Despite the bleeding from the wounds, the surgeon seemingly patched up the perforations and continued with the surgical procedure.

The injuries caused a massive amount of blood loss that led to several complications that eventually caused the patient septic shock. Again the incompetent guru missed to diagnose this catastrophic event.

When the doctor allegedly eventually realised there were problems, he asked that Stella Obasanjo be transferred to Marbella’s USP Hospital by a clinic vehicle instead of helicopter despite the clinic having an arrangement with the medical helicopter firm. Apparently, she suffered a severe asthma attack and lapsed into a coma, on the way.

The hospital in Marbella could not revive her as she was in an advanced state of shock. Mrs. Obasanjo died in the early hours of October 23, 2005 in the hospital.

The prosecution on behalf of the Spanish state considers the action of the doctor as constituting negligent manslaughter. In addition to the prison sentence, the public prosecutor’s office is seeking 120,000 euros in compensation for the victim’s family.


This doctor was put under scrutiny because the victim happened to be a very prominent member of the global elite whose untimely death was noticed by her peers and friends. Those ones would most likely be scared away for good from using the Spanish hospitals if the State did not appear to seek a robust response to this case of medical malpractice.

This prosecution then is simply a market control mechanism to ensure the retention of the consumers of the product and services of the Spanish health system who would otherwise lose their fate in the centuries old scam.

So rather than condemn an entire system built on mumbo jumbo a scape goat was conveniently found in this accused doctor. But the entire system is a mask, a fake, a quintessential voodoo science masquerading as the acme of modern human scientific achievement, the modern medical system has wasted the lives and potentials of billions of unwary victims.

These modern descendants of the Knights of St John’s Hospitaliers are no less blood thirsty as their fore bearers. The system has not improved beyond the days when the barbers were the doctors of England.

All they do is mistake, mistake, mistake, kill, kill, kill, while making a literal killing at the bank. They are also arrogant, vain and presumptuous.

The silent billions they have killed have gone with their good interred. May their souls rest in peace. The rank evils that define the modern medical system will yet be unravelled and blazed.

The reckoning time is now. By the blood and tears of the prominent victims, lessons shall be learnt and implemented.

Jide Uwechia
July 8, 2009

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