The Lost Moorish Igbo-Israelites of Sao Tome: The Hebrew Tribes of Biafra – by – Iroabuchi

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Edited March 12th. 2009

Words to look to look at


The Moors, anglocised for Omoros (omo oro) meaning ‘children of light’ and not ‘light children’ can be translated as ’sons of civilization’. They collonized Europe and helped to bring modern civilization to them. They dominated Europe for 400 years.

The Moors were originally Africans, and they first arrived in Europe, in Andalusa Spain in 711. Andalusia means ’year of Musa’ a terrible year were Musa lost so much of his warriors. But they persisted and from then on, they conquerd the whole of Spain, and forced part of Italy in subjugation. These Balck Moors ruled Spain for 300 initial years and then spurn into Europe, sujecting much of Europe for altogether 700 years.

The best known books of these people who Shakespeare alliterated in his plays; Othello, Corielanus, As you like it, etc, are found mainly in German. The English either abrogated their version or simply extricated the books, but the Moors who ruled Europe from Spain, ruled England as well and offered Jews their necessary protection until their civil war between Moors of Arab descendency and the African Moors.

The devastating nature of the war weakened a tribe called Beni M-eri (check out the name) one of the Major Moorish tribes to the point that they fell prey to the resurgent Christian collision led by Isabel and Ferdinand and Pope Benedit the Sixth. The coalition was Italian, French, Spain and some of the European Christian country.

The terms of surrender in 1485 did not suit and when they surrended Alhambra (check out the name) they began to depart from Spain. The size of thier history in Europe is so staggering that it is understandable why Europe chose to avoid it completely. Europe didn’t archive much outside the impact of the Moors. The civilization called Europe, its stockmarket and culture of precision is merely a left over of these Moors.

We are talking about a civilisation that controlled the Red sea and the sorrounding Mediterranean, including West Africa were their monopoly of Gold possibly came from. It is now known that the Gold Coast which is mostly Ghana is a country existing in Moorish maps at least before 1300. The Spaniards who eventually went to the West Africa were primarily looking for the Gold Coast.

The book to read to begin to wet your appetite is Stanley Lane Poole’s “story of the Moors in Spain”. I prefer the one with statue of the 14th century Black Benin or Yoruba looking Moghul. The real Morghuls who Henry the v111 of England copied in his portrait with gokg chain around his neck is not ‘Akbar the great’ and his indian cohorts rather the Moors.

The real Morghuls were the Gold dealers of Spain, the Moors who draped themselves with Gold which was seriously in short supply in Europe. They returned to West and North Africa in great numbers after thier defeat, where they collapsed as a people and were never heard off again.

Spainish history recorded that over 500 thousand of these people left Spain by boat with a space of half a century beginning from about 1450, and then 400 thousand after 1492. Today, that record is mistaken as a record of slave trade given the number of records availbale for Carracks travelling from Spain to West Africa.

The question to hang on to is why would Spain permit the landing of 500 thousand Africans at the same time that Spanish Christains and thier royalty were asking 150 thousand Jews to leave Spain. The black Muslim population of Spain were close to Imillion and the Caribean Island was hardly taken by Spain until late 17 century. The best books about the Moors are also available in French and other languages of Europe saving English.

Nigerians, Africans to mention should seriously scrap thier education or at least change completely to find how well duped they are. Ask Obama where he draw his strenght to believe in the power of the Americans.

Some caveat to mull over include words like these words with exact meaning

1, Ofeke, Feket, Fake; Igbo, Hebrew, English.

2, Onovo, Novo, Neuvo, New; Igbo, Jewish Ladino, Spanish/Portuguese, English

3, Onuwa (which does not mean ‘mouth of world’) is Igbo, Noah in anglocised meaning of the ‘new world’ which is Hebrew is Nuwa?. Noah is completely different name for women. But Nora in Hebrew really refer to the ’speaker’ usually a Rabbi, which is Igbo for Onuora. The mistake is to approximate the meaning to Onuwa.

let’s however repronounce Onuwa (Nuwa) as New worl’ without the Gaelic D, and Noah the new world man, you could find that New worl can pressed forward as Neuwal’ almost German. They all mean the same thing.

Is just like Afo and Igbo market day for offering, but you can see the word in hidding in English as Affor’ without the Gaelic D. In this case, I think there must be a Hebrew this two.

4, Aro, Arrod, Arrow, rod; Igbo, Hebrew, English and English respectively. Igbos have been accused of plagerism by English on this Aro, but it is all good since no one is plotting thier Nemesis yet. I must say no to the temptation.

For instance we all know that Elu or Enu means high or above in Igbo, Eluama or Enuama ‘high place’ , Elo is Igbo for God’s Zeal…i.e, Elochukwu; God’s zeal or the Zeal of the lord. Some Igbo can argue that it means ‘joy of the lord’ or ‘longing for God’ but ‘Zeal of the lord’ is the better translation.

In Hebrew Elo means the ‘joy of the lord’ Eli ‘means man of God’ which in Arabic is Eloi and self perpetuated as Elijah. However Enuma or Eluma Eli is Hebrew for ‘when on high’ which from Igbo standpoint is turtology but remains a personifed highness of Godly kind. The main event here is ’i’ which is missing in current Igbo per se, but ’i’ personifiers Elo+i as a human being. Like I, meaning me, the first person.

Then there is the English word Elusive, which is a high idea that is hard to comprehend. What is the difference between Elu igbo for high or uppity and English Elu-sive high minded? I can tell, one is a default of the other by way of ‘ive’ which is Elu in action and hard to comprehend. For instance, adject as ad-ive literary meaning to add, Super as in Superlat-ive, demonstrate as in demonstrat-ive, Elu as in Elus-ive.

There is of course the Chaldean and Aramean rumination of the word Elu as God but in this particular context, the Igbo wins out on the word as High with some quasi variation of Hebrew, suggesting that the mirgration of the word came through Hebrew.

5, Nomoji, Nomoji, Nomes, Norms; Igbo a certain family name, Hebrew for “those with laws”, Spanish for local rules, Nomos for Greek, Nome in Pharoic Egypt, English for Norms or customs. And so on. Igbo easily fall in with Hebrew and Hebrew rather Greek and much like Latin may have shaped English today.

Igbo word Amaeke for market in terms of market and marke is now I believe auspiciously clear . In our next lecture we can investigate the interpretive poverty of Yom Kippur in current Hebrew form.

Iroabuchi Onwuka

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15 thoughts on “The Lost Moorish Igbo-Israelites of Sao Tome: The Hebrew Tribes of Biafra – by – Iroabuchi”

  1. I have very little idear about the meaning of names in ibo words hence i am one thank you, you tube for all these informations.The hebrews are known to be business men and can find that with the ibos. There is much trabalizim in ibo igbo land unless you are not refering to the ibo, igbo of the nigeria cause i watched on you tube about the ibos, i saw that some are white and i was woundering if there are other kinds of ibos. The ibo, are very proud and in nigeria they are regarded as superior because of their traditions and the women have no regard and in some part, wemen are just like bastards in the sense that they do not have shares in their father’s properties. If you are married and deliver females childern they will be driven to marriage as soon as their father dies and their father relatives, will claim their propertis and his wife is in hell. The ibos of nigeria a very churchous they call God here and there chukwuzuba, chika, naazo, emeka, uncounted names with Gods, did the bible say so or make wemen bastards and men heros?
    Read when a child is born no party but when a man dies, is a party. The ladies who they drove for quick money which they call dowry will spend his live but the time to share father’s properties she was nothing. Is that what the bible said?
    I beg it is time the ibos of nigeria stopped mixing tradition with Jehova words. When one is above twenties no marriage you are old they don’t marry for love but for productions.
    Please send this to Imo and Anambra states of nigeria i don’t know about the Delta ibos of nigeria but my ibos behave as stated above. Let one of the hebrews answer this.
    God bless the ibos,igbos of the world and that of nigeria.

    1. I was under the impression that Abary/Hebrews were forced into Moorism and continued in it at will. If the Igbo treat their women as property that is extremely disturbing indeed.

    2. If i may correct you the women are not treated as bastards, in Igbo culture when have a role in the community and the upbringing of the community. We control the market, we organize the funerals, and when our daughter put to bed we are there to take care of them hand and foot. Meanwhile, that bride price you mention never forget that mothers and Aunty’s are present at such bidding although in the back their voice is very loud and impactful. As a Igbo woman with an Igbo mother and foremothers I know my role as an Igbo woman. Igbo men are strong because their wives are supportive carrying and we push our men and children to be great.

  2. Islam, I recommend as required reading on the subject of Moorish, “Othello’s Children in the New World,” by Dr. Jose V. Pimienta-Bey.

  3. You are obviously Igbo in origin or a big fan, The Igbo came out of the Mande group according to your writing yet all praise is given to the Igbo for their so called contribution. I am not taking away their contributions to so called history, but I endeavour to overstand how they can be praised more then their founding fathers The Mande group whe the Mande group were the real deal at thet particular time. The Igbo’s identify more with the Jews who are infact the synagogue of Satan according to Yeshua (Kenites) than they do not recognise the Isralite nation truth be told.

    1. Yahoshua is our savior. Do we allow heathen nations in who keep the commandments? Are the irish Hebrews? What about the british tribes of ancient times? There is so much we do not really know. I do know that we the Yoruba descend from Ephraim..

  4. I have been married to an Igbo he was from the Nd’Igbo heart beat Owerri, I have had one as a close friend and reasoned with many, they do not recognise hebrew or Isrealite as a nation they are more connected with the Imposter Jews in Isreal and say they have more in kin with them than any other minority group. Yeshua mentioned the Jews once in scripture and called them the synagogue of Satan. The Igbo worship light skinned more than their fellow Nigerian peoples, it is a honour to them to be very light skinned because it is associated with white people. They are a very racist people.

  5. Stop talking fairy tales about a people you imagine to be holier than now, its not reality. Come to reality. I am a Moor from two royal houses I used to be so naive until I faced reality. I am from the Moorish Royal house of Mc Carthy from my Jamaican Maroon side(maternal grandmother, Paternal grandfather I am from a Royal Ijaw house in Nigeria. My fathers side I am from the Mandinka Royal house of Sesay. I was born in the Ghetto in Hackney, London but had inspiration and ancient memory from an early age and have been blessed with many guides to help me. I was so romantic about us as a people but it is Not like that!!! We must be honest and in time things will become clearer. I been to Africa, Egypt, Sudan, and Gambia I have reasoned,learned and most importantly i have humbled myself to real comprehension. Please people stop applying romantic notions to our true story. Keep it real.

    Much love from a pedigree Moorish Consort (single albeit loool)

  6. Come on brotha! Andalusia means year of musa? Musa wasn’t even born then lol! Musa came into power during the 13th century, so please tell me there was another musa! If not cease and desist with all the pseudo history man, its embarrassing.

  7. I can only say wow…the extent people go to tell lies…the question is why…the truth is because you are not what you project yourself to be…this History you told are all lies…there are one major fact that rule out your story as authentic …the Moorish people are Muslim …and you cannot be Muslim and at the same breath an Israelite ….Ibo people population in Nigeria have the lowest number of Muslims if any at all

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