The List of African Tribes who are descendants of the Hebrew Israelite Nation – By Nana Kofi

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The following is a partial list of the various tribes throughout north, south, east and west Africa who are descendants of the Hebrew Israelite

1) Beta Israel/Falasha- Ethiopia
3)Tutsi- Rwanda
4) Rusape- Zimbabwe
5)Lemba- South Africa
6) Sefwi Wiawso- Ghana
7) Ashanti- Ghana Ga- Ghana
9) Ewe- Ghana
10) B’nai Ephraim(sons of Ephraim)-
Yoruba, Nigeria
11) Lam-Lam- Timbuktu
12) Katsena- Nigeria
13)Zafin Ibrahim- Malagasy Republic
14)Ibo- Nigeria….

Yahweh Wil Surely Punish those Fake Israelites very Soon For takyn our land!!!

My people (Asanti/Ashanti and Jamaican Ashanti Maroons come from Mesopotamia city called Ashan/Asan.

Nana Kofi

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390 thoughts on “The List of African Tribes who are descendants of the Hebrew Israelite Nation – By Nana Kofi”

  1. You trippin if you think anybody can be saved ? stop it. Everyone is going to follow the law no doubt. But they won’t inherit the kingdom. Yahweh?? Lol It’s Yahawah first thing. And second the laws was only given to one set of people the israelites. So when we break them we get sent into captivity. Those jews in Israel calling themselves the jews are not. And Jew is just short for Judah as most of us know. It’s not a religion to follow (Judaism ?). Judah is just the leading tribe but we are not more important only Yahawah and his son is worth praising. And the tribe of Judah has been spread through out ALL of the continents not just america not just the few tribes in africa (yall can have africa ?? but shout out to the judah family over there) but there are some in Asia Australia the middle East all places around the world (of wooly hair decent) and no the edomites won’t be saved (sorry not sorry if you have a white daddy) not any moabites (sorry not sorry if you have a father of asian decent) not any canaanites (tribal africans not judah africans) and not any ishmaelites (Arabian Muslims etc.) Y’all will be in the kingdom… but as slaves and handmades. Y’all really think yall can sale beat rape whore around on the true people of Yah and just come into the kingdom and inherit it….. ??? naw bruh ?. Yahawah is gonna make sure yall bow. Look up Obadiah look up look up 2 Esdras and look up Joel. Those prophecies will come to past yo. Plus you can’t just convert.. stop with this doctrine its through the SEED its through lineage. The true israelites would not know who they were through being destroyed and taken into captivity. Like he said his people wouldn’t even consider it not until the book is unsealed and learned and in Isaiah chapter 29 verse 22 it said the REAL JEWS face would NEVER wax pale. So even if you believe in conversion…. it still wouldn’t be. In 2 esdras he compared other nations to less then nothing…. better hope your father is an israelite.. or its a wrap. It’s the SEED of the father regardless. Shout out to my israelites all over and in this message board our captivity is soon at a end shalom

    1. You spoke a blunt truth ,but have opened my mind even more. I want to thank this page and its people whom have left amazing comments that had me thinking. We know the truth and the real Israelites shall rise above all whom have done them wrong. I seriously can’t wait to learn more about who I am and not be brainwashed by white people and their lies; like I used to be. I was more misguided and lost than brainwashed ,but still I know the truth and want to tell others so we can all learn more about the REAL us! I know some won’t believe ,but some will- at least I hope. I am glad to have found such an educated group of people. Thank you all ,for you have given me significant insight on my heritage.

  2. I too have been awakened to more truth. Studying, searching, seeking, knocking on doors, and am awaiting my DNA testing results. My biological Father had wooly hair was dark skinned, his ancestors were slaves… arrived in America on ships from Africa (my mother the same but too has mixture of Native American Indian and other. I have read that it is quite difficult to pinpoint African-American’s original lineage due to the forced interracial of the Caucasian (white) slave owners for reason of breeding slaves. I serve Yahawah, my savior is His Son, Yahashua. Truth has slapped me in the face these last few months, but my heart is freed of the torment of why my people have been and are so down-trodden in America. I’ve seen and experience much in my days when comes to racism and am seeing the rise of it since our last election is even more disheartening. I want to say thanks to the many of you who have made such amazing comments on this string of conversation. Facts & Truth are swept under the rug far too much during these days. I recently wrote that “It is a very diabolical thing to hate facts… facts are truth; and truth cannot be hidden, perceived, spurious or defeated.” Anyway, I am seeking Him with my whole heart… that is the only way I will find Him… truth.
    I just want to be counted in that number … if anyone can understand. Blessings to all of you! Shalom!!

  3. Even though science has proved that there were multiple different races in Egypt during that time. You do not stick to their tradition, you give no fucks about your people. And the only reason why you claim the people you do is because of who they are. You have no proof to back anything up considering God made only 1 race and that’s the human race. Nowhere does it say a human with a specific color of skin is any more special than any other man. We are all Israelites etc. You only claim this because black supremacy claimed it in the 17th century and you believe things you see online and don’t actually do any reading. Just like black people wanna be mad at whites for slavery but Africans invented it in the first place you’d be mad if I wanted reparations from you because your ancestors enslaved mine . What about all the white Jew’s who were enslaved by African Muslim merchants in Africa for hundreds of years. You claim to be Egyptian and a slave from Egypt but you don’t know who you are related to. And you claim all true Egyptians were black but yet your own people enslaved your own people according to you then, in Egypt if that is the case. It’s literally like somebody stealing something from you and you find it online , wait for someone to buy it, find out who bought it and kill them instead of the thief. You need to get a grip on reality. We are all true children of Israel. Your skin color doesn’t matter. A double standard isn’t a standard at all. You only claim things when they are convenient to what you want to believe in other than that nobody is equal in your eyes. You can try to say I’m a white supremacist all you want but that’s not the case. We all need to stop bickering over our races and shut the fuck up with the false claims with no proof and grow the fuck up with your racist asses. Just saying at least I’m not claiming something that I know nothing about and spreading false words because I wanna use my skin color as a scapegoat for problems .

    1. You absolutely wrong my friend ! I’m sorry to say but if you study threw the whole Bible you will understand? that we all are not the children of Israel! Even Adolf Hitler stated the negros in America are God’s precious Jewel ! The Bible states that those born of Esau are cursed! Men and women who will never earn the Kingdom! Now I ask who are those born of Esau! They where the Edomite! What is a Edomite????? A Edomite is a modern day Caucasian! God in the Bible showed Moses may peace and blessings be upon him cusres/ proof of God to show to pharoah to let his people go ! One of the sign where when he put his hand in his bussom it turned that off white that of Esau! Then it turned back when he did t again! He also state in the Bible he hates Esau and those brn of him! But it also state Esau is the brother still and treat him with love and care! And t state they can convert!!! But they will be the ones to bow down to those who are born of Judah!

  4. Matter of fact go to Israel right now and claim these things you will be laughed at and beaten through the streets

    1. And carrying on in this manner wouldn’t make them dwelling in the land anymore israelite than they already aren’t. Who cares what they will do? When its time to clear the imposters out…. The most high will

    2. Israel is not our land, Israel was a name given to Jacob and his children. You can keep your filthy Israel is going to be destroyed anyway

  5. The Atlantic Slave Trade was nothing but
    Hebrews. We were scattered to the four corners of the earth like the bible say. The blacks in America are from the tribe of Judah. The whites claiming to be Jews are the Synagogue of Satan. Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 Say that. I thank my Lord for a waking me.

        1. Honestly it doesn’t matter, they all mixed together. Many hebrews were mixed throughout scripture and still counted as hebrews (Ephraim, Manessah, Mosses 2 sons who were counted amongst the levites (their mother zipporah was a midianite). Jesus even has women in his lineage who were not hebrew (bethseba, rahab, ruth, tamar). The mixed hebrews usually mixed back in with the other hebrews so they still kept their lineage/heritage.

          1. For any person needing information regarding lineage, to be a true Hebrew through lineage it is through the seed of the father as stated in the king James bible under Numbers 1 verse 18.

          2. Wrong there is no such thing as mixAccording to the bible there is no such thing as a mix race or multiracial groups you are whatever your father is.

            1:18 Numbers And they assembled all the congregation together on the first day of the second month and they declared they’re pedigrees after families, By the house of their fathers. Pedigree in Hebrew means: to bear, bring fourth, beget, gender travail, to be born, fourth a child, the lineage by father. Wisdom of Solomon 7:2 And in my mother’s womb was fashioned to be flesh in time of 10 months, being compacted in blood, of, (Seed Of Man), and the pleasure that came with sleep. 1 Genesis 1:12 And the earth brought fourth grass, and herb yielding seed after “His Kind” and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after His Kind: and god saw that it was good. Broken down this is dealing with the human male anatomy of seeds which actually comes first, the man possesses what you call semen or sperm or in simpler term seed. The same analogy applies with 1 Corinthian’s 11:3 But I have you know the, that the head of every man is Yashuwah/Jesus: and the head of every woman is the (Man): and the head of Yashuwah/jesus is YHWH God the father. Which means the child is the father’s an takes after the head hold of the relation. Man will teach that you are mix because of your aunties/uncles or your mother god looks at the man first because man was made first even though women replicate them man is still the leader

        2. Tell this Son of Man , NaNa Koffi who says “Yahweh Wil Surely Punish those Fake Israelites very Soon For takyn our land…is it.
          Yaounde meaning Yehuda meaning JUDAH in cameroon
          so your list dont apply to the BANTOUS of the kONGO KINGDOM who have ruled the longest in time , look for SIMON KIMBAGU he is not an HEBREW israelite…KONGO should watch upon thee full of lies

          1. Kimbangu was of course a hebrew, i Will even say he was a Jew. If you study the fact, and the history of the Bena Kongo, you will learn that the Bakongo are the Jews, when a i say jews i mean they are from the tribe of Judah. If you ask a real Kimbangist pour will tell revel you that thruth. Kingdom of Kongo was found by the Levites and the sons of King Solomon. You can trace their roots from the Kingdom of Zagwe in Ethiopia. And the Bakongo are also related To the Lembas tribes in Zimbabwe who are also From the tribe of Levi. The Kingdom of Kongo was composed of 3 tribes of Israel, the tribe of Levi who where the High priest of the kingdom ( the Bateke and vili tribe) the tribe of Benyamin who lead the army , and the tribe of Judah who where King of the Kingdom (the Suundi tribe ). The portugeses and once later the French hide this thruth To the world. The Kingdom of Kongo was the last Jewish Kingdom of africa and yes they practice the real Religion of Moses who was their ancestors. The thruth is that the people known today as the falashas of Ethiopia are converted jews. The sons of solomon and Queen sheba by blood are the Bakongo. Queen of Sheba was from the descendance of Moses and it’s the reason why Moses is one of the ancestors of the Bakongo. You can learn more of that thruth if you begin to search for it.

          2. If you are what your father is then he is what his father was and so on. When the slave master had children for the hebrew woman, then you became whatever the slavemaster was ….

        1. Who were war capitives and criminals etc Marie Moore. I hope your not talking about the black Hebrew Israelites are these people

        2. Rydell you are wrong because the slave masters never fathered African American people, African men and Women fathered our people. Most African Americans dont even have white ancestors. Our people are African people not mixed or white people. And for the black people that do have a white ancestors its only in that specific family blood line.

          And even they are African since their forefathers are isrealites.

      1. All that have ancestors that were slaves are Hebrew Israelites. So it’s a whole lot of us. Blacks that were scattered across the 4 corners of earth. We can’t trace our people Past America. We are a large and mixed multitude people. But Yah is awakening his people. Sit back and watch this and don’t hate

        1. DNA testing reveals a lot of this information. Ask and the truth will be revealed. “My people perish for a lack of knowledge “. Don’t let others define and recreate you inorder to destroy you. We must teach our people/children who we are and stop following false teachings.

    1. Yes thank you Lord in Jesus Name .. God lead me and my mom to this revelation, I knew it had to be something else the reason, why they hate us so , and here it is

      1. Jesus is one of the false gods our ancestors worship and is why were in the mess were in right now! Please study your Bible, Old Testament it will tell you this. The New Testament teaching are not the same as the Laws of the Most High in the OT. The Most High said, he does share His glory with anyone, He said he is the only savoir.

        In the OT, the Most High is very particular in how he does things and what he require of us. He leaves out nothing to guess. Do you really believe, He would leave us to guess if he was a Son of God. God, never once in the OT, say he would come in the future in human flash as his son! In fact Hot hate those the are unnaturally mixed. God as a son of god or demigod is an unnatural. He don’t mix with the unrighteous, don’t mix certain clothing, and don’t mix worshiping other gods Not authorized by Him. Worship creator alone. The concept of Jesus is an old as Babylon itself, in fact the religion originated from Babylon. People really need to go beyond the New Testament, why do think they say the Old Testament is Not meant for Christian? It because they know it disagrees with the New Testament and you know it if you study it. “Here ended the lesson” and my rant!

        1. Ok I got to reading and I just couldn’t take it anymore …

          Really people!
          The new testament is fake … Only the Torah is relevant for us better on own as the 5 books of Moses … 3rd these Hebrew Israelite duudes wtf .. that have no clue …
          Are black people able to trace their roots to Israel ? YES we can …
          Are we called Hebrew Israelite ? No we are not …

          Are there or was there a mixed multitude of people ? YES when Abraham gathered people from UR which is his father’s home and his I’m Mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates river currently present day iraq they were a mixed multitude of people…..

          Now please stop fanticising and making up B/S it’s reduculous and insulting for those with proper religious and historical training …

          Fyi there is no Jesus the while virgin birth and all the crap was a misenterpretation of the prophecy of Isaiah the prophet …
          The word Alma do not mean virgin … And if you can’t read speak Hebrew or Aramaic stop trying to interpret scripture you got from white people’s translation …

          Yeshua in translation means G-d saves that’s all .

          Stop grasping at straws looking for an identity …
          To be ignorant is a crime !

          1. And now I’m going to give you the ultimate revelation and take head you deny Christ just as all our ancestors and every single tribe with Hebrew heritage did until this day and that is why the curses of Deuteronomy 28 where inevitable. You would have been maybe a Pharisee 2000 years ago yelling crucify this blasphemer we have no king but Caesere and that is why 70 AD 700-1500 of ARAB slave trade transatlantic slave trade all of that because we denied Christ and you wicked Hebrews still keep that spirit today but it’s okay you will be destroyed if you don’t repent. You can keep your Torah but you better be able to perform every single commandment all 613 or you and I know you will not be able to stand in the presence of God so hang your hat on that you can either accept Mashiyach or keep all 613 laws from the day off your birth that’s the only two ways you will be righteous enough to be with God. And I hope your a Levi two cause if your not your not aloud to even speak to God like that you can’t even approach the holy of Holys. And I don’t even want to seem harsh but Isaiah 58 says to lift up thy voice like a trumpet and show my people Israel there transgressions…. so I have to show you we killed him and said we have no king but Caesare and we said let his blood be on our heads and our children’s and the punishment for that was the complete destruction of Jerusalem and the removal of the people and the 2nd Egyptian captivity that we know today as America but Leviticus 26 is where our hope lies but we have to acknowledge what we as a people did to Yahushuwa. That’s why you guys don’t understand Yahushuwa is the Fulfillment of the law he came to fulfill all things that completes the entire prophecy

      2. FYI our saviors name is Yeshua noir jesus. Jesus is the created name that replaced the GOD given name Yeshua read john 5:43

    2. Black Jews in America come from Juda fore father Sham. Well said Debbie are you aware of the sacfice that must take place? Captivity will end Alleliula

      1. Hey, do you have facts for this because i’m trying to learn about this because I know we are scattered but i’m trying to learn which ones were indigenous to Africa and who are Hebrews

    3. Amen! I was elated to finally know Who I truly was! I’m beginning to find fulfillment as a Hebrew Israelite of the Tribe of Judah. Praise YAHAWAH

      1. Yes. Yah we gather us and place us in our own land. Ezekiel 11:17 Therefore say, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD: I will gather you from the peoples and assemble you out of the countries where you have been scattered, and I will give you the land of Israel.

    4. The tribe of Judah migrated from Israel towards Sudan and further down to central Africa s ( the Kongo ) and most of the slaves from the Kongo went to Brazil and the islands . Levi tribe went down towards Saudi Arabia and further down to South Africa and the other 10 tribes went towards West Africa /‘d Most black America. Came West Africa ( Ghana , Nigeria ) . You can look it up from
      Good book sources .

      1. I am from Jamaica, and i have been longing to find out where in Africa i am from and what my real name is. Please! Help me gather some information.

    5. You are absolutely correct!!!”American Negroes” are the direct DECENDANTS OF the tribe of Judah. They are the only people that fit the prophecy of DEUTERONOMY 28, but yet and still this has NEVER been taught. THE MOST HIGH YAHUAH AND YAHUSHUA is coming to settle this. They are purposely trying to hide this fact, to keep US in the dark to keep US from knowing who WE really are. WAKE UP OH SLEEPERS!!!. I give thanks and praise to THE MOST HIGH YAHUAH AND YAHUSHUA, for opening my eyes . We are a blessed people, I read and study the Torah (the 5 books of the old Testament). I’m by his grace learning the laws and the ELOHIMS Feast Days to observe them and keep them. I AM HEBREW!! NOT AFRICAN . I give thanks and praise to THE MOST HIGH YAHUAH AND YAHUSHUA for opening my eyes because the time IS at hand. Shalom

      1. we need to understand all of this
        re do your searching Niger-Kongo = Negros or HEBREWS …

        Now you have to know that even other tribe of Nigeria or Niger side still living in Congo …
        for example the ngala people you found them around guinea…can you tell me why we do all have similarities within our name and cultural activities…

        in USA u will found …NIGER-KONGO NEGROS
        SO we have to change the way we see thing…








      2. I am exactly in the same shoes as you, your remarks sound like mine, praise the most High Yahua and Yahusha. BLESS be unto Yahua as Yahusha brought his words to us,. I just can’t understand how and why our ancestors could not obey the commandments and statues of Yahua in those days, as they were lucky to have seen the mighty hand of Yahuah at work to the Egyptians. PRAISE AND GLORY TO YAHUAH AND YAHUSHA. BLESS YOU ALSO.

        1. The name yesha’ayahu= is the correct name for Isaac the black son of Abraham the father of the Hebrew nation

      3. You are still asleep… Very few Hebrews are here in America the majority are native to America already here before the slaves came….fyi it was the house of Judah that was scattered, not just the tribe of Judah

      4. You are correct. For years I couldn’t understand why we are the most hated in the world. I wondered why our pain and suffering throughout history isn’t recognized and our current suffering today is sugar-coated. I always thought it was odd that SLAVES WERE FORBIDDEN TO KEEP THEIR LAST NAMES. They wanted to make sure we’d never learn who we really are; our ancestry connection was erased because we were forced to adopt the slave owner’s family name. Then I read Deuteronomy 28 and now I understand.

    6. Shalom It’s time for the truth to come forward how long will we continue to believe the lie that Europeans are of the chosen =GOD people. The ancient Hebrews were black but were not so called Africans

    7. Yes sister you are so right the black slaves in the Atlantic slave trade were Hebrews not Africans
      Of course some Africans did fall through the cracks because they were black as were the original Hebrews were.

      1. So u don’t know that Israel is north east Africa,nd ham son canan was given that land b4 the children of Israel nd where not completely removed from that land nd the ones u call Africans are the ones u can found beyond river kush zeph 3:10, the bantu people are in that area

    8. Debbie you are so right, and all of this can be proven in the word of our “God”, and if anyone wonts to know more get the book “HEBREWS TO NEGROES” Because facts is before we became Negroes we were Hebrews,,,AAAAAMEN.

    9. How come other parts of Nogroland Other part of Negroland was not scattered like northkingdom and west kingdom our east kingdom was not scattered. Why is that.

  6. I am aware of the black Hebrews/Jews who are living in Ethiopia because the bible said they are the desendece of Ham who was one of the sons of Noah. Noah had three son Shem, Ham and Japheth. Genesis 9:18 This truth have always been available but it never was incorprated into our Europeen educational system . I wonder why? I always thought this was a part of black American history that should had been taught in our schools, but I guess it wasn’t told because those who say they are Jews would had been exposed as being imposters. Revelation 2:8 However, for those who believe in Christ Jesus the scripture saids, there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Chirst Jesus. Galatians 3:28

    1. The Hebrews were not of Ham but were of Shem! Even Zondervan’s compact dictionary of the bible stated yhat Ham was the progenitor of the dark races except the Negroes,

      1. Your correct, but it also says that Egypt, ETHIOPIA, Libya and Canaan were from Ham. So the people in Ethiopia cpuld not be real Ethiopians or they would be Hamites!
        But we know that the Tribes hid in Africa, so they may have been one of those Tribes, because they can’t be Ethiopian and Hamites also as Zondervan Biblical Dictionary says they are and be Hebrews too.

        1. Because one is found in a country does not mean that he/she is a native of that country. The white man did not run through Africa putting people in chains. Black mercenaries did that. Now suppose that those mercenaries knew who these people were who were trying to escape Roman persecution, and hiding out in Africa? They would be a good candidate for the slave buyers. Little is said of the fact that Abraham fathered six(6) other sons after Sarah died. He raised all six until they were grown, gave each his portion (which was of the portion GOD had promised Abraham for his seed). He then sent them to Libya which later became known as Africa. Flavius Josephus, the first century historian, speaks of this in the “The Works Of Josephus”. I believe the people of America came from Africa but I am not at all convinced that we are African by seed.

          1. For those who read the reply concerning Abraham…the woman he married after Sarah died was named Kuturah. She was an Egyptian and rumor has it, she was a warrior

          2. Yes. But Yah said in Gen. 17:19-And Yah said, Sarah thy wife shall bear thee a son indeed; and thou shalt call his name Isaac: and I WILL ESTABLISH MY COVENANT WITH HIM FOR AN EVERLASTING COVENANT, AND WITH HIS SEED AFTER HIM. And Yes Father Abraham had other sons. But it’s clearly in the scripts the promise is in Isaac. thus to Jacob, Gen 25:5-6 – And Abraham gave all that he had unto Isaac. But unto the sons of the concubines, which Abraham had, Abraham gave gifts, and sent them away from Isaac his son,while he yet lived, eastward, unto the east country.

            send them away as he did to Ishmael.

      2. All of the events in the Old Testament in…….guess where…….AFRICA.

        Black were all over the world long before slavery and European biblical limitations of who and where Hebrews are. Check out the Jawara Tribes

      3. Amen. I agree, yet partially… after much studying and verification that the original hebrews were of (SHEM, however Isreal did dwell in the land of (HAM)It’s automatically assumed that all brown skin “black people” are the same, or rather desendents of “HAM” ….having BLACK skin…(To be Black) …(To be Burnt)…all brown people do not have BLACK skin..especially in North America, it’s a misconception…biggest untruth….Africa is a continent with many countries “tribes” the roots run very deep. Black was a diversion of truth, a term thrown around recklessly in North America…hiding the truth from African americans… to blind slaves of their true ancestry roots upon coming to America….

        Shem Descendants: 11:10-26
        Shem family line:
        Abraham: Issac
        Issac: Jacob & Esau
        Jacob: 12 Tribes of Isreal (Not Ham) yet Shem (SEM=Hebrew name)
        King David
        King Solomon
        Jesus (Tribe ofJudah)

        Summary: Something to meditate on….. Read Psalm 105:3, “Than Isreal also came into Egypt, And Jacob sojourned in the land of Ham.” Here we have desendents of Shem and Ham dwelling together….huuuum…this is why brown skin is so diversed! The Isrealite blood line runs deep…very deep….(skin like bronze….hair like wool) Daniel 7:9, Rev 1:14-1:15)

        Sometimes the truth is so hard to believe it escapes us! Keep praying, and studying…we all are a family, we all are God’s children!!

    2. The Africans are the ones that captured and sold Hebrew Israelites to the Europeans. I was taught in school that our own people sold us into slavery so we shouldn’t be angry with white people. I tried to understand why. I wondered if they knew what our people were going through in America. I was relieved to find out I wasn’t sold by my own people, I was sold by people that looked like me. Africans knew we weren’t their people that’s why they had no problems selling us. Wish I had learned this during the time I was in high school. We really need to teach our children who they are and stop teaching them every year during Black History Month the same things I was taught in school about the handful of black people that made a small contribution to society. The education our children are taught today is to ensure them that our people never contributed anything to society. We must teach them the truth now that we know it.

      1. Read about African culture n u will understand it’s not possible to sell ppl. N who n where did they pay that Money?? Even after West Africans were taking into slavery. West African n African tribes n countries were under colonization for 100years. Why will the oppressor tell u the truth. No they have stolen, killed n changed history to be fit the white race. Wen it’s African us black who ‘ve made the world war it is today.

        1. Islam played a big part in this. Many of the Native Africans had been forced to convert to Islam and in return started Islamic Kingdoms and tried to impose Islam on the Hebrews who had migrated into West Africa. With that being said, The British, Porteguise and Spaniards traded to them guns, and many other things that Africa didn’t have, for a people that were considered as improachers of the land. This is part of the story. I’m sure you weren’t told the entire truth either.

      2. MicWic Carnegie and Rockefellers started using their non profit tax exempt foundations to change the story of American history to suit their global agenda and dumb down America. In 1903, John D. Rockefeller founded the General Education Board, which provided major funding for schools across the country and was especially active in promoting the State-controlled public school movement. BTW their goal was to, ready for this? ” UNITE WITH RUSSIA”.

      3. Confrontation, I told my mom the same thing . They wanted our land, that our God gave us, they wanted the promise and they made us believe a lie, that we are less than, that God picked them to be superior. Matthew 18;6 punishment.Yes my mom and I trace it to Jacob to Shem. I believe we are from Judah or Benjamin tribe

      4. Who is feeding you with that? Africans conquered tribes and sold the tribes they conquered to slavery. Hate to bust the bubble but Africans sold the weaker tribes to slavery and they were not Jews. African Americans want some consolation to their demise but the truth is the White people who bought the slaves decieved those who sold the slaves. Slaves in Africa were not treated as harsh as the ones in America. The stronger tribes who sold their brothers and sisters to slavery did not know they will have their humanity taken away from them as they did when they arrived America. I am an African history teacher and a Jew , so I know the facts. Read your African history before posting in ignorance.

        1. Lol, you mean like you just did!!! And you did it with confidence too!!! However you are partially correct. They did capture weaker tribes and the form of slavery in Africa was by mo means like slavery in America. However, it was the introduction of and the establishment of Islamic Kingdoms that changed the game. You’re absolutely incorrect in saying they weren’t jews that were being sold. 75% of them were Israelites and 25% were natives of Africa. They wwre fully aware of what people they were buying. War criminals and Jews. We have documentations as well as maps to prove it!!!

          1. Previous post I misspelled The Most High name?

            Yahudah child, please show documentation and proof of your findings.

        2. So you’re a Jew? Name 1 prophesy in the Torah that you Ashkenazi ‘s went through. Isn’t the Torah the only books you believe? Where are you in it?

        3. I am an American History Teacher as well and a Hebrew the Hebrews were never Caucasian the khozor (the Caucasian Jews u see now) were force to convert to Judaism and eventually steals the land which the bible mentions strangers will defile your land and take it from you in front of your face. So they are not the real Jews Ham is the father of all dark races except the Negroes, the Negroes (so called African American) are from the tribe of Shem. Look at African Americans and Africans that live in the land now and conpare and contrast our skin color is similar but featurely we look nothing alike we have a distinct unique look and color. Look up the Mussolini wars it was the Africans leading Mussolini to the congos to capture and destroy the other Africans u turned out to really be jews prehaps you should study more

          1. This is truly the height of ignorance, if you ask me. Is the word “Negro” another terminology for Hebrew or Jew? How can you be positively certain that you or anyone making such claims is a member of the tribe of Judah when you assert that people sold into slavery were mixed (Jews and Africans)? Are we absolutely certain that today’s Israel is in the exact geographical location it was in Biblical days? African Americans have tried so hard to separate themselves from Africans because they have been conditioned that way; from their claim that Africans sold them into slavery, to Africans hate them, and now, to we are Hebrews and not Africans. Just what the perpetrators have been successful in having us do for the last 400 years – hate each other. For your information, blacks in America or any other part of the globe, look no different from people in Africa. Instead of us trying so hard to be the true descendants Jacob, we should be loving the Lord our God with all our hearts, mind and soul and loving our neighbors as our selves.

          2. African women were raped and forced to give birth to children. These children’s purpose were to pick cotton and create economic wealth for the slave owners. Many African- Americans are mixed with Caucasian DNA due to rape. African-Americans have different skin color and facial features than Africans due to rape by Caucasian men. Take a DNA test and you’ll see the mixture of races in your own DNA makeup .

        4. Everyone has a story. his story, her story, their story or history,,,, but which is true because the whole truth has been hidden and or lost….

          GOD knows the truth

      5. I do not know how to say this, but if these tribes were truly from Israel, why didn’t they keep any oral form of literature to denote their history in the similar manner of the bible.
        We all know that these tribes have been able to maintain their culture even during the trans Atlantic slave trade, till date. Why didn’t they maintain oral stories of their origin being from the tribes in the bible ? Someone please answer my question. What happened to them for them to forget their long history with God.

        1. Actually, they did not forget their history at all. As you know, much of it was destroyed by the Europeans, and beaten out of us. But to give you proof of who we are “kumbayah” my lord “kumbaYAH”. And many other sayings and songs slaves had, proved we were the people. Even most of our original names were Hebrew names, which we all know were changed. Wonder why!!

          1. We need to start our own schools or weekend schools to learn our history
            so we can be on one accord. Division doesn’t help but keep us from moving forward. I was blessed to have had a father who taught and encouraged me and others to see beyond the foolishness preached every “Sunday “.
            The enemy has stolen our history and identity and is recreating us right before our very eyes. ?

        2. Early in slave trade slaves were often freed after master died. Israel hill was founded by freed slaves they were only 100 years away and they returned to their Hebrew customs. Also in South Africa the limba tribe traces their oral tradition to Aaron. They also have DNA proof.

        3. Can research much about the E?e tribe from Volta region. Also the Ye?e(Yahweh) religion that is also being practiced today at Anloga and it sub-towns. There is nothing like the word Hebrew. It is rather E?e. Before Germany came to define the trade zone, from Nigeria down to Benin, Togo and Ghana was called Erhverh-E?e Land(Hebrew Land). Ashantis are part of the Erhverh-E?e Land and many other tribes within Africa.

      6. Well in that case what will you say about this scenario…..two sibblings, one was kidnapped and sold into slavery whereas the other was here in Africa raising his family….by your point we can safely say the one who wasn’t captured transformed to become the descendant of ham and the captured one suddenly became a shemite…wow, you seriously need to pass that joint Micwic 🙂 cos from our history slave trade was a free for all affair…the Ashantis you so proudly parade to be were very they did more of the capturing..Ga’s also retaliated…but those who suffered most were the Guans..yes they were mostly sold cos they migrated to Ghana first but were scattered and as such cudnt do much in defense…truth is, every single historian in Ghana knows this fact yet won’t tell the world about it…and you just jump in the band wagon of we are Ashanti’s the true Hebrew… FYI, the true Hebrews consists mostly of the entire West African region cos Ham and his descendants..Cush etc, had taken the northern and upper eastern parts of Africa…therefore the only available place for migration was the western part of Africa and some southern parts…

    3. So the original Ethiopians are of Ham, but are not so called Jews. Only the seed of Jacob, who is of Shem, are Israelites. These are the Yahudites. Jews or Yahudites may have very well migrated to Ethiopia and are there now, but not in it’s origin.

    4. Because if they taught our history we would understand its NOT Black History its MOOR History you would know the TRUTH before colonization we were HERE in the Empire of MOROCCO!!! we didn’t all come over on a boat we were free people in OUR OWN LAND!!! READ PEOPLE its all in HISTORY read the Treaties … KNOW who YOU are people its in your FACE ever wondered WHY THE MOROCCAN Flag is in your WHITE HOUSE and the Red ,white and blue BANNER for the United States is there as a BANNER not FLAG??? WELCOME TO AFRICA… and the 13 colonies that settled here with a Friendship Treaty and tried to kill all NATIVE MOORS not NATIVE INDIANS and take the land we Welcomed them to in PEACE… Research Black Moor Kings KNOWLEDGE IS KEY

      1. The list of African tribes who are descendants of the Hebrew isrealite nation- nana kofi

        Okay black moors were in Europe and even in Ghana they built the famous mosque in Tamale. They thought Europeans everything they knew. But remember that the world keeps changing. From ice age to iron, to bronze and so forth. But the Moors forgot to teach their fellow Africans and it is the same today. We in West Africa don’t know what is going in East Africa unless, CNN, BBC reports it. Our neigbour cote d’iovre has a dream of establishing a cocoa industry in West Africa and they would want to consult Ghana which is number two in cocoa production but would rather consult France. Why is it that when Ghana needs money, it would not borrow from Nigeria and trade with something which they have to buy elsewhere especially salt but rather go to the IMF. Why is it that after all of my education I cannot mine my own gold, beauxite, oil, iron ore? It is a pity. To my fellow Blacks, think through this because if the beggar knew how to fish, it would never worry about the number of hours he or she starves, because he knows that ones, he gets to river side, he will surely be full. If internet, Television, Vehicles, Weapons, money is manufactured by a certain race to continue their survival, what are the current generations of blacks doing. Please I am tired of selling dog chains on the streets of Accra. The next time you have an idea about how to turn stone into metal, let me know. Enough of the unyielding conversation. If Africans will not help develop African because they swore allegiance to their slave masters, then slavery will continue. Because of money we are dying on the sea to get to Europe and now we are being recruited in their army to fight their wars. I rest my case.

    5. You need to Re read the Bible Descends of Ham was not Israelites it’s Shem descendants! Your adding to Yahs word ask for forgiveness!

    6. I believe that Yahua is going to kill the white race or enslave them to the Hebrew Isrealites , there time is done at there 6000 yr termination in August of 2019 is to be the end ofthe curse , I believe the beginnings of the third world war has begun in Syria as quiet as it’s kept there are black people possibly Hebrews being held captive in cages in the Lybia Palestine area so expect The wrath ofYahua Yahusha for holding his people captive once again .

    1. Shalom,

      I tested my dna thru my and received my results just today. My results confirmed 79% West African heritage.

      It was confirmation of what my aunt had told me concerning our ancestry as a lost tribe of Israel.

      It brings so much peace when you see your own heritage and shows how much I did not know about my ancestry.

      Cost about 100.00 and the process took 4 weeks.

      1. My DNA results says I’m 94% West African. It says my people originated in Eastern and Central Africa from a group of Bantu speaking farmers. I don’t think this would automatically make me a Hebrew right? How would I know from this if I’m not a Canaanite? I know I’m not Egyptian, Ethiopian or Libyan. I’m a little confused.

        1. Google Bantu people and you will know where they are found.South Africans,Zimbabweans,Mozambique, Malawi,Zambia,Tanzania,All Congo’s,Some Uganda etc are Bantu speaking people. Bantu mean people and all when they call people they say Bantu that is why they classify them as such.I believe they either migrated from east or central Africa to west africa.Southern Africa is still a baby from central Africa.As for Hebrew I will lie to you,I know nothing about Africans and Hebrew but what I know is Africans are religious people even those who do not go to church believe in God and their ancestors.I have never seen whites who brought the bible to us believing in God like the way African do.

          1. Not all Tanzanians are bantu some tribe along lake Victoria they speaking bantu language but actual are not bantu in origin they originate from Ethiopia and some are originated from sudan through Uganda to lake Victoria

          2. These hebrew israelites lists come different each time I’m confused and this one doesn’t have bantu others they have bantu as part of hebrew nations

        2. First of all Bantu is not a language, Bantu means people, so wherever your getting your info from is jst misleading you, the word Bantu is from my country South Africa, whites used the word Bantu to discriminate against blacks during apartheid. They would call blacks Bantu’s and we would laugh at them because it meant people people. So makes sure the facts are right

    2. will tell you what part of so called africa that you are from in %. got my report today and thank Yah that i am 85%.

        1. WOW so far I haven’t heard anyone say they’re 90% or higher African. My result says I’m I believe 94% African. That’s the highest I’ve seen so far. Has anyone seen higher?

    3. I don’t have the answer but I am looking for a place to do my DNA that will not keep the dna on file. I hope that both of our questions can be answered.

      1. Some of you must be descended from Israel. Acting just like your ancestor’s did, seeking your enemies way to verify who you are; instead of seeking, praying, and submitting yourselves totally to your Adonay Alohym. He already has ties to you, Adonay have mercy…… His spirit will come to you, if you seek him with your whole heart(mind). You must worship him in spirit and in truth, submission is the key. Trust and believe that he…… will show you.

    4. Before choosing a company to go through, make sure that their report will give you your Y-DNA haplogroup. Although percentages are nice information to have, they do not tell you from who you descend. You need to know your Y-DNA haplogroup in order to determine this information. And if you are an original Hebrew Israelite, your Y-DNA haplogroup will start with “E1B1A”, with more numbers following after it. If you are a female, you must obtain the results of your father, or his father, or your brother whom you share the same father with. Hope this helps!

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