The Lion, Father Nelson Mandela Goes Home!

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2 thoughts on “The Lion, Father Nelson Mandela Goes Home!”

  1. Rest in peace Madiba Nelson Mandela and may your soul travel to Sirius. South African President Nelson Mandela was a freedom fighter, a peacemaker and a unifier of the South African people. After being imprisoned for 25 years by the racist white South African government Nelson Mandela forgave the racist white South African and reconciled the black and white South African. Nelson Mandela was a lover of peace who opposed the invasion of Irak and Libya by the USA

  2. I found out that he was with the Illuminati! He signed on for the sports side of things. Who is to say when Michelle Obama, President Obama or former Pres. Clinton visited him, that either one of them exacerbated his illness unto death! He did gangsta signs with his hands!

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