The Globalists Fight Against Nigeria By Collumela

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What I will say though, is that some of us who come here to constantly complain about the perceived state of Nigeria need to reexamine their viewpoint. Nigeria is currently fighting against forces you wouldn’t believe

– Boko Haram is just a small manifestation of what certain global powers wish this country to be reduced to.

Actually, compared to the hundreds of millions which have been poured into the physical and media/PR campaign against Nigeria, Nigeria has held it’s own pretty solidly. I may not be a military expert, but I am a PR expert and so I know a concerted PR campaign when I see one. Certain Western government elements and their allied business interests are currently running a full scale psychological warfare operation against Nigeria.

This is why all manner of myths, exaggerations and ridiculous lies about Nigeria and Boko Haram are consistently recycled and repeated despite an abundance of easily available evidence to the contrary.

If you come here and accuse Nigeria and its Armed Forces of “corruption” all the time and tell yourself that this is “constructive criticism”, then you are actually a success story for their psy-op.

“Corruption” is NOT Nigeria’s main or only narrative.

In that larger scheme of things, there are more serious problems.

Corruption is not the formidable behemoth it is resented as.

In certain “advanced” forms of communication practice, there is something known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This is a process whereby words are repeatedly mentioned and reinforced so as to become “triggers” to act or think in a certain way.

NLP is being practised on Africans, but particularly on Nigerians on a very large scale. “Corruption” has become a very powerful trigger word. Just like how someone from the cult of David Koresh or a Jehovah Witness or a Mormon is ‘triggered’ to think or do certain things at the mere mention of the phrase “God’s Kingdom”, likewise at the mention of the word “corruption”, Nigerians are trained to mentally recoil and shut down their rational thought.

Nowadays even Nigerian soldiers have been affected by this NLP and we have seen these situations where some Young Turks on the frontline decide to disobey their CO’s because the association of the word “corruption” with their superiors has convinced them that their superiors are sending them to face nuclear armed opposition with sticks and stones – whereas this manifestly is not the case.

“Corruption” has become Nigeria’s no 1 national trigger word and dissociation complex. I only have to ACCUSE a public official or a military officer of “being corrupt” and immediately his reputation is damamged forever.

This is VERY dangerous and you don’t need me to tell you why. A study of South America in the 20th century and the Arab nations more recently should reveal how effective the use of trigger phrases and national psyche-complexes is in foisting Western-sponsored regime change on countries.

Before you drop a comment here or on twitter or on nairaland or on SSC, or even on Cybereagles, make sure that what you post is in our national interest first.

Don’t unwittingly let yourself be used as a proxy propagandist on behalf of forces which hate Nigeria.

Just like we all understand the importance of not spreading BH propaganda for them, we should be informed that there are other forms of anti-Nigeria propaganda which some of us are actively and unwittingly spreading online and in person. This needs to stop. This is the only country we will ever have.


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