The Gambia sacks the Queen and the Commonwealth – Oguejiofo Annu

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The Gambia is to withdraw from the Commonwealth, 48 years after joining.

The west African nation branded the 54-member grouping, which includes the UK and most of its former colonies, a “neo-colonial institution” and tagged it “an extension of colonialism”.

The withdrawal was announced on state TV

The Gambian government said it had “withdrawn its membership of the British Commonwealth”.

It said it had “decided that The Gambia will never be a member of any neo-colonial institution and will never be a party to any institution that represents an extension of colonialism”.

The last time a nation left the Commonwealth was in 2003, when Zimbabwe withdrew.

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5 thoughts on “The Gambia sacks the Queen and the Commonwealth – Oguejiofo Annu”

  1. Good for the Gambia for riding their country of those blood sucking parasites from Central Asia aka Europeans. I hope more African countries follow suit and realize that maintaining commonwealth partnership is like staying in touch with a father who has raped you for the first 18 years of your life and after he has completely abused you and left you mentally and physically traumatized, he says, “Join me at the club where I will take care of you.”

    In Africa’s case, knowing that his monsters has raped and sodomized you for 500 years and has continued to rape you even after he says, “You are free to go.” The heartless monster have even blamed you for the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that you are exhibiting and your underdevelopment. After 500 years of destabilization and have only recently tasted freedom and without even the slightlest opportunity to become autonomous or make decisions on how your resources are allocated, this beast expect you to function at part. Now, who in their right mind would continue to trust their rapist?

    1. corrections: In Africa’s case, this monster has raped and sodomized you for 500 years and has continued to do so. This leopard thinks he can change his spot by thinking he can make 500 years of brutality vanish by you being a part of some sham club where he continues his rape and sodomy more humanely and Africa will forget that they are brutally being raped. Rightfully so, some Africans have forget that there is no equality with Albinos but dehumanize, destabilization, degradation, rape of resources and other forms of mental rape using missionaries who are mental destroyers. Missionaries are not in Africa to save your souls but they are in Africa to make the theft of your resources is complete. Know this Africa, Africans, blacks that Albino do not wish to share their spoils but they want to keep it for themselves then blame you for not being rich off of your own resources. The Albinos used missionaries to get you to hate your very being and look to him as lord and saviour and expect you to live in their image. He tells you everything you know and believe in is evil.

  2. The Article 15 of Berlin Treaty gave the European Colonizers the Legal Right to own the Land and the People and enabled the 400 year-old slave trade (1440-1840) to continue in a modern-day modified system of slavery. The old African Kingdoms were in fact transformed into Slave States, and still today they are kept in the stranglehold of Colonial Power. Some of these powers are Britain, France, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and even Denmark who formerly occupied Ghana and later sold it to Britain. The legality of the Berlin Treaty was derived from the Paris Conference which was concluded on 3 August 1875, the aim of which it was to enslave the Africans in their own continent. Under the pretext that slave trade was inhuman, the European and American leaders came to an understanding and concluded that it would be more profitable to enslave the Africans in their own African continent under European administration who would bring the ” blessings ” of civilization, Christianity and commerce to the ” backward ” African souls.

    This concept was termed ” Terra Nullus “, in short the land of the continent of Africa belonged to the European and American Masters, and not to the Rightful Owners, the African People. The procedure for the practical implementation was laid down in the Berlin Conference which started 15 November 1884 and was concluded by signing the Berlin Treaty on 26 February 1885. In fact the Charter of the OAU ( Organization of African Union ) of 25 May 1963 was drawn up in such a way as to keep and maintain the Legal Validity of the Paris Conference of 1875 enshrined in the Berlin Treaty in 1885. This ingenious way of controlling the African people is surpassed only by the Spanish conquestadoros almost five hundred years ago who enslaved the Indian civilizations of Latin and South America and the Carribean Islands, including Cuba. The control is made complete by imposing the language of the Colonizers, i.e. Culture through the instrument of the education system, religion ( Christianity and later Islam ) as well as currency and military. When this was achieved the African was to be brought the idea of independence . The Independence issue which was only given by replacing the European Governors in the already divided countries by the blacks on coming leaders who attended the European education schools . These praised leaders by the Colonial Masters on days of Independence were made first to sign papers that their countries Independence would mean nothing to them as the countries would be / remain under the Suprem Authority of the Colonial Master . Meaning the issue of Soverenity can not be touched by the so called independent African countries . That is why there is no black individual African country still who dares is a Sovereign State in Africa . The best example is : all the English Speaking are tied down under the Soverenity Rights ( Legal Acts ) of the United Kingdom of Britain & Northern Ireland ; today’s enlarged World wide Expansion ( Dominium ) of the Mighty United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland and together with this member countries as the CommonWealthwealth countries .

    The CommonWealth is being futher subdivided into two : with small ( d ) dominium refering to all black countries and some Asian English speaking countries and the Big ( D ) Dominium refering to countries where the white colour europeans have remained leaders ; such is of the two Domains of the independent countries of Australia and Canada .

    Therefore the Role of Commonwealth is still Slave Acts rule upon Africans . The African Countries , in General Political and Dilpomatic Affairs , are simply used to earn Voting powers in General Assembly meetings like in the United Nations meetings and of the other Organisarions to fulfill the Decisions making of the so called Super Powers who by Rights are the Sovereign powers to this countries . Non Sovereign Powers have No Capacity / Priority to make Decisions .


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