The Forgotten White Slaves Of America – by – Nehesy

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This story of white servitude is hidden and they represent (AT LEAST) 1/2 to 2/3 of the first settlers of the America colony.

They were temporary chattel.

They were:

The Forgotten White Slaves Of America

By: Nehesy (Jan 2009)

You had:

– The Redemptioners ( specially the Germans who came with all their family but the family members were frequently sold to different masters);

– The Indentured Servants who sold themselves for a better life and a better place to live; they were lured with false promises ie “A land of milk and Honey is waiting for you in the new world”; and London was characterized by high poverty, famine and was “infested” with plagues…

– The kidnapped people of London, Bristol and Liverpool (Men, Women, Children); It was a Royal policy : POOR RELIEF;

– The poors and vagrants (Men, Women, Children) of the United Kingdom;

– The loose or lewd women (prostitutes);

– The convicts and criminals; who were highly preferred by planters because they were bound for 14 years at least; The child servants were praised for the same reason ( long period of bondage)…Maryland and Virginia were convicts’ states…

– The war prisoners ie Irish and Scottish ( Monmouth Rebels , Covenanters etc); the “Irish slave trade” is hidden into our history books but it’s a reality of the past …

– Apprentices , which was the best form of “bondage” (with the Redemptioners) because they could learn a job;

– Many indentured servants came from Europe (Italy and Greece) as well;

– Seamen impressed in ships ( they were bound to the master’s ship and could whipped in case of mutiny). They were often kidnapped in British Taverns; many case of desertions occurred in the Royal and Continental navies. As Richard Brandon Morris said they were the “last slaves” to be emancipated in 1915…Their hand could be cut off in a case of aggression against the ship’s captain…

It must be said that London ( Liverpool,Bristol) Merchants and British authorities ( Royalty; Mayor etc) were responsible for their temporary enslavement, and made huge profits in selling them to the colonies …

London ( Liverpool , Bristol) Merchants with British Authorities ( specially the Royalty) were also involved in the African slave trade…

When the supply of white servants happened to be insufficient in order to match the labor demand in the colonies, they created the Royal Company of Africa in order to import (kidnap) more Africans…

When you have a look at the first census in the American colonies , white servants or temporary slaves, outnumbered African slaves in all the British colonies ( America and West Indies).

The African slave trade and the possession of black slaves happened to be more profitable to the former servants traders/drivers and to the former servants masters in the colonies. This is why, we African or afro descendants suffered so much..

Planters were really harsh on them : many servants deaths were due to maltreatment…

After the American Revolution, British turned to Australia , as a convict colony. The Jails ships in London ( called “HULKS” were overcrowded).

When the African slave trade has been abolished, they turned to Asia for the “Pig” Trade or Coolie Trade, ( China and India). The same suffering, the same maltreatments, the same riots ( in the plantations and the slave ships)….

Only the European poor and the middle class went to the new world , the richest stayed in Europe.

Many white servants and black slaves married together because they suffered the same pains and maltreatments. Many white servants were involved in slave riots like in the New York Plot ( see Pr Richard Brandon Morris and Pr Abbott Emerson Smith), and some even fled to the Indians with their black brethren.

They suffered the “middle passage” as well, because they died like flies in the ships who brought them to the colonies, they were packed like “herring”….

With the time, white servants became overseers, and hatred was installed between the two communities, by the planters who divided them in order to ruled them…Some white servants were used in the militia in order to defend the colony from French and Spanish , but also to kill Indians or suppress slaves insurrections.

The “Divide and Rule” technique was used against the Indians (first slaves in America) in order to get allies and slaves. Europeans would give guns to their Indian allies in order to enslave other Indians. They used this technique in Canada, North America, South America ( Mexico) , the West Indies (Cuba) and in Africa as well… But the Indians slaves in North America died like flies, and could flee easily because after all it was their country.

Europeans kidnapped Indians , or caused wars between Indians tribes in order to response to their labor demand.

The American used the race card in order to ally with the white servants (or former servants), even if they really despised them , by calling them names : “White Trash”; “Redneck”; “Hillbillies”; “White niggers” etc.

It’s must be said that white servant preceded the black slave into the South plantations.

And the system which was imposed to them ( punishment, tortures, rapes, separation of families etc) was ready to absorb the black Africans slaves ( See Pr Ulrich B Phillips).

It was really “A NASTY” period for poor whites and anything colored ( Blacks, Indians etc).

The European rich class caused a lot of suffering to these people , even if they were white like them ….

Nothing better could happened to blacks, Chinese or Indians who were bound to that same class !!!

The seeds and the framework of their suffering can be found in the story of the white “slaves” who peopled American and West Indies colonies.

The racial card and segregation was played against them, and the white colonists had any mercy for them : Burned alive, Emasculation; Cutting the limbs; Extreme cases of torture …

This is stories they won’t tell you at school, or in Hollywood movies. In order to know a little research process is compulsory…

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  1. Hi Willyb0ne,
    I totally agree with you; as long as people keep hating each other, they will never realize they have always been only paws in a game.

  2. Hello, I wish my only living family genealogist would read these collection of materials, being descended from hillbillies, whitetrash from Kentucky who hid during census before the emancipation leads me to believe the McGinnis I descend from were off the plantation but have no idea how long. Why in the early 1800s did this family still hide and are we really Irish, also have another side of the family Scott Irish with no record of coming into this country……………………… . THE POOR LITTLE US WE ARE SO IN NEED OF REVENGE TICKS ME OFF …It dehumanizes everyone that holds it dear. Besides WOMEN are the most brutalized held down of all, still I’m not a womens lib but as long as we are weaker physically , all the cruel ideas people hold will be directed toward us NO MATTER THE COLOR RACE RELIGION ….WOMEN ARE ACTUALLY STARTING TO VIOLENTLY ABUSE EACH OTHER WHAT A SICK WORLD …………………….LOVED YOUR ARTICLES…………. PEACE,LOVE ,JOY..FREEDOM

  3. Thanks for this, it may explain my family tree. It goes back to some races, then can’t be explained how the person got there. It could well have been slavery. Then there was the other group in my family tree, the Indians and there history got lost on the Trail of Tears.

  4. One of the problems in centuries past was the sad fact that many women died in childbirth or from infections after giving birth. The poor and distraught husband would often send children to “work” in the new world out of desperation. If you go to old cemeteries you can see the graves of young women buried with their babies. Life is often very sad and always a struggle!

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  6. It is so encouragingly enlightening to see these FACTS. The word “slave” is of European origination, derivation, and, beginning, e.g., Yugoslavia. To see/hear how so disgustingly/repeatedly a black face has been painted on American slavery commands/demands the absolute necessity to scrutinizingly read the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution. Both documents are surfeit with words like “liberty, freedom”; FROM WHAT/FROM WHOM???

  7. Yeah this article skims at the truth, however still contains many inaccuracieS. Basically, this is based on information AFTER 1700. That’s when Europeans where upgraded to the status of endentured servitude, and the claim is that it was in fact limited to seven years. Prior to this, European people where caste as slaves from birth until DEATH. No different for the offspring. ( hence names like Yugoslavia , where in and around that region even today, people carry their original names like Slava, Slavinski, Stewart and the list goes on and on (smith, johnSON). Dark skin natives began serving after Thomas Jefferson got his 1700 legistlation passed.

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