The Forgotten People:The African Origin Of China Part 1 – By: Lauren K. Clark

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The Forgotten People
The African Origins of China

By: Lauren K. Clark

China is one of the few countries which preserved traditional and ancient aspects of their culture.  From the Great Wall of China to other impressive types of architecture, China has a history of advanced culture and civilization. 

However, there are missing aspects of the Chinese history that has not been acknowledged.  Prior to the emergence of the Mongoloid people, China was dominated by people of the African continent.  These people arrived to China from West Africa, through the great civilizations in North Africa known as Khem and Kush. 

To prove that the ancestors of the current Chinese population were of African origin, three areas of study will be focused on.  The first area of study will be based on scientific evidence and reports of various recent genetic experiments.  This particular aspect is a collection of information from various scientists and researchers, who come from areas all over the world.  This purpose of having a diverse group of experiments will eradicate any evidence of bias. 

The second area of study focuses on the different kingdoms that were ruled by African people during ancient China.  These findings are based on the research of archaeologists and anthropologists who have found various cultural artifacts, and skeletal evidence such as human skills, to prove the early existence of African people in China.

The final area of study deals with linguistics evidence, cultural innovations, and various medicinal practices extant in China but which have origins within African culture.

Recent scientific studies have uncovered strong evidence that the first East Asians, particularly in the region that is now known as China, were of African descent.

In an article posted by the AAAS Science Magazine, entitled “African Origin of Modern Humans in East Asia:  A Tale of 12,000 Y Chromosomes, 23 scientists (with 13 of them being of Asian descent) tested “the hypothesis of modern human origin in East Asia.  

The participating geneticists studied the genes of 12,127 East Asian male individuals from 163 different segment of the East Asian population.  The male Y chromosome was utilized to “type” for three different Y chromosome biallelic markers.  The three identified markers were the YAP, M89, and M130.  The 12,127 male individuals had a mutation “at one of these three sites” of the Y chromosome genetic material or DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). 

However another mutation known as M168T is the ascendant of the three identified East Asian male genetic markers.  This particular mutation, the M168T arose in the African continent approximately 35,000 to 89,000 years prior to this current date.  The M168T, overtime, diverged into the three mutations that were present in the Y chromosome biallelic markers in the male Asian participants.

This finding indicates that the YAP+, M89T, and M130T East Asian mutations originated from the M168T mutation that arose in Africa.  This categorically proves that it is not genetically possible for the current East Asian population to have phenotypically contributed to the original (or first) inhabitants of East Asia. 

A second experiment that was published by the Los Angeles Times of September 29, 1998 was undertaken by the Chinese Human Genome Diversity Project which is comprised of “seven major research groups in the People’s Republic of China, and the Human Genetics Center at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.  The finances of this project were provided by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

The Chinese Human Genome Project utilized the DNA of China’s 28 identified ethnic groups.  The selection of these certain groups was very strategic in that these groups account for over 90% of China’s overall population-thus creating a widely diverse representative group of participants. 

In order to analyze and study the genetic origins of this large population, the scientists in this study relied on a set of genetic markers called microsatellites.  The chemical composition of these markers are such “That allows scientists to use them as signposts to mark how population diverged or merged over time, reconstructing their evolutionary journey through time and across the continents to their contemporary abodes.” 

The researchers identified 30 microsatellites markers within the genetic material across the 28 selected ethnic groups in China.  The pattern of the microsatellite markers were then used to compare patterns of 11 non-Chinese groups around the world. 

The result of the study indicated that the northern and southern Chinese combine into “distinct regional genetic populations” and that both have inherited traits that all come from one original ancestor.

Based on the study, geneticist concluded that all of the different groups within China descend from a common ancestor that “migrated” from the south into China.  The region of the south reference appears strongly to have been Africa.  According to the researchers “it is now probably safe to conclude that modern humans originating in African constitute that majority of the current gene pool in East Asia.”

One final study was done by a genetic research team of Fudan University in Shanghai, China that was led by Dr. Jin Lin.  The purpose of this research was to verify whether the Chinese people originated from early humans that came from East Africa or from the “Peking Man” of northern China.  The theory of the “Peking Man” was a speculative racist theory which tried to argue that the European and Asian humans evolved from different specie of primates than the Africans.

Based on research this study of more than 100,000 DNA samples from people all over the world, Dr. Jin concluded that all human beings originated from a common, “single origin, not multiple origins as some experts believe.” That origin is Africa and that original humanity is the Black African.  These African individuals are believed to have settled in China approximately 100,000 years ago.  

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  1. and where does adam and eve come from? the bible! tadaaaa. not only the bible mention about these two pairs, but in ancient summerian text as well. truth betold, we might have not only evolved but manipulated by a higher being. if all our dna can be traced back to one ancester, then its quite fishy. thats almost like duplicating and manipulating. if u guys would research about the annunaki, u’ll find it more logical.btw latest test shows that we’re atleast 5% different from our common ancesters, chipanzees, etc. the previous showed 99% which is incorrect. In fact, our dna testing isnt advanced enough to provide many experiments in a short amount of time and there are dna that cannot be decoded and understand what they do.

  2. fish says
    and where does adam and eve come from?
    The answer to that is right under your nose–just like the blade of grass that you walk over with LIFE in it. Where did this “life” ( not just the chemicals), but that vital living force of spirit energy come from? Well, it came from some Great Designer that could CREATE life or anything that He thought of. That life didn’t create itself, no more than you did yourself.
    You and I are surrounded by creation, including the known universe–which is (yes) a creation itself. Many call this Great Architect/Creator: simply God. We christian also call Him the Lord Jesus christ.

    1. It appears you had enough courage to ask her to shut up. But not enough to leave a name. You are the definition of the word brave. I congratulate you on your rudeness and stupidity. Seriously it is very shocking how uncivilized some supposed humans are.

  3. “Out of Africa” theory is often miss-understood. Just because the ancestor of modern Chinese people (or any non-Africans) came from Africa, we cannot say Chinese are descendants of blacks. Before our specie migrated out of Africa, the demographic map of that continent was a very different one. Africans before the migration had a wider color spectrum than now. Those left Africa later became white, yellow and brown. Black dominance of sub Saharan Africa was a relatively later event. The old Asian “blacks” were actually brown Australoids like Australian aboriginals.

    1. “Before our specie migrated out of Africa, the demographic map of that continent was very different one. Africans before the migration had a wider color spectrum that now.” Morpheus, according to you, prior to any migration out of Africa, Africans had a wider colour spectrum. What may I ask caused the colour spectrum to change and what did it change to? Again, according to you, “those who left Africa later became white, yellow and brown” and “Africans before the migration had a wider color spectrum”. I am confused. What colour spectrum was in Africa before the migration, if once the people left Africa they became white, yellow and brown. I noticed that your range of human colours is not in alphabetical order but rather in order of who/what is deemed important to you as if you could have brown and yellow before you get white. I think the lie you are trying to spread is Chinese went to China from Africa as Chinese and possibly darken over time whilst in China or the darkness of the original Chinese had nothing to do with Africa because they were already yellow before leaving Africa. To be honest, I am only speculating. I have no idea what your confused, racist mind is trying to say. And how do you explain the Africoid features of many Chinese other Asians to this day? For your information, the Chinese nose, forehead, eyes, high cheek bones and even the yellow skin colour can be found amongst Africans to this day.

      I do understand that this type of information is disheartening for you because due to your white supremacy logic – sense of entitlement, you want to believe that everything and everyone that is good and positive came from you despite your history of theft of cultures, religions and peoples. Yes, we are to believe that pink, pig skinned Europeans are the canvas on which the world was framed.

      Europe is not very genetically diverse and it is Europe who went different shades of brown to majority pink. Albeit, the lower portions of Europe that is close to Africa is relatively brown – or olive, yeah who has green skin? To my knowledge, Africa is the most diverse continent when it comes to genotype and phenotypes. Every racial phenotype is represented in Africa. If prior to, “Black dominance of sub Saharan (white man’s term for subhuman) Africa was relatively a later event,” what kind of people were in existence? Where did the brown Australoids and like Australian aboriginals (by the way, “ab” in Latin means away) come from?

      Your post is either out of pure ignorance and stupidity or a willful attempt to spread lies because whites like you are not comfortable with the “out of Africa” theory. Pinkoids like you have this fantasy that there is a place called sub Saharan Africa where black, monkey like creatures who sort of look human exist and all these black, monkey like creatures share the same phenotype – with no genetic variation amongst these creatures. Do yourself a favour and type all the different countries/tribes in Google images one by one and you tell me if they all look the same to you.

      Morpheus is another Stormfront troll who actually believes that Africans are not humans hence his use of the term sub-Saharan Africa/Africans. I am not sure why pink pig skin Europeans spend so much time discrediting Africa and her descendants as humans. Through the use of their science, statistics, laws, philosophy and politics Europeans spend millions if not billions of dollars on their efforts to prove that Africa’s descendants are not humans and in no way could be the cradle of humanity.

      1. CORRECTION: “I noticed that your range of human colours is not in alphabetical order but rather in order of who/what is deemed important to you as if you could have brown and yellow before you get white,” I meant to say as if you could have white before you get to brown and yellow in any colour schemes. Please do an experiment with some paint or chalk. Humans are not that different. If you continue to add lighter colour to a darker colour such as black/brown, the black/brown will become lighter over time. Much the same way if a brown/black skinned human have a child with a white skinned human and those offspring keep having children with white skinned humans, the resulting generations would be white. If the offspring keep breeding with brown/black skinned humans, they will not become white unless this caused by a mutation of some sort as in the case of Africans and other black/brown skinned humans giving birth to white children. How often has anyone hear of a white pink skinned couples giving birth to black/brown children but there are many occasions where the opposite is true. I know this not sit well with the world view of most Europeans but those are the facts and this is not based on emotional lies of perceived dominance/superiority in race.

  4. Africa is still a very differce continent with wide color spectrum with different dark complexions shades. Chinese and other non-africans do descent from ‘black’ africanoids whom complexion changed due to enviremential adoption they experienced. The so_cauld brown australoids do resemble many african groups/tribes to this day, and do come from very dark skin complexion to a very brownish one.

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    My brother had a Puerto Rican and white girlfriend and she has two blond children, his son, and her daughter by another man. She is not blond. My brother was blond as a young boy but his son has remained blonde.

    Let’s assume my cousin in law found a mate who looked like her genetically, she was also born with straight hair and had straight hair as a child, the Asian looking biracial girl. If done correctly she could end up with Asian looking generations.

    So it takes some albinism, in my opinion, some factors involving climate, some variations in African hair texture which have always existed since the beginning of time, some inbreeding and genetic selection. One might understand why asians were genetically selected Wheh you look at my beautiful hair and then ask me how long it takes to detangle every day. They did not have all the conditioners back then, you might understand why Asian ppl were selected for a variety of reasons. No tribe would be able to survive with my hair care needs, if they were accounted for.

  6. Im hurt that even today im discriminated against because my dark skin. When everybody is basically the same ancestry.

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