The Ethiopian Roots of Armenia

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An Armenian Manuscript

An ancient Armenian Artwork

The Armenians and Ethiopians actually share DNA in large amounts. There are studies which prove there was a migration of Kushites into Eurasia and there were prehistoric back migrations from Asia into Africa.

“Notably, 62% of the Ethiopians fall in the first cluster, which encompasses the majority of the Jews, Norwegians and Armenians, indicating that placement of these individuals in a ‘Black’ cluster would be an inaccurate reflection of the genetic structure. Only 24% of the Ethiopians are placed in the cluster with the Bantu and most of the Afro-Caribbeans.”

(Passarino et al. 1998)

Armenians have also been known for at least 1000 years as the Amalekites of the bible which were present in North Africa and Southern Arabia and were said to have migrated north and settled in present day Armenia. The Armenian DNA Project found that we do in fact carry large amounts of Haplogroups J1 and J2 along with the R1B1A

Armenians and dark skinned north-Africans most likely birthed the entire middle east as we know it today.

“Henry Field suggested that Arabia’s current ethnography is the result of the mixing of two distinct basal stocks: The dolichocephalic (long-headed), dark-skinned Mediteranean/Eur-African and the brachycephalic (round-headed) fair-skinned Armenoid. See his “Ancient and Modern Inhabitants of Arabia,” The Open Court 46 (1932): 854 [art.=847-869]. See also Bertram Thomas, “Racial Origin of the Arabs,” in idem, The Arabs: The life-story of a People who have left their deep impress on the world (London: Thorton Butterworth Ltd., 1937) 353-359; C.G. Seligman, “The Physical Characters of the Arabs,” Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland 47 (1917): 214-237.”

The Amhara seem to be more connected to Armenians than the other racial groups in Ethiopia.

“There is a considerable mass of evidence to show that there was a very close resemblance between the proto-Egyptians and the Arabs before either became intermingled with Armenoid racial elements.” Elliot Smith p. 54 The Ancient Egyptians and the Origins of Civilization, p.61 2007, earliest publication 1923.”

There is even more on page 119 of this book

See Richard Pankhurst, Amernia Involvment in Ethiopian Asian Trade 16 – 18 century, cited by Sushil Chaudhury, “Armenians in Asian Trade in the Early Modern Era” Armenia and Ethiopia

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27 thoughts on “The Ethiopian Roots of Armenia”

  1. Eitophians and armenians share a lot of common STR s . They share a common DNA. Because of the migration to northward to so called armenia ( no landscape belongs to an ethnicity, that s why so called armenia belong to all human race not to armenians only) from today s Eitophia. The genetic science proved that armenians have African origin where they migrated northwards. Turks do exist in Chinese , Iranian and Indian historical records 5000 BC and Chechens are a native Caucassians which appears on Roman and Eastern Roman and Greek historical Records 3000 BC. Chechens are native Caucassians who exist in Caucassus mountains thousand of years before armenians came to Caucassus from Africa. Turks defeated the Eastern Roman legions on 1071 and hundreds years before that severek Turkic tribes lived raided and served as mercenaries in Anatolia such as Avars , Pechengs, Cumans. And most likely j2 Etruscans were proto Turks who colonized the Eagean shores of Anatolia as genetic tests showed there is a connection of Turks and Etrüscans. Turks were thousands years before in Anatolia and Chechens were thousands of years in Caucassus before armenians came from Eitophia.

    1. You turks are nomadic and adopted J2 only from native Armenians. Armenian Kingdoms of Aratta, Hayasa and Armani are recorded in prehistoric times long before Armenian Kingdom of Urartu (Ararat, Van). Sumerians, Hittite, Hurrians, Hattians, Minoans, Etruscans, Vannic people beling to Armenoid subtype and Tuscany (land of Etruscans) got big percentage of Armenian genes.

      Armenians are native to Armenian Highland as shown by genetics.

      Armenian Armenoids entered Ethiopia during Neolithic expansion, thus many Armenian toponyms, and clear Armenoid looks.

    2. It’s not “so-called” because Armenians made the Armenian Highlands their homeland for many thousands of years. Their ancestors settled there many thousands of years before the Crucifixion of Christ, and they enriched and improved the area with architecture, art, holy places, and walled cities.

      This commentator, Ron, was quick to describe Armenia as a “so-called” place, but he has no problems with the identity of Ethiopians, Turkic Tribes, and Chechens. I see him as pushing an agenda for Pan-Turkish ideologies.

  2. hello i must say the kushites come from Armenia. kush was the son of nimrod. nimrod kingdom was never in africa it was iran and iraq the Aramaic and arabic language come from Armenia. also nimrod son hunor is the ancestor of the hungerians. hamites are classified as caucasian not negro. peep this
    Menelik himself even stated that he was a ‘Caucasian’. This non-African identity was also stated by Haile Selassie.

    ‘I am not a Negro at all; I am a Caucasian’ the Emperor Menelik told the West Indian pan-Africanist Benito Sylvian who had come to Addis Ababa to solicit the Emperor’s leadership in a society for the ‘Amelioration of the Negro race.’ Haile Sellassie confirmed that view in a declaration to Chief H. O. Davis, a well known Nigerian nationalist, stating that the Ethiopians did not regard themselves as Africans, but as ‘a mixed Hamito-Semitic people

  3. First there were no ethnicities thousands years ago! So there could never be “armenians” either. (do not rely on internet) The word “armenian” or “armenia” never appeared in ANY historical documents before Mid. centuries (16th century), even then as a name of the province in Osman empire, and never as independent state. Even then they weren’t called armenians(as nation), only christian habitants of the province among muslims. Eventually by the order of Peter 1 (Russian emperor) were settled to Caucasus, on the lands of Azerbaijani Khanates (the proofs are available in known museums in Russia, France, USA and so on.., don’t search i-net, it’s non-reliable source for facts)
    That’s true armenians were nomads from Ethiopia, that’s explaining their alphabet, which they call “armenian”(identical to Ethiopian), also that is true as armenians claim that they were first proclaimed the Christianity. But in old times there were no ethnicities (as mentioned before), therefor those people who we call armenians(nowadays), then were called Christian nomads in Osman empire.
    So here is hypothesis: Not ALL Christians who moved from Ethiopia are armenians (the way it is used nowadays), however all armenians(nowadays) are ethnically (not skin color) from Ethiopian roots.

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