The Black (First) Europeans: African Slavs, African Celts – Edited by Ogu Eji Ofo Annu

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The Black (First) Europeans: African Slavs, African Celts

Compiled and Edited by Ogu Eji Ofo Annu

April 14, 2008

Reconstructing the phylogeny of African
mitochondrial DNA lineages in Slavs

To elucidate the origin of African-specific mtDNA lineages, revealed previously in Slavonic populations (at frequency of about 0.4%), we completely sequenced eight African genomes belonging to haplogroups L1b, L2a, L3b, L3d and M1 gathered from Russians, Czechs, Slovaks and Poles. Results of phylogeographic analysis suggest that at least part of the African mtDNA lineages found in Slavs (such as L1b, L3b1, L3d) appears to be of West African origin, testifying to an opportunity of their occurrence as a result of migrations to Eastern Europe through Iberia. However, a prehistoric introgression of African mtDNA lineages into Eastern Europe (approximately 10 000 years ago) seems to be probable only for Europeanspecific subclade L2a1a, defined by coding region mutations at positions 6722 and 12903 and detected in Czechs and Slovaks. Further studies of the nature of African admixture in gene pools of Europeans require the essential enlargement of databases of African complete mitochondrial genomes. See: Boris A Malyarchuk et. al “Reconstructing the phylogeny of African mitochondrial DNA lineages in Slavs,” European Journal of Human Genetics 9 April 2008;

Genetic Distance

However of all the non-African populations, Europeans are most closely related to Africans. As the genetic distance from Africa to Europe (16.6) is shorter than the genetic distance from Africa to East Asia (20.6) and even much shorter than the Genetic distance from Africa to Australia. Cavalli-Sforza proposes that the simplest explanation for this short genetic distance is that substantial gene exchange has taken place between the nearby continents. Cavalli-Sforza also proposes that both Asian and African populations contributed to the settlement of Europe which began 40 000 years ago. The overall contributions from Asia and Africa were estimated to be around two-thirds and one-third, respectively. Europe has a genetic variation in general of about a third of that of other continents. See:

Neolithic Farmers

It is a further surprise that the Epipalaeolithic Natufian of Israel from whom the Neolithic realm was assumed to arise has a clear link to Sub-Saharan Africa. … The data treated here support the idea that the Neolithic moved out of the Near East into the circum-Mediterranean areas and Europe by a process of demic diffusion but that subsequently the in situ residents of those areas, derived from the Late Pleistocene inhabitants, absorbed both the agricultural life way and the people who had brought it. See:


“In its former name, Csechkoslovakia, is preserved the racial roots, Slav. Two countries were formed from the breakup of that country: Slovakia, and the Csech Republic; it’s identity now lost in the new appelation.

But, both hide the more ancient and more original name of Csechkoslovakia which was Bohemia. Bohemia the name given the land by the incursive Germanic tribes who found African (by phenotype) Celts calling themselves the Boii. And, from that tribal name the land they lived on was called by the Germans, Bohemia.

In its original, earliest, and longest phase (Africans were there from paleolithic times), it was African. See Marc Washington: @;

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10 thoughts on “The Black (First) Europeans: African Slavs, African Celts – Edited by Ogu Eji Ofo Annu”

  1. Many will try to discredit this article, even I had my doubts until DNA and family tree. As a person from Saxony we noticed mixed West African genetics. Our tree shows our ancestors were marrying North-West Africans and settling in Bessarabia. On average they were having 16-21 children. These multiracial Celts were called Bessarabiens, Moravians, Franconians, Bohemians and East Germans, Ashkenazi Jews and Sudeten Jews . Today they are split into three groups Germans, West Coast California Afro-Americans and Mestizos are the Moravians and are one pedigree.
    For those that don’t believe, they have a problem because upper European governments have acknowledge this genetic finding to be the factual case in whole.
    They are not Africans, they are Afro-Moravians (Black Moravians) of the Pontic Steppes. They aren’t african, nor bi-racials, they are multiracials exactly the same as Afro American and Mestizos.

  2. My MDLP K16 results are:
    1. South East Asian @ 6.04%
    2. Australo_Melanesian @ 2.89%
    3. Western Hunter Gatherer @ 48.07%
    4. African @ 2.74%
    5. Paleosiberian @ 4.35%
    6. Basal @ 35.91%

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