The Black Caribs – By Augostino Brunia circa 1773

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May the blinds see.
May the mute speak.
May the fool be filled with comprehension.
– IronLion
black carib1

Black carib maroons 8

Black Carib Native_4

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6 thoughts on “The Black Caribs – By Augostino Brunia circa 1773”

  1. No need to say Black Caribs. Real Historians know the Caribs were Black and Indians were Tainos. Also, the art is an illustration from a white Artist perspective Agostino Brunias was not a Black man. We must be careful with the dissemination of the Non-Black perspective of History when trying to enlighten the Black perspective.

    1. Enlighten us Muur. We are willing to read and learn.

      Don’t just complain about the whitebwoy drawing.

      Tell us your own story. It is for you to tell your story.

      Where is your story? The world will listen if you tell it…

      1. If you are indeed willing to read and learn I would have already said enough to spark the research. There was no such complaint in my statement of a pure and conclusive fact. However, in your identification as such I am afraid you missed the point. I do not want us as ‘enlightened’ and ‘ educated’ members of the Black race to teach others using Non-Black literature or illustrations. That is defeating our purpose. My story is irrelevant here and furthermore this is not the place for such discourse.

        Each One Teach One.

  2. “…christopher colombus is a dumb blasted liar, now he is saying that he was the first one to discover Jamaica. What about the Irowokee Indians and a few black man who were down there BEFORE HIM… here come BLACK MAN WOMAN & CHILDREN… “Burning Spear.

    1. LOL, a few black men??? The negro are the Arawaks & Caribs….. The Arawaks were combined tribes. People need to stop these false indoctrination about we are African.

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