The third Chimurenga! The Aggression Against African Soil Must Cease! – by IronLion

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Libya was suddenly attacked on the birthday of the Roman Goddess of war Minerva, on March 19th 2011, by the ritual-addicted army of babylon shitstem. More than 45 innocent souls were killed. In ancient Rome, human blood sacrifice was usually made to this goddess, in a ritual of orgiastic blood-letting for the four days following her birthday annivessary.

They have begun their war ritual this year in Africa. But this time they are coming for the kill, as well as to steal Africa’s wealth.

Colonial war games!

Africa is not ready for re-colonialism anymore. Nor neo-colonialism too. Those are busted games.

Colonialism started with lust after Africa’s wealth (read: Libya’s oil) by barbaric European powers namely France, Britain, Italy, Spain, Portugal, with United States being the beneficiary.

Many times, the colonialists were invited by the colonised people themselves, usually one side asking for help, to aid it in fighting off another side. The two sides ended up getting colonised anyway.

That was the blue-print everywhere. Divide and rule.

Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Algeria, Morrocco, Egypt, all got colonised through divide and rule. One side of the family calls in the stranger to destroy the entire land.

No more!

That is why the attacks must be called off and the attackers back off. Africa has the moral authority to condemn and proscribe this aggression. It has exercised that moral authority.

African leaders have demanded a halt to this most recent violations. Libya is in Africa, and an African affair. The attacks must cease, or else, lightening, storm, earthquake and thunder will break apart the strenght of this latest conspiracy against Africans.

Moreover, this war is a lost cause for the aggressors. They cannot step on the soil of Africa. Yet, you cannot win a war by controlling the air alone. Africa is not Iraq or Afghanistan.

Sudan, Chad, Northern Nigeria, Niger, Mauritania, Mali, Algeria, will supply all the millions of men that Ghadafi and Libya need to fight this anti-colonialist battle. Millions and upon millions will be answering the call to arms. Call them mecenaries or liberation fighters or what you will, but be sure they will line up.

The arms and munitions are there already, and more will be procured by Ghadafi if necessary from the Eastern bloc, and the Asian nations; coming through the Atlantic coast then up the Sahara desert to Libya.

The American and European spoilt brats of today cannot fight in North Africa. Yesterday, when they were in their greater glory, they lost the colonial wars to Africans. Look at the story of Omar Muhktar of Libya. Look at the story of Amilcar Cabral Guineau Bissau and Cape Verde, Samora Machel of Mozambique; Do you remember the Mau-Mau uprising of Kenya? What about the Algerian war of independence? What about the heros of Angolan war of liberation? Do you forget the Mhadi rebellions of Sudan? Do you forget the glorious triumph of His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I over the Italians in 1941?

That was yesterday. This time Africans are better armed, better informed, and absolutely resolved not to give in to enslavement any more. This time the field is more level. This time, the street toughened and wisened African youths, will get an opportunity to test their battle skills and will-power against the rich softened, hedonistic spoilt youthful brats of the western world. It will be a no brainer. African boys are angry and strong. They will be the small axe to down the western beast.

Babylon is aware too, and wary. They know that to be real possibility. Like David and Goliath scenario. The aggressors themselves, they know they cannot fight the dreaded “Black African Army, Mecenaries, child soldiers, whatever”. Those boys from the Sahara are rude and fiesty. They are Babylon system’s biggest nightmare. Yet, for the millions of the rude boys of Africa and the Carribeans, their greatest dream is to break the European soldier on the battle field.

The brats of Europe know that, and they will run for their dear life to avoid a land battle in Africa. President Obama of United States already said it, no land battles.

Without a land battle in Libya, the New World Order cannot win against Ghadafi. If you cannot win a war, then don’t even start a war.

This aggression has no real aim or objective except for spitefulness. It is an empty show of ineffective power. Militarily it is hopeless.

The aggression will fail and fall into confusion. Africa demands it. Words, sound and power.

Watch more mystics and magical events unfold.


March 20 2011

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  1. Your info is spot on, Thanks
    Seems Russia knows their roots in this respect hmm?
    Obama’s position is very Interesting lol
    Ja Bless Our Mother Land!!!

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