The Africans of Philippines

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Lion! writes:

We have all heard how the Anus left Kush to spread out unto the ancient world and created the first universal civilization.

Those same Anus were the first builders of ancient Egypt and were the progenitors of the most famous and ancient of the Egyptians like Isis, Osiris, Imhotep , etc.

Arising from the Nile river valley, those Anus crossed over to the levant as the Natufians, and continued on to Andamans Island in India, Indonesia, New Guinea, Australia, Philipines, Cambodia, Vietnam.

Those that decipher the codes of the genes agree that there were several universe-encompassing movements by peoples from Africa.

Some say that those early Africans are no longer Africans by the dint of the passage of time. Yet those Anus still remain black skin, with curly to frizzy hair just like most Africans living on the continent, today.

They say their blackness no longer denotes that they were once African Anus, claiming instead that it indicates tropical adaptation.

As if all genetic evolution is not a result of adaptation. As if the melanine making gene and the curly hair no longer denote the consanguinity of black kindreds the world over.

They discount the fact that the African Anu had left Africa as a black man, with curly hair and doliocephalic skulls, and had continued on as such to this very day.

They say their genes have changed into Australasians, and “melajibberish”. Fancy words without meaning. Exposing the vacuity of its proponents.

We have had all sorts of racialist and racists sciences in the past. We have had racialist misinterpretations and distortions before. Yet, again, they will be unmasked in their newer forms and dimensions.

The pictures I present here today are culled from the BBC News site. Look with your own eyes and behold the ancient Africans of Philipines. Let the sensible sensate, let the sleeper sleep.

Lord knows that the leopard does not change its spots. And the Ethiopian will never change his skin.


The Lion!

PLS: Those black Philippinos are known as Agats. The Agats, (children of the Anus) are oppressed just like the black populations (children of the Anus) of the Americas and Africas.

According to Runoko Rashidi, “Black Untouchables of India,” pub. by Clarity Press; Author V.T. Rajshekar, R. Rashidi, Y.N. Kly; The Agta were a large population about the time that the first Spanish settlers arrived in the Philipines.

Today, the Agta live in Negros and the Northern Islands and are lesser in numbers, while the Malay Philipinoes dominate much of the region.

Today, Africa is under imperialistic domination, the Africa-Americans are fighting economic strangulation, and Egypt is the capital of the Arab league.

Yet what goes around, will come around. Surely!

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3 thoughts on “The Africans of Philippines”

  1. This proves we are the same people. Its in the name Negro, INdi means black. This is why India gets its name from the land of the blacks. Look at an old map of India and you will find the name Kush – India. Kush means black. This migration from Ancient Nubia or Egipt or Ethiopia to these regions were long before any Caucasians from the Caucus mountains were on the planet earth!!!!!!! Look it up!!!!!!!!

  2. J.A.Rogers documented these people before DNA testing which is used as a divisive tool yet all whites are never said to have little or no relationship to whites
    in general. I’ve seen Aeta as the name for the original Pinoy or Filipino people, so Agta is another name also.

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