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Origin of the Albinoid/Caucasoid Race of Europe

Black Sudanese


Albino Sudanese


The Hofmeyr Skull

In a report in today’s issue of the journal Science, a research team led by Frederick E. Grine of the State University of New York at Stony Brook concluded that the South African skull provided critical corroboration of the archaeological and genetic evidence indicating that humans in fully modern form originated in sub-Saharan Africa and migrated, almost unchanged, to populate Europe and Asia.

Dr. Grine and his colleagues said in an announcement by Stony Brook that the skull was the first fossil evidence “in agreement with the out-of-Africa theory, which predicts that humans like those that inhabited Eurasia should be found in sub-Saharan Africa around 36,000 years ago.”

Ted Goebel, an anthropologist at Texas A&M University who was not connected to the research, said the skull opened the way to important insights about “the missing years of modern humans.”

Writing in an accompanying commentary in the journal, Dr. Goebel said, “Here is the first skull of an adult modern human from sub-Saharan Africa that dates to the critical period, and one that can speak to the relationship of early moderns from Africa and Europe.”

The new findings pivoted on fixing the skull’s age. When it was uncovered in 1952 near the town of Hofmeyr, South Africa, the cranium was almost complete, but the bone was degraded. Not enough carbon remained for scientists at the time to extract a radiocarbon date.

Using new technology, Richard Bailey and other researchers at the University of Oxford measured the amount of radiation that had been absorbed by sand grains that had filled the braincase since its burial. They calculated the yearly rate at which radiation had collected in the sand and checked this with data from a CT scan of the bone. In this way, they determined that the Hofmeyr skull belonged to a human who lived 36,000 years ago, plus or minus 3,000 years.


Here is a monkey’s skull:


Here under is a set of human skulls:

Modern Caucasian skull has different nose bridge, different crown, different facial brow, different jaw bones than all the other skulls below, which appear more similar to each other:

Modern Caucasian – the outlier


Hofmeyr skull (South Africa)

Cro Magnon (Ancient European):


Modern Central African:


Modern East African


Notice the difference?

The modern Caucasian skeletal remains is relatively very new to Europe compared to the African skeletal remains.


The Africans built Europe in the pleistocene times, up to the neolithic times, right down to the iron ages. Afro-Europeans originally from East Africa and West Africa were still in Europe even at the time of the rennaissace, known then as Muurs/Moors. Some of them became depigmented, similar to the Sudanese boy in the picture above. Many cases of depigmentation were a result of mixing in with genes of Albinoid/Caucasians from central Asian steepes.

Added to millenia of disconnection from home, viola… today the modern European!

Point of correction: … some of them only, some of them, because, some modern Europeans still have roots yet to be explained.


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2 thoughts on “The African origin of the so-called Caucasians of Europe – IronLion”

  1. I have taken an mtDNA test and have been confirmed L3e2b. I decided to compare my mutations against the rCRS and found this through independent research:

    Basal lineages : In genetics a basal lineage is a genetic lineage that connects a variant allele (type) possessed by a more common ancestor that evolves into two descendant variants possessed by a branch ancestor. An example of a basal lineage is the lineage between mitochondrial ‘Eve’ and L0 or L1. Basal lineages may have types that are no longer represented in the extant population, only being defined by derivative types such as CRS for L1.

    A Suggested Genome for “Mitochondrial Eve”, Ian Logan ; . Abstract

    The “Out of Africa” theory has become widely accepted in the 20 years since the original work was done on 147 mitochondrial DNA samples. Now there are more than 3,700 genomes available for study. The human phylogenetic tree is now very complicated. But no sequence has so far been published that includes all the mutations that have arisen in the last 200,000 years. The present article describes 52 mutations that have occurred on the lineage of the Cambridge Reference Sequence (CRS), thereby suggesting a mitochondrial genome for “Mitochondrial Eve.” The two mutations: C16223T C12705T
    come between the “N” node and the “R” node (see Figure 1), effectively separating the major European haplogroups from the remainder of the tree.

    My study to ‘Track back’ these mutations:

    C16223T – L0b – 16223C, L0d1a – 16223C, L0k2 – 16223C, L1c1a1 – 16223C, L2d – 16223C, L3x2a – 16223C, L3e2b – 16223C, M1a3b – 16223C, M7c3 – 16223C, N21 – 16223C, Q1a – 16223C, R – 16223C, R2a – 16223C, U4a2b – 16223T, X2h – 16223C, D4c1a – 16223C, D4g2a1 – 16223C, D5c2 – 16223C, B5b1b – 16223T,

    C12705T – R- 12705C.

    The last five mutations that are encountered on this “walk” back to 60,000 years before the present are: G15301A T10873C A10398G T9540C A8701G and they come between the major forking to the Asian haplogroups and the “N” node. The presence of so many mutations in just this small area of the phylogenetic tree indicates a significant bottleneck in the spread of mankind and implies that the population at this period of time outside Africa was extremely low. Presumably, there were people living during this period who had some of these mutations, but not all five. However, none of their descendants have survived, except for that line having all five.

    I then did a track back of the five mutations to find the first ‘appearance’ in mtDNA L*:

    G15301A – L1c1d – 15301A, L2’3’4’6 – 15301A, N – 15301G, B4b1a2a – 15301A.
    T10873C – L3* – 10873 (, N – 10873T.
    A10398G – L1c1a1 – 10398A, L3e1a3 – 10398A, N – 10398A, N1a’e’I – 10398G, P4 – 10398G, R11 – 10398G, R21 – 10398G, Se – 10398G, K1 – 10398G, Y – 10398G, J – 10398G, J1c8 – 10398A, B4c1c – 10398G, B5 – 10398G.
    T9540C – N – 9540T. (CRS : 9540T.)
    A8701G – L3e1c – 8701A, N – 8701A, N21 – 8701G, R0a2e – 8701G, U5b3e – 8701G, D4g1 – 8701A.
    If 10873 defines L3, then the actual haplogroup is L1(xL2x-L3). It seems a CRS could have been constructed based on these mutations in mtDNA L3, allowing for the independent mutation 9540C which does not match the current CRS value (9540T).

    The only haplogroup that has all of five of the mutations is N*: 8701A, 9540T, 10398A, 10873T, 15301G, and when compared to the current CRS: 8701A, 9540T, 10398A, 15301G is a perfect fit. Of course the major issue is this daughter (N) has not yet left Africa.

    In other words, is this the equivalent of ‘African-Eve L*’ being called ‘European H2a2a” ?
    I ask because my knowledge about ancestry is the ability to track back to ‘African-Eve’ and then to the common ancestor. If the rCRS is ‘European-Caucasian’ then why do nearly all of the defining mutations track back to a seemingly ‘African-European’?

  2. In fact the modern Africans are the more *different* than Hofmeyer than modern or prehistoric sapiens Europeans (read more about the study and the authors will stress that it is more similar to Eurasians of the same time than to contemporary Khoe-sans or other contemporary Africans).

    Afrocentrism is just a “bizarro world nordicism”, and it’s just as ridiculous. On one hand there are nordicists saying that nordics are amazing and the sole responsibles for every major accomplishment of the human species, that the other races/varietis only stole from them, and in the other hand there are the afro-supremacists saying just the same, just replacing nordics by some amorphous, barely defined Africans. I don’t know what I find more funny, if it’s the nordicist’s notions of being descended from angels, atlanteans and whatnot, or the afro-supremacists phony photoshop forgeries of just darkening the skin of statues and portraits of non-black/not-so-much-black people in some sort of inverted one-drop-rule.

    On the biological side, the funniest from each side were the notions that white people “evolved from albinos” (which is only a display of ignorance of the genetics of color pigmentation and albinism), and a notion I saw once of “scary Black dominant genes”, which don’t follow Mendel laws at all, but sort of “eat” poor white genes somehow.

    Nordicism/white-supremacy is just laughable, depicable, and disgusting. Afrocentrism/supremacy is somewhat more sad than disgusting, as it’s a poor reaction against societal racism. Unfortunately, a totally misguided reaction that only hurts Black people, not only both sorts of racial pride are irrational rationalizations to cope with a inner low self-esteem, but the “remedy” just buys the same dumb logic of racism, that is, that people can only feel good with themselves if their “racial lineages” were responsible for huge historical accomplishments. As if someone had to be ashamed of having only hunther-gatherer or farmer ancestors, peasants, not royalty. It’s simply not healthy to have a self-esteem founded on lies and fantasies, and it’s not needed if one sees that the racist/supremacist thinking is fallacious to begin with.

    Fortunately Obama is helping to change it for better, with the “Obama effect”, making Black people not fall victim of the thinking that the success of them as individuals is somehow dependant of their historical success as a make-believe group/race.

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