The African Roots of The Celtish Clans # 1 – The Black Kings of Scotland

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King Kenneth Dubh – Black King of Scotland

Black Scott Sculpture - Scotland
Black Scott Sculpture - Scotland

A curious aspect of the early history of Scotland concerns various stories around Kenneth. King Kenneth was also known as ‘Kenneth the Niger’ or Kenneth Dubh, a surname which means ‘the black man’.

It is a matter of history that many seafaring warriors were North African, travelled via Iberia into Europe, and joined in many cultures and held power and position. Niger Val Dubh lived and reigned over certain black divisions in Scotland, and some histories state that a race known as ‘the sons of the blacks’ succeeded him. (e.g. see JA Rogers, Sex and Race).

Kenneth III was king of Scotland from 997 to 1005. He was the son of King Dubh (Dub mac Mail Choluim – 962-967), fourth cousin of the previous king Constantine III, and first cousin of his successor Malcolm II. Kenneth was the last king of Scotland to succeed to the throne through the tanistry system, whereby the succession was shared between two family lines and the dying king named his successor from the other family line. This system led to constant struggle between the ruling families and was abandoned. Kenneth and his son Giric were both killed at Monzievaird, Tayside in 1005.

His first cousin Malcolm succeeded him and abolished the tanistry system by killing all of his male descendants. However Kenneth had a granddaughter, Gruoch, via his daughter Boite, whose first husband was Gillacomgain. They had a son called Lulach. She then married King Macbeth I of Scotland (becoming Lady Macbeth). On the death of Macbeth her son via her first marriage, Kenneth III’s great grandson, succeeded to the throne, to become King Lulach of Scotland. According to this history, the blood of Kenneth flows through the royal houses of Scotland.

This story captures a curious fact about the Gaels from Gallicia – some were dark and have left many traces in Irish, Welsh and Scots clans.

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59 thoughts on “The African Roots of The Celtish Clans # 1 – The Black Kings of Scotland”

  1. JFC guys. I’m a white Celt and if a PoC is a Celt by ancestor then they are our brotheren too by blood no less.

    PoC might have been rare in the culture (because the furthest we traveled after we settled was to gaul), but that means nothing if a PoC traveled to us.

    So calm down, jeeze. They have ever right to their heritage as we do.

  2. We’ve had our culture hidden, belittled and STOLEN by ‘them’ and when there is even the slightest suggestion that we may be a ‘little’ part of ‘them’, ‘they’ go on the defensive..I have this often during conversation..

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    1. Hi Fed up with Cultists
      After the death of Queen Elizabeth the First, King James became the first over England, Great Britain, France and Ireland from 1603 – 1625. He was the son of Lord Darnley and Mary Queen of Scotts who was the daughter of King Henry the 8th. Queen Mary was also sister to Queen Elizabeth, having different mothers. They were black Celtic, Anglo Saxon, and Israelite Jews.

      You may find this hard to believe, but Black Jews took over Europe from the Roman Empire beginning in 193 AD., under a black Jew Roman General Septimius Serverus. In 330 AD the black emperor Constantine moved the capital from Rome to today’s Turkey and called it Constantinople. He establish the Holy Bible as laws in the empire over the pagan roman laws (Acts 2:5-11, Proverbs 8:15-21)

      In 1453 AD descendants of white Romans in the Caucasus Mountains converted to Islam and conquered Constantinople and surrounding lands controlled by Black Christians Jews. These were the Turks and other Caucasians took over Rome and Spain in the 13th and the 14th century (Hosea 4:8) from the 5th to the 15th century AD. This period was called the Middle Ages, Dark Ages, medieval Times or the Byzantine Empire. (Rev 20:1 Colos 3:11)

      Fake Caucasians Popes ordered artist like Davinchi and Michelangelo to deface all the Black Art Icons that they could. Then they were ordered to repaint Jesus and the Israelites Saints as Caucasians instead of Negroid. This was called the renaissance era, REBIRTH. They renovated Europe from Black to White (job 9:24)

      Black Israelites fled with many Scrolls and Icons to England under the protection of King James the 1st. In 1607 AD the Holy Spirit moved King James to nominate 47 learnt men and 12 final advisors to produce the 1611 Bible with the Apocrypha. These Israelites or Jews were the best Hebrew and Greek translators of the time. The Almighty Yahawah saw 2000 years into the future and caused the 1611 bible to be preserved in English above all others knowing this world be the top language of the rich and poor today. This move offset the lying revisions of the Romans Catholic Church to destroy the Bible and cut Israel off from being restored as a nation in these latter days (psalms 83:1-5 Rev 3:3-7)
      This is history. Do not be afraid to embrace your true ancestry.
      King James I by His contemporaries
      1991 World Almanac Priors Books
      Nature knows no color line by J A Rogers

      1. Hi Fed up with Cultists,

        I am sorry I forgot the main details. King James I, was of African descent a Black man. Do the Research.

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