The African inventors of the game of Chess

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Nefertari, an Egyptian princess playing chess – North Africa before BC…

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2 thoughts on “The African inventors of the game of Chess”

  1. Rimshot!

    Another trace to BLACK AFRIKA of genius.

    Muslims like to claim that they brought chess to the world. Well they got it here in Afrika. So much claimed yet Afrika never acknowledged unless grudgingly.

  2. Hausa call this kind of game “Da-RA”. It is an ancient custom.
    Hausa people In the AZNA area practice quite all what was done in ancient Egypt: traditional boxing, wrestling, the TarKama(finding a culprit by holding a sacrified animal across the town), Arwa ( prediction of the future in hausa)= Harwa (priest diviner in ancient egyptian), rainmaking, Collier de chevrons etc. le chiffre quatre(4): Hudu in hausa= fudu in ancient egyptian.
    People of Gobir, a hausa ethnic group, which dynasty is at the 360th kings claim the foundind of Massar( Cairo) and Surukal a town in Egypt. They than left Egypt and crossed the Sahara where they found Birnin Bagazam( see Mount Bagzam), Birnin Agadès in the Aïr, Marandet which was an important intellectual center……
    Nota Bene: African alphabets specially Hausa is very complex We have to rethink hieroglyph alphabet phonetics.

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