The Abyssinian Guards versus the Swiss Guards

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Jim Hercules, an Abyssinian Guard of the Russian Orthodox Church

The Abyssinian Guards were elite Ethiopian soldiers deployed to guard the Emperor of Russia. They had been part of the Russian Orthodox Church and its Royal family since the time of Peter the Great, perhaps even beyond then.

Recall that the bond of the Orthodox church linked Ethiopia, and Russia as well as Georgia and Armenia, Greece, Anatolia, and Egypt.

Ethiopia occupied a unique position. The Ethiopians were the traditional defenders of the faith because they had the oldest Christian monarchy (i.e. executive arm) of all the Eastern Orthodox countries.

Ethiopian priests were also sent all over the world to officiate at the orthodox Christian churches because it was understood that Ethiopia was the corner stone of the church.

The tradition of Royal Guards is still continued today in the fact that the Pope and Emperor of Rome (Catholic Church) has a Swiss Guard. The Swiss Guard was until lately when a token bow is made to multiculturalism, a pink white only affair. You had to be blue eyed and blonde to be a Swiss Guard. The Swiss Guard was the striking arm of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Orthodox eastern Church on the other hand is a Black Church establishment. All its Saints and Icons are mostly black even today. They have many Black Popes, too.

And in Russia, the Northernmost flung section of the Orthodox Church, its monarchy was basically an extension of the Church clergy.

The Black Church, agenda:

And thus the Emperor of Russia came to be protected by a detachment of the Ethiopian Guards. All Moors and Black Skin.

The Moorish Ethiopian Guard was also the striking arm of the Russian Emperor. Together with the Moorish Ethiopian Corsairs.

There were two requirements. All Guards had to be Christian. All Guards hd to be Ethiopians or Moors. And all had to be immensely tall imposing men.

Their uniforms was unique – coats of black wool embroidered with double eagles in gold thread over short white jackets and waistcoats of crimson; wide scarlet wool trousers and pointed boots with red or white turbans or fez.

“Tall, splendidly built, they stood immobile as if cast in bronze” quipped Prince Christopher of Greece.

The Communists:

This was until communism came and wipe out the history of Russia Royalty, together with its Black roots and traditions.

Jim Hercules whose picture is set above as an example of the Ethiopian Guards had his unit disbanded and banded by the communist government.

All traces of him got lost in the maelstrom unleashed by the communist who took over imperial Russia, like a hysterical bunch of mobs and destroyed or mutilated all historical legacies and connections, including the central role of Ethiopia, Africa and the Muurs in the historical development of Russia.

An unnamed Swiss Guard of the Roman Catholic Church

Oguejiofo Annu

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