South/South Cooperation: Jamaica Wants More Nigerian Experts

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Jamaica wants more Nigerian TAC volunteers

From Oghogho Obayuwana, Abuja

JAMAICAN government at the weekend declared that it would not mind having more of Nigerian volunteers under the aegis of the Technical Aids Corps (TAC)
While receiving 26 TAC nurses for the 2006/2008 biennium lately, the Jamaican Health Minister, Horace Dalley, said Nigeria was kind in the spirit of a rekindled southern hemisphere co-operation by helping to address the current shortage of nurses in Jamaican hospitals.

Agency reports, which described Dalley as “beaming with excitement” over the arrival of the Nigerian volunteers, singled out the government of Nigeria for high praise for what he described as “its consistent commitment to assisting Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) nations”.

Dalley reiterated his government’s determination to address the current shortage of nurses in hospitals by training more nurses with the assistance of Nigeria through the TAC scheme.

The Jamaican health minister disclosed that Nigerian TAC nurses, who have joined their colleagues earlier deployed to that nation’s health institutions, would enhance immunisation activities, accidents, surgical services, as well as community healthcare in the regions outside Kingston.

Also, a statement at the close of last week by TAC information chief, Mr. Hastings Ojeme, quoted the Nigerian High Commissioner to Jamaica, Mrs. M. O. Akintola’s, remarks which restated the Federal Government’s commitment to the TAC programme.

The envoy charged the Nigerian volunteers to “work with diligence, painstaking dedication and patriotism in all the duties assigned throughout your stay in Jamaica”.

Stressing that Nigeria considers Jamaicans as African brothers and sisters in the Diaspora who deserve any level of assistance from Nigeria, the envoy solicited greater co-operation from the Jamaican government to make the TAC scheme in that country a huge success.

Chief Executive Officer of TAC, Ambassador Mamman Daura, had during an orientation programme held for the volunteers in Owerri earlier in the year, hinted of more requests from the receiving nations of Nigerian expertise owing to the recent reform of the modus operandi of the programme.
Nigerian Guardian Newspapers: Dec 11, 2006
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