Slavery has become the fruits of the Egyptian Revolution – By Oguejiofo Annu

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Finance Minister Samir Radwan said on Sunday Egypt was about to conclude a $3 billion standby financing arrangement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) but was still working out some of the terms.

He said the funds would be disbursed quarterly under a 12-month agreement, but that Egypt was asking that a large portion of the funds be delivered early.

“We are asking that an important part of it be loaded up front,” Radwan said by telephone.

Egypt was also discussing interest rates and the repayment period of the borrowed funds, he added….



Slavery has become the fruit of the Egyptian Revolution – Oguejiofo Annu:

They now have seen the fruits of this strange Arab Spring. Facism has taken deeper roots in the land.

While they chant “revolution and democracy”, they are busy bargaining the price on which they will sell out their people. For thirty pieces of silver, some demagogue military brass, some decadent diplomatic corps, some self-serving elites will sell out the bulk of their peoples aspirations and future.

Egypt has been sold to the IMF. The new “revolutionary” Egyptian government is negotiating the price they will put on the head of each of their people. Thereafter they will become serfs, and slaves of the Queen of England, and her European cousins, disguised as the IMF.

For $3 billion dollars, they have sold out the people of Egypt. For three billion dollars, General Mubarak was pushed out, and Egyptian treasury is now handed over to the IMF.

The IMF is the super fund set up by the victorious European monarchies, and oligarchies just after the second world war, to order and direct the world’s financial system.

The IMF is a racist organization. It is explicitly stated in the charter of the IMF that only an European could be its Director. Why would a global financial governing system be always directed by some European? The same Europeans that colonized the world’s merchantile, naval, commercial, and industrial system through unfair and devious means!

The IMF watches over the financial and commercial dominance established by the royal houses of Europe over the rest of the world in the late 19th, and most of the 20th century.

Here is how it works: the IMF gets money from “God knows where” (European oligarchic lenders and funds acting for the Queen of England and her “royal” family), and then loans it to a target nation, under impossible and unachievable “conditionalities”. More loans follow shortly under the guise of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), all from the same sources, under more sever conditions.

Thereafter, the nation be beholden to collectors. The government will use the taxes obtained from its people and corporations to repay these “loans”. All the nations productive capacities will be directed at repaying these loans many of which have compound interest rates. The economy will become a sphere for the practice of neo-conservative liberal market theories. Miseries, closed schools, hospitals without drugs, foreign investments draining the countries resources and capacities, no more focus on our own needs.

Sadly, most of the loaned money will be wasted on expensive military equipment or maintenance services, sourced from the same countries lending the loans… or another form of mindless wastefulness. The bottom line is the money given is not used for any development of the economy. The government will have no funds to invest for future development, since it has to scrap and scrounge to pay its loans.

The economic space will be cramped and suffocated with IMF conditions, manipulations, and more economic games. The target country becomes prostrated completely before IMF and its neo-conservative liberal market therories.

You then get a vicious cycle of poverty, alienation, factory jobs, social assistance, desolate concrete city jungles and ghettos, unemployment, crimes and police, TV, Hollywood, pharmaceuticals and glossy racy thrasy magazines. Aha, yes there will be junk food, Macdonalds and coke, genetically modified animals and human beings, racist/ethnic tensions, and lots of suicides.

You will also get your share of the wars and the war debts, as the nation gets sucked into wastful spending on imperial facistic private wars, aimed at making the richer richer, and keeping the rest of us indebted and paying national debts with our taxes, and levies, and interest rates.

The old idea was to keep the sheeple under control in their pastures, and fleece them. Distract them with sick food and entertainment, and dangerous doctors when they get sick. Keep their numbers low with wars and diseases and miseries. That way they can be controlled.

It is slavery, people, this ain’t no gaddam revolution! Wake up sheeple, wake up and live! Life is your right!

Oguejiofo Annu

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