Saint Sarah – Black European Goddess/Saint of Wisdom

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One of our people who received the first Revelation was Sara the Kali. She was of noble birth and was chief of her tribe on the banks of the Rhône (in Germany). She knew the secrets that had been transmitted to her…

The Rom at that period practiced a polytheistic religion, and once a year they took out on their shoulders the statue of Ishtari (Astarte) and went into the sea to receive benediction there.

One day Sara had visions which informed her that the Saints who had been present at the death of Jesus would come, and that she must help them. Sara saw them arrive in a boat. The sea was rough, and the boat threatened to founder. Mary Salome threw her cloak on the waves and, using it as a raft, Sarah floated towards the Saints and helped them reach land…

See Franz de Ville, “Traditions of the Roma in Belgium”.

Saint Sarah, also known as Sara-la-Kali (“Sara the Black”, Romani: Sara e Kali), is the patron saint of the Roma (Gypsy) people of Europe. The center of her veneration is Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, a place of pilgrimage for Roma in the Camargue, in southern France.

Who have eyes should see! The Ancientness of Black Royalty and Divinity in Europe confirmed again and again.

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7 thoughts on “Saint Sarah – Black European Goddess/Saint of Wisdom”

  1. This is a little misleading. Sarah was not European at all. She is said to be Egyptian. The servant of one of the Three Marys.


  2. She appears first in a book in the 1500s. Her skin color is not identified there. The account you have here is from a book written in the 1950s, a much more recent ‘version’ of this story. I am Rromani, and it is most widely accepted that this woman was African (Egyptian..upper Egyptian) and not European at all.

  3. Kali is the ancient black goddess of India. Gypsies in Europe have their roots in India. Sometimes separating Egyptian and Indian Gods is not possible. They have lots of similarities in gods and worships. In fact, before Christianity and Islam, the world had very similarity in what they believed and worshiped.
    Indian religions believe in two vital components of the world. Shiva and Shakti. Shiva is Man, the creator and Shakti is the women. Shakti is the energy which flows among all of us. Goddess women has many forms. Kali is one among but most powerful.

  4. Sarah according to the da Vinci code was the daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene… Mary Magdalene escape to Egypt few days after the crucification and resurrection of Christ in fear of persecution from the killers of the father of her unborn child Christ…she escaped with the help of her uncle Joseph of Arimatia

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