Relinked: The Story of the Moors in Europe – by Iroabuchi

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Edited March 12th. 2009

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The Moors, anglocised for Omoros (omo oro) meaning ‘children of light’ and not ‘light children’ can be translated as ’sons of civilization’. They collonized Europe and helped to bring modern civilization to them. They dominated Europe for 400 years.

The Moors were originally Africans, and they first arrived in Europe, in Andalusa Spain in 711. Andalusia means ’year of Musa’ a terrible year were Musa lost so much of his warriors. But they persisted and from then on, they conquerd the whole of Spain, and forced part of Italy in subjugation. These Balck Moors ruled Spain for 300 initial years and then spurn into Europe, sujecting much of Europe for altogether 700 years.

The best known books of these people who Shakespeare alliterated in his plays; Othello, Corielanus, As you like it, etc, are found mainly in German. The English either abrogated their version or simply extricated the books, but the Moors who ruled Europe from Spain, ruled England as well and offered Jews their necessary protection until their civil war between Moors of Arab descendency and the African Moors.

The devastating nature of the war weakened a tribe called Beni M-eri (check out the name) one of the Major Moorish tribes to the point that they fell prey to the resurgent Christian collision led by Isabel and Ferdinand and Pope Benedit the Sixth. The coalition was Italian, French, Spain and some of the European Christian country.

The terms of surrender in 1485 did not suit and when they surrended Alhambra (check out the name) they began to depart from Spain. The size of thier history in Europe is so staggering that it is understandable why Europe chose to avoid it completely. Europe didn’t archive much outside the impact of the Moors. The civilization called Europe, its stockmarket and culture of precision is merely a left over of these Moors.

We are talking about a civilisation that controlled the Red sea and the sorrounding Mediterranean, including West Africa were their monopoly of Gold possibly came from. It is now known that the Gold Coast which is mostly Ghana is a country existing in Moorish maps at least before 1300. The Spaniards who eventually went to the West Africa were primarily looking for the Gold Coast.

The book to read to begin to wet your appetite is Stanley Lane Poole’s “story of the Moors in Spain”. I prefer the one with statue of the 14th century Black Benin or Yoruba looking Moghul. The real Morghuls who Henry the v111 of England copied in his portrait with gokg chain around his neck is not ‘Akbar the great’ and his indian cohorts rather the Moors.

The real Morghuls were the Gold dealers of Spain, the Moors who draped themselves with Gold which was seriously in short supply in Europe. They returned to West and North Africa in great numbers after thier defeat, where they collapsed as a people and were never heard off again.

Spainish history recorded that over 500 thousand of these people left Spain by boat with a space of half a century beginning from about 1450, and then 400 thousand after 1492. Today, that record is mistaken as a record of slave trade given the number of records availbale for Carracks travelling from Spain to West Africa.

The question to hang on to is why would Spain permit the landing of 500 thousand Africans at the same time that Spanish Christains and thier royalty were asking 150 thousand Jews to leave Spain. The black Muslim population of Spain were close to Imillion and the Caribean Island was hardly taken by Spain until late 17 century. The best books about the Moors are also available in French and other languages of Europe saving English.

Nigerians, Africans to mention should seriously scrap thier education or at least change completely to find how well duped they are. Ask Obama where he draw his strenght to believe in the power of the Americans.

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