Rastaman watching the fighting among the rats who hate the Muurs – By Lion!

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Lest we forget, that in August 2010, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was in Europe selling the blood, future, reputation and dignity of the true Muurs of the African continent, the true blood, the true juice. According to this BBC report which incidentally is factual and confirmed by our own sources:

“Back in August 2010, when Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was still being feted across Europe – his eccentricities tolerated, his dictatorship ignored – the Libyan leader warned that Europe would have to pay Libya 5bn euros ($7bn, £4.3bn) a year to stem the tide of illegal immigrants, and avoid Europe “turning black”.

“We don’t know what will happen,” said the brother leader, clearly warming to his role as Europe’s saviour.

“What will be the reaction of the white and Christian Europeans faced with this influx of starving and ignorant Africans?”

Of course, back then the Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini promised to discuss this inspired solution at a Europe-Africa summit in Col Gaddafi’s Tripoli….” See BBC News @ BBC Report

What it shows us is that the rats who have been eating down black people are now fighting over the spoils of their robbery. They are confounded, and confused. Lost in their cupidity and lust.

In the meantime, the flood of so-called illegal immigrants reaching Europe from Africa is the Wahabi-Turki Arabs, rather than any Muurish (so-called Black) Africans or Muurish Arabs.

According to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM): “Until recently, the flow to Europe was overwhelmingly Tunisian and there were no departures by sea from Libya…. [now] a total of 12,360 people on 35 vessels have arrived in Lampedusa and Malta from Libya,” said the IOM’s spokesman, Jean Philippe Chauzy.

French police were reported to be running out of handcuffs because of the sheer number of Tunisian illegal immigrants being arrested on French soil.

The Schengen treaty that guarantees freedom of movement among EU citizens and residents is under review just by the sheer pressure of the thousands of newly arriving Wahabi Tunisians, Wahabi Libyans, and their cousins the Turkic and Franco-Italian seeds.

Those new so-called illegals are now mostly so-called half whites, and off-white refugees. Not the so-called BLACKS! Wahabi Arabs and Italo-French decendants of colonials, are fleeing Africa and making a bee line for Europe. The judgement of those who took over Northern Africa, the Wahabis-Arabs and the sons of the Gotha-Slava Europeans has come.

As for “Dear Brotherly” Leader Gaddafi, Jah will judge him, for better or for worse. But rest assured, that the blood shed in Africa will cry out against the hands that spilled it.

As for Babylon, aka NATO, Babylon will fall! Jah know, Babylon will fall and crumble! And Africa the home of the Muurs, the Ethiopians, the Kemitians and the Canaanites shall be free again. Soon, in this generation!

We are in the second half of 2011, and counting… welcome to Armageddeon.

Prophesy will come to pass. Word, sound and power!

By The Lion!

June 4, 2011

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2 thoughts on “Rastaman watching the fighting among the rats who hate the Muurs – By Lion!”

  1. I have watched the activities in Libya with stunned disbelief.

    Not because such a thing has not happened before but just the sheer cartoon-like operation of it all.

    There is a sense of confusion in Babylon/NATO that is fascinating in historical terms. For this is exactly how systems/empires crumble: Decay/disintegration….confusion.

    Anyways, I agree with you Rasta about this generation of I and I.

    An implosion is on the offing in Babylon, the confusion is palpable everywhere one turns:

    a) Their god is dead (After their philosopher Nietze gave voice to this in the 19th C, it has now come to frutiton) Spiritual stagnation, confusion and/or death.

    b) Their economy is dying. Need I say more?

    c) Their culture is decaying. After years of easy arrogance, mindless consumption and intellectual deciets, even they are acknowledging that ROOTS MAN KNEW THINGS ABOUT ENVIRONMENT

    d) Depression & misery everywhere in babylon.

    The only problem is many Afrikans are caught up in this mess due to ignorance or rejection of true history.

    Its time for MAAT (Truth, Justice, Righteousness & Balance ) to become our Conciusness again.

    We reject neo-liberalism, capitalism, socialism, communism.It is time to stand up and think for ourselves again!

    Without no seeking of validation from our oppressors

    .Have they not proved their (murderous)incompetence by polluting our food chains with hormones/chemicals/rendering most adults unable to earn a decent living/selling murder tools for profit etc

    What further proof are we waiting for to start us up to BRILLIANCE AGAIN?

    Afrikan Spirituality (BLACK GOD) practicing Communalism (Based on Reciprocity-fair exchange of products & talents) based on science & technology

    Nothing for free/parasitic-predator gambler economics.

    What were they thinking? You build a house on sand, expect destruction. Period.

    Jah Bless All

  2. Some facts to consider: When the whole of Africa was using european sattelite who was the one leader who came woth the idea to by africa’s own satellite, who put the bulk of the money for Africa to by its own satellite? The price of the satellite was 500€ ,Gadaffi put 300,the rest,of the African Nations, 52 nations, put the remaing 200€.Is that not a shame that someone else (you call him Bedouin and other names) must open our african eyes for us to be totally independent from our former oppressor?Who is again and again calling for a United States of Africa? Who was pledging for the African countries to be paid in gold for their raw materials?None of the other leaders stood up and do more for the continent then Gaddafi. Who supported the liberation movements ithrough out Africa the most(besides Cuba)? What we are doing is a bunch of talk how we must be conscious and other nice poems,but when it comes to action we are nowhere to be found.Wasn’t Gaddafi the one who was pleeding for an African Notional Bank so that Africa don’t have to hnd their hand out begging Europeans for money all the time.Where are your socalled true African Leaders?Except H.I.M. Robert Magabe of course,all of of them just cowards.

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