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Rastafarians win suit allowing them to bare dreadlocks at work

A group of Rastafarians who work as public safety officers in Manhattan don’t need to hide their dreadlocks under their uniform caps anymore.

The Grand Central Partnership, which protects the area near the Grand Central Terminal, settled a federal lawsuit Friday that accused it of forcing the men to painfully tuck in their long hair and suspending them for allegedly violating a grooming policy.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said that the organization has begun allowing the men to wear their hair in neat ponytails.

The nonprofit agreed to revise its policies and pay the men $40,000 under the terms of the settlement. It said in a statement that it has long given reasonable religious accommodation to its employees upon request. …


Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2009/08/08/2009-08-08_rastafarians_win_suit_allowing_them_to_bare_dreadlocks_at_work.html#ixzz0PEeNHrHs

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