Racist ashke-Nazi (Convert) Jews from Central and Eastern Europe attack the true African Hebrew Israelites in Israel

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From: RT

Thousands of Israelis, including high-profile politicians, attended an anti-African demonstration in Tel Aviv. The rally turned violent, with attacks on Africans and grocery shop windows being smashed.

The gathering, which took place in Tel Aviv’s Hatikva neighborhood, targeted the influx of African asylum seekers and was organized by Michael Ben Ari, a Knesset member from the National Union party, along with far-right activists Itamar Ben-Guir and Baruch Marzel, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports.

Many protesters also blamed the government, and Benjamin Netanyahu specifically, for inaction.

But the rally was also attended by politicians from the ruling Likud party, including Knesset members Miri Regev and Danny Danon. While Regev described asylum seekers as a “cancer in our body,” Danon said the “infiltrators” had to be immediately expelled from Israel.

“We should not be afraid to say the words ‘expulsion now,’” Danon was reported as saying.

The crowd carried signs proclaiming messages such as “This is not Africa” and “Stop talking, start expelling.”

But as the sun set the rally turned violent, with demonstrators attacking at least a dozen African men and women who were unfortunate enough to be near the scene. They also smashed the shop front of a grocery store that served the migrant workers, subsequently looting it.

Demonstrators also broke the window of a cab driven by a suspected African migrant worker. A bonfire was also lit up in the street. Seventeen people were reportedly arrested.

The rage of those who attended the rally seems to reflect a growing intolerance of the incoming African asylum seekers and migrant workers, even among those in the highest ranks of power.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his ministers that the phenomenon of “illegal work infiltrators” was “very grave,” and that it “threatened the social fabric of society,” Israel’s national security and national identity. He also warned that unless action is taken, the migrants could “inundate” the country and “cancel out its image as a Jewish and democratic state.”
Netanyahu’s words were strongly supported by Interior Minister Eli Yishai, who called for the deportation of asylum seekers.

Thousands of migrants from Eritrea and South Sudan came to Israel, saying they wanted to escape the poverty and political instability at home. Most of them are headed for Europe, but are unable to use their traditional path through Libya because of the ongoing post-civil war strife in the country. Once in Israel, they are looked after by local NGOs and the UN High Commission for Refugees. Most of them settle in Tel Aviv.

The government has been trying to deport refugees from South Sudan back to their homeland, but the motion was halted by the Jerusalem District Court. The court issued a temporary order prohibiting the deportation until it rules on a petition filed by five human rights organization against the state’s decision to deport the immigrants, arguing that their lives may be endangered if they return home.

Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein is set to appear before the court next week to argue that there is no legal obstacle to the expulsion, as individual checks will show that none of the immigrants face any threats to their lives back South Sudan.

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3 thoughts on “Racist ashke-Nazi (Convert) Jews from Central and Eastern Europe attack the true African Hebrew Israelites in Israel”

  1. Ironic since Judaism,Christianity, & Islam have formative roots in Ancient Khemet or
    Egypt that these caucasoids masquerading as Jews are full of extreme ignorance & hatred but also they hate Ethiopian & other African-Black Jews also.This display isn’t surprising but sad and disturbing.

  2. It is also a frightening and violent reality check for those Afrikans still steeped into the superstition that Israel/Jerusalem is “The holy land”.

    That those who dwell there are the “chosen people’ of Yahweh and so forth.

    Such Afrikans may even have soil samples from Jerusalem in their houses from which they believe blessings radiate!

    These misguided Israeli citizens should remember that nobody leaves their home as a refugee on just a whim. Everybody has a right to survive on this earth.

    This shameful display of rabid xenophobia in Israel is too chock full of rich irony to enumerate.All one needs to do is to browse through Rastalivewire on aspects of the history of the “middle east” to get insight. The self-righteousness of imperialist hypocrites is truly astounding that much I concede.

    The contradictions in Israel will continue to unravel interesting outcomes. One thing is for sure: The fable that white jesus will swoop down from on high to jerusalem and right things up one of these days IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.EVER……….

    We Afrikans need to get back to our true selves.

    Little by little. And Quickly.

    In this life. In this time. On this earth.

  3. The beast has begun to bare its teeth and the time of “Jacob’s trouble” is very close at hand. How many observers saw the ritualistic conception, birth and baptism of the son of perdition in the Sydney, Beijing and London olympics? How many noted that the logo London 2012 is hidden-in-plain-view zion?

    For the true believers, the seed of Abraham, and the remnants of Mitsraim scattered among the Kushites all over Africa and all over the world, it is time to move toward the perfection of our faith. Many of us will be purified as of by fire, to get rid of the dross.
    Our Redeedmer lives! And Yahushua will come soon. Then our heritage that the gentile Ashkenazi and house of Edom have appropriated to themselves shall be restored. Then we will build houses and live in them, and plant vineyards and partake of the juice. Then no one will trouble or oppress us evermore. THEN the oppresing armies of the synagogue of satan (zionists+vatican+US/UN/EU) shall be no more and the remnant of their princes shall come and serve those whom they have evilly entreated.

    Israel was deposed and exiled into slavery by the Most High YAH for the disobedience of our fathers. As for Egypt, Yah said in Eze 29:12, “And I shall scatter the Misrites among the nations, and I shall disperse them throughout the lands”.

    But if the dedscendants shall return to our Elohim in truth and with all our hearts shall love Him,THEN Israel shall be saved and regathered from all the nations among which they have been scattered , and after the restoration of the true descendants of the Mitsrites into their lands, IsaYah 19:18-24″…in that day five cities in the land of Misrayim (Egypt) shall speak the language of Canaan (?Hebrew) and swear by YAHOWAH OF HOSTS, one shall be called the City of Righteosness (some mistranslated the hebrew ha-zedek[righteousness]/greek cheres[sun] as greek heres[destruction]).
    In that day an altar to YHWH shall be in the midst of the land of Mitsraim, and a standing column to YHWH at its border. And it shall be for a sign and for a witness to YHWH of Hosts in the land of Mitsraim. When they cry to YHWH because of the oppressors, HE sends them a Saviour and an Elohim, and shall deliver them.
    And YHWH shall be known to Mitsraim, and the Mitsrites shall know YHWH in that day, and make slaughtering and meal offering, and shall make a vow to YHWH and shall pay it.
    And YHWH shall smite Mitsraim, smite it and heal it. And they shall turn to YHWH, and He shall hear them and heal them.
    In that day there shall be a highway from Mitsraim to Ashshur, and Ashshur shall come into Mitsraim and Mitsraim into Ashshur, and Mitsraim shall serve with Ashshur.
    In that day YIsrael shall be one of three with Mitsraim and Ashshur, even a blessing in the midst of the earth, whom YHWH OF HOSTS shall bless, saying, “Blessed is Mitsraim My people, and Ashshur the work of My hands, and Yisrael my inheritance”.

    As for the remnants of the Kushites, “In that time a present shall be brought to YHWH OF HOSTS from a people tall and smooth-skinned, and from a people awesome from their beginning onward – a nation mighty and trampling, whose land the rivers have divided – to the place of YHWH OF HOSTS, to Mount Tsiyon” IsaYah 18:7

    Folks we cannot defeat this evil monstrousity by our own puny power, but great and marvelous are the promises of Almighty Yah to the oppressed black people the world over. So we need to imbibe YAHUSHUA, eat HIS flesh and drink His blood (believe in His Name and obey His commandments and statutes and laws). Then shall we be confident that “…greater is HE that is in us than he that is in the world”.


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