Portraits of Famous Black Romans – presented by Oguejiofo Annu

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Seeing is believing:

The Senator

Aquarius the water bearer

The Moorish Pilot


Sexual prowess and manliness

The Hunter

The Fisherman

Paquius Proculus and his wife Art of Pompeii

dioscorides-de-samos-wise-woman-and-her-patients-from-the-villa-cicero-pompeii-circa-100-bc Black Wise Woman of Rome

Jason and Pelias, from the House of Jason, or of the Fatal Loves, Pompeii, 1st Century AD Jason

Pygmies Hunting, from the “Casa Del Dottore” from Pompeii, circa 50-79 AD Roman pygmies of pompeii

Satyr and Maenad, Detail from a Wall Painting in Pompeii, 1st Century BC satyr


Candida Martinelli’s Italophile Site

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  1. The Ancient Roman and Italian people were black people connected to the West African people. Black outside Africa mixed with other people who are variation of the black race and their descendant look like Caucasian, Asian and Latin American who are subset of the black race.

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