Original Black Africans Of Saudi Arabia

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Dance South of KSA

Saudi Wedding South

Wedding – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dance of South Saudi

Saudi Ardh (Folklore Dancing)

Another Dance

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3 thoughts on “Original Black Africans Of Saudi Arabia”

  1. The “Black African Dancing Stylee”is noticeable in these vids.There are sculptures in the Arabian(African-Arabian)penisula that resemble Olmec scultures of Mexico but smaller.
    Before whites moved into the penisula which was virtually all Black-African before. One of those fundamentailst “white” wahabbist inams was ridiculed for public dancing in Saudi Arabia.

  2. Wow Jahdey glad to see you found these other Saudi sites!. Now I’m starting to wonder whether what my friend recently told me about the Arabian peninsula still being mostly black is true. And I discovered through research recently the fair skinned ruling classes of the Persian Gulf are actually not as Arab as we might be led to believe. They are descendants of the Syrian and Iraqis who mixed with original Tayyi and Murad or Amurat Arabs who settled in Syria and Mesopotamia over a thousand years ago and only emigrated to the Gulf states in the last few hundred years. It is the Maddhij Arab of the time of Mohammed that said a fair skinned Arab is inconceivable. Maddhij in Arab genealogy is the brother of Tayy who also lived in Yemen. The black and white video is from Jizan in southwestern Saudi in the Asir region but just north of Yemen in what was once known as the southern part of Hejaz. i wish i knew where the other Saudi videos were made and will see if I can find out because some of the other ones I think must be of the Dawasir in Central Arabia.. It is also interesting that in the second video from the top they are still dressed like Tigrai and other Ethiopian and Eritrean people.

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