Oregano and Clove Oil kill Ebola

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Oregano and Clove Oil kill Ebola

Clove oil and oregano oil are very strong anti-viral essential oils. Stock up on these in case you become infected.

Oregano and clove are too caustic to drink straight but you can rub them directly into the bottom of your feet to absorb into the bloodstream.

Remember to eat some yorgurth or some acidophilus because those two agents neutralize both good and bad bacteria in your body.

Rebalance once you get your health back.

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6 thoughts on “Oregano and Clove Oil kill Ebola”

  1. It is a false assumption that Oregano oil kills good bacteria. Oregano oil does kill pathogens but it feeds beneficial bacteria.

    Try this simple experiment to confirm for yourself the amazing intelligence of Oregano oil to discern between harmful and beneficial micro organisms.

    While making yogurt at home, place ten drops, (that’s a lot of oregano oil!), into an eight ounce cup of milk and yogurt cultures while making up the rest of your yogurt batch as usual.

    If oregano oil kills all organisms, including the beneficial ones, then the yogurt cultures will die and the milk will just be milk but if the oregano oil is discerning, then the cultures will thrive and you will have oregano flavored yogurt.

    Not only are you going to enjoy a delicious savory yogurt but that oregano oil infused yogurt is going to far outlast the other yogurt batch because the oregano oil is going to continue to feed and preserve the good yogurt cultures while destroying any pathogens that would typically spoil the yogurt. I left my oregano oil infused yogurt in the fridge for month and it was as tasty after one month as it was the day I made it.

  2. Oregano Oil has save my life several times. Within 30 minutes after taking a few drops in water, bacterial infections and virus subside. The next day, I’m back to normal, just weakened from the ordeal. I keep several bottles on hand at all times, and always travel with it. The medical industry is saying this is “witch” medicine and doesn’t work. Get it now before they ban it. Better yet, be careful who you vote for. CONservatives are for the corporations and wealthy who want to keep us dependent on their products that are full of chemicals and kill us.

    Many thanks for this information.

    1. You couldn’t be more wrong re who to vote for- CONSERVATIVES are for a FREE MARKET and freedom- they are NOT for big government (ie the FDA) which would shut down essential oil sales in a HEARTBEAT if they could.

      Every single person I know who believes in and promotes NATURAL HEALING are CONSERVATIVES who believe in FREEDOM.

      1. Thank you Deanna!
        Truer words were never spoken! You are exactly right in all that you replied to Marion. Bless her heart; with the exception of all that she said about oregano oil, she has it all exactly backwards. She must be listening to only liberal news stations. Maybe, before the election, she will begin listening to news stations which are fair and balanced – like Fox News.

        1. Logical as them son of makers of virus they don’t want people find remedies.. your place number to hell chooseen before your birth a formality for u civilised people. . You blessed just believe my last word blessed and put my first sentences in the unconscious part of your brain where sense sensibility and compassion sleep.peace will be applied to you nice ones.

  3. Don’t trust the ebola vaccines!!! google 7 million tulane univ who was doing research on vaccines in sierra leon at the hospital where ground zero of last ebola outbreak. It’s a depopulation scam dreampt up by soros

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