Notes On Rescue -by- Numo Nagamma

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Further thoughts on what shortys 12-13 need to know


When members of a group whether armed force, tribe, family, company or sport’s team etc. get kidnapped their people usually do everything in their power to rescue them. To set them free….to get them back. To REDEEM them. It’s their responsibility and duty.

It has been documented that people who are kidnapped are often prone to something now called Stockholm syndrome (google it).

This means they eventually start to strongly identify with their kidnappers. Especially the way the kidnappers think and what they believe. They develop a strong attachment and even love of their jailers….a real bond.

If this identification runs deep enough identity replacement can occur. The victims may take on whole new identities. They may change their names….or religious and philosophical beliefs. They begin to see themselves in the same way as the kidnappers see them. They may even come to love their kidnappers more than themselves. They may even enage in abnormally uncharacteristic acts on behalf of their captors.

Otherwise mild mannered law abiding people can become bank robbers, or asassins; even attack their own families, become prostitutes etc. to gain the acceptance and respect of their captors. Also even when chances might occur for them to escape they may choose not to take the opportunity

Also how about:


When a child is abandoned or given up for adoption, they may not realize it for a long time or even fool themselves it is otherwise despite obvious evidence. However once they realize they have been adopted and the people who they are living with are not their real family they usually become obsessed with finding their real parents. Every scrap of information holds out hope to them of one day reuniting with their birth parents.

Meantime They feel incomplete. Lacking in roots. They do not know their family history. Neither its strengths or weaknesses. There is a great void in their life that somehow they can’t seem to fill.

Usually they are unable to articulate any of this.

A number of these individuals tend to enagage in aggressive acts. They are usually abusive to their guardians or adoptive parents and others and also tend to engage in self destructive behaviour, e.g. drug and alcohol abuse, early sexual activity, promiscuity, etc.

They usually harbour feelings of anger towards their real parents for having given them up for adoption. They want to know why the parents did not do more to keep hold of them. Sometimes they being to feel guilty that they themselves may have been the cause. It negatively affects their self esteem.

They take all of this out on other people and themselves. They find it difficult to form lasting commited relationships This situation can continue until they are once again united with their real family. They then tend to feel once again that they are complete people.

Most importantly, they get a chance to confront their parents to find out from them where they come from and why their parents gave them away. This allows the healing to take place. They can then get on with their lives, develop their potential, build a future for themselves.


Rape is another traumatic event with long lasting consequences in someone’s life People who are raped like people who have been robbed feel quite violated

People who have been raped feel dirty. Worthless. They usually blame themselves and not their attackers. They feel unloved and incapable of loving others or themselves. If rape occurs when they are young they may even become self destructive ..the usual… substance abuse, promiscuity, inability to commit to relationships, become prostitutes bad parents,etc. they may even become rapists themselves.

All of which leads to :


For all its plus factors Hip hop at the end of the day is just another form of ‘the blues.’ A creative response to a totally creepy crappy reality.

Another example of letting off of steam.

It may seem to be laudably proactive but in the end it is essentially responsive….

An attempt to make the best of a bad situation.

An attempt to regain a sense of self worth from a position of perceived powerlessness and pain.

It is a ‘roots’ phenomenon’ it relies on ‘cultural roots’ for its creative style, energy, structure and form.

Hip hop falls into the resistance and redemption side of the historical equation and uses roots to complete the calculation.

From the resistance and redemption standpoint it relies on the FU factor.

Somebody say you aint nobody. Hip hop say FU I AM somebody.

Somebody say you are not needed anymore, you no good, you got nothing to offer. you doomed. Hip hop say FU I got roots to offer and I gon use the little roots culture I still got to get the lot of material culture I need and want. I am far from doomed, if you think I am done I just ah come.

Somebody say youall aint got no literature, you aint got poetry you cant write lyrics you illterate Hip hop say FU all I GOT is lyrics. All i got is poetry. In fact I got poetry and literature coming out of my kazoo. Whatsmore I can make it up on the fly. I do poetry like you do breathing. I got a whole lotta flow and lyrics to go.

Somebody say to make music you got to have melody. Hip hop say FU I dont need no melody, no instruments no nutthin.. the voice is the ultimate instrument and pattern IS the root of melody… without pulse and patterns all you got is formless sound.

Somebody say all youall have is a primitive instinct for rhythm, you are high-techology challenged.

Hiphop say FU this is one of the most technologically innovative musical forms there is. Hiphop was the first completely digital musical form, hiphop wrote the book on digital sampling, hiphop turned turtables and computers into musical instruments,

Somebody say your life is not newsworthy. Hip hop say FU with that not newsworthy BS. My life is so newsworthy I’m gon package it and sell it back to you…. and a whole lotta other people…all around the world.

Somebody say you don’t have any natural entreprenurial skills
Hip hop say FU I a born hustler, trading is in my blood, I will start with music and go on to create business options in whatever area I choose furthermore dont fuck with my hustle and dont block my flow.

Somebody say you cant have any piece of this pie. Hip hop say FU I gon bake my own damn pie and come get me some of yours too.

Somebody say all youall is po’ assed people. Hiphop say FU I aint po’ I got cash money to burn: None of yall suckers can have bling or pimped up rides like me.

Somebody say all you have is wild style, if you want to be somebody you have to become like me.

Hiphop say FU we dont got to become like you. your shit is weak. Wordup this is how we do it, this is how WE roll. We aint gonna change our shit just because you say so. We dont gots to be like you you gots to be like US.

Hip hop is an attempt at redemption and redefinition of a fractured collective self.

Hip hop is a beaten down victim’s attempt to get up and bravely strike a warrior pose.

Hiphop is a window on an ignored and closed off world

Hiphop allows people who otherwise do not have any voice… to have one.

Hiphop is a mirror. With accompanying video it allows people to see themselves where otherwise they would have no other opportunity except on the six oclock news crime file.

Hiphop culture allows people to act out their wealth fantasies within a familiar cultural framework

Hiphop is the attempt to present a shameless face in an otherwise shameful situation

But hip hop is firmly rooted in the maroon tradition of escape and
resistance .

Hip hop is the last smouldering glow of once brightly burning ancestral creative fire and like any glowing ember, when given the proper fuel the flames can leap again.

Hip hop as music is only temporary, something else will come along to replace it. The real story is that hiphop is much more a culture than it is music. Another product of the diaspora that like the blues is much more influenced and informed by post middle passage sentiments and present day realities than by anything that may have occured before.

After all where in a relentlessly self absorbed, navel gazing, faddish, modernist,superficial 20 second sound bite governed environment can anyone find any information on anything that may have happened before… even in that very same environment much less on other parts of this or any other planet for that matter.

Which hints at the issue of ancestry.


No sane family member wishes to see a member of their family fail. No sane mother or grandmother or father or grandfather parent wishes to see their child fail. They may be disappointed and call them dumbass or failures but that’s because they are usually angry with them at the moment for whatever reason…maybe for being slackers…. but in the end they want the best for them.

Grandparents usually like to pass on the knowledge they have to their grandchildren.

Grandparents don’t like to see their grandchildren making the same mistakes that they or their own children may have made.

Grandparents like to tell their grandchildren stories about the old days and about their achievements and discoveries.

Grandparents do not like to be ignored or forgotten by their grandchildren.

Grandparents die and go on to become ancestors. Their preoccupations, fears hopes dreams towards their descendants do not weaken. They still want their stories told and are always trying to find ways and people to do it.


People like to see themselves and hear themselves and read about themselves. People are always waving into TV cameras on the street

People who get cameras tend to take a lot of pictures of themselves and their families and friends and their houses and cars and boats and bicycles and cottages and their, spouses and children and love interests and their pets. And the places they visit..with themseves in the picture of course. Then they frame them and put them all over the hosue so they can see them every day.

People like to hear themselves. Like to hear themselves talk, or sing, at family gatherings or in Karaoke bars. People make long speeches become the center of attention At public events and weddings, kids always take up unattended and unguarded microphones and begin to make a ruckus with themselves. People call in radio talk shows to make themselves heard and let everyone hear their opinions. People need to see and hear themselves. They also like to see and hear people who look like themselves doing things they would like to do.

It is at the root of the success of things like Idol, Youtube, reality TV, radio phone ins, Audience participation talk shows, beauty pageants, sports events.

People like success stories involving people like themselves who may have overcome odds or done great things they could see themselves doing. They are an inspiration they become role models even substitutes for their own inadequacies. It is at the root of the popularity of rags to riches stories and movie and music stars and sports stars. It underpins the sales of billions of dollars worth of records and movie tickets and jerseys with peoples names on them.


Ruthless people are usually always out to make a buck or gain more power at the expense of the weak. They are always on the lookout for victims. They prey upon the emotionally weak and vulnerable. They prey on the ignorant.

They prey upon people who do not know who they really are or where they are going. They prey upon people who are looking for love and acceptance. Theyprey upon people who have been cut off from their families. These are the kind of folks who tend to hang around bus stations waiting for runaways.

The last thing they need is people who are empowered and know who they are. Heck then there goes their meal ticket.

They especially prey on people who like to PRAY and that’s a whole lotta folks and a whole other story.

These people are usually trying to use prayer to ease the pain in their lives caused by one or other of the above mentioned traumas…. instead of trying to get to the root of what is causing the pain. i.e the rape and the kidnapping and the lack of family origin info…

So there is a lotta bucks to be had right there for the ruthless,,because the pain never goes away…and the ruthless will do everything to make sure that the pain stays….and they the victims continue asking useless questions like Why don’t you love me, what have I ever done to you can’t you see I love you in spite of all you done to me ..just like my momma says Geeezuz says I should. Why can’t they just love me, why kaint we all just get along.

Ancestor turn round and answer hey you…… They aint never gonna love you f***head. You been raped, kidnapped, orphaned, abandoned and put up for adoption mofo..what’s to love about that. Get over it already

Here log on to this URL and find out who you really are ..who your grandpappys and mammaz wuz .what they did ..where you come from and what you really are supposed to be. Get some skills and start developing your true potential ….dumb ass. And you know I mean that in a good way.

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  1. cant go anywhere without direction, cant find direction without knowing your bearing where you are, where your coming from then you can decide where you want to go. Another point well made!

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