Northern Lights

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Northern Lights – Jide Uwechia

Northern lights…the shimmering waves and swirls of luminesence, caused by charged particles colliding in the earth’s atmosphere. They are usually observed from either of the two polar regions, i.e. north and south pole. If earth is viewed as an electro-magnetic system then these two poles are comparable to the two extermities of a battery cell.

Energy radiates from within and without and creates sparks of new realities and new divinities that are born into the earth in due course of time.

The aurora borealis – or Northern Lights – most often occurs from September to October and from March to April and is visible in the northern hemisphere.

Its southern counterpart, the aurora australis – Latin for South – is visible from Antarctica, South America and Australasia.

These phenomena occur when the female energy of the earth atmosphere flows outward to conjugate with the energy of the sun which flows from the disk towards the atmosphere.

In scientific jargon the phenomena is described as follows: “Both are caused by an interaction between the Earth’s magnetic field and solar wind. Charged particles from the magnetosphere, mostly electrons, collide with atoms and molecules from the upper atmosphere at altitudes of 50 miles, causing the eerie light.”

Upon conjugation, the ecstatic joy of the unification of godly energies gives birth to brilliant and joyful show of lights. It is a conception, gestation and production in mili-seconds. The swirling mystical heavenly lights that manifest, are the product of the unity of the heavens and the earth.

Realities and divinites are born from that interaction. They are clothed in bodies of swirling lights, to reach the earth in due course, in their appointed time to do according to their destiny. The whole earth sees them, marvels and calls them “aurora borealis” or “aurora australis” respectively.

The auroras have a beautiful glow. Know that surely we are not alone.

In the material scientific world, one hears all types of lame and lifeless explanation for the birth of the heavenly lights. The following is a classical example of scientific misdescription :

“Collisions in the atmosphere cause the electrons to take quantum leaps, converting their energy into a visible light. The luminous waves are usually red or green, created from atomic oxygen, but nitrogen can cause pink or blue auroras and helium gives off a purple glow. Neon is responsible for the rare orange flares.”

For those with eyes and mind, the manifestation of a true natural mystical phenomenon cannot be missed. The Cree people of Canada call this phenomenon the “Dance of the Spirits.”

Aurorae can be spotted throughout the world. However the chance of spotting one increases with proximity to the magnetic centers of the earth, at the north and the south pole respectively due to the longer periods of darkness and the magnetic field.

Mystic practitioners know that the magnetic energies of the earth are strongest closer to the North pole. All magnetic fields can generate electric when exposed to the right kind of vibrational force. Electricity is life according to the wise ones.

It is the electricity that flows throughout the body that keeps it alive, and warm. The same electricity that works the brain and the heart. When it leaves, life is said to depart. The same electricity one observes at work in the display of the Northern and Southern lights.

So at the earth’s magnetic poles, electrical forces are released outward to meet and conjugate with “charged solar particules” also known as solar electricity, flowing inward from the sun.

Up there over the North pole or the South pole, the two vortex of energy dance. The two spirits twist a tango of love. When they climax, they light up the skies.

Benjamin Franklin the late American statesman was mystified by the “mystery of the Northern Lights.” He speculated that the shifting lights occurred due to a concentration of electrical charges in the polar regions intensified by the snow and other moisture.

If you have eyes you will see.


Jide Uwechia
July 11, 2009


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