Nehesy: The whites who were slaves Pt 4

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Brother Terrel Ali,

The Spaniards organised a white slave trade in the West Indies it is well known, it was specially women and they were called “Esclavas Blancas o Esclavas cristianas” in english ” White Women Slaves” or ” White Women Christian Slaves” . At that time there were asientos or contracts to deport these white slaves in the new world like they did later for Africans later.

Picture from a museum in Puerto Rico:

Spanish scholars of the medieval slave trade usually say that these white slaves were in majority white moors from Barbary, however it is a huge lie because many scholars ( Charles Verlinden is the main contributor to this truth) have shown that Spanish slave traders (Catalans) organised a white slave trade in Spain before the Spaniards discovered the new world. These slaves were Slavic people, Greeks, Sardinians, circassians and other white slaves from the black sea area.

It’s also true that white berbers where deported as slaves in the Spanish colonies some of them bore the name : Almanzor, Fatima, Achmet etc ( see Franco Alfonso Silva)

There were also many white slaves lived in Spain , and have been mentioned by José Antonio Saco or Franco Alfonso Silva and many others

Before the Moors came in Spain in 711, Spain was a slave society with a huge slave population ( 100 % natives) at least similar to ancient Roma ( according to the scholar Pierre Bonnassie). As a reminder the scholars evaluate the slave population in ancient roma between 1 and 3 million slaves.

Nine Years before the Moors came, the Visigoth king of spain edicted a low to catch the slave runaways in spain, the problem of white maroons was so high that any poor man in spain could be beaten and tortured until he acknowledges that he was a slave or not (see Pierre Bonnassie).

In 770, a slave revolt broke out in the Asturias and the slaves were also white folks. All of this to highlight that Spaniards had slavery in their DNA code…

The Spanish king allowed the introduction of white slaves in the West indies as soon as 1512

In July 1534 a cedula allowed to Rodrigo Contreras , a governor of Nicaragua , to introduce white slaves. Fernando Pizzaro introduced 4 white women slaves in Perou for his brother the famous Francisco Pizzaro. The yougest of these white slaves had 10 years old. Inés de la Casas , sister of law of Bartholomé de las casas has also a white slave in Mexico or New Spain

Many of these white female slaves have been deported to Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo, for breeding purpose mainly ( The Spanish king did not want the Spanish conquistadores to mix up with the Indians) but also for prostitution.

The sellers of these white slaves were Spaniards of course but also also other nations like the Germans who lived in Sevilla (one of the most important slave center in Europe with Lagos and Lisboa in Portugal).

This enslavement of white slaves in the Spanish colonies continued until the 17th century and disappeared only because white slavery was abandoned in Europe around the 17th century (not totally though) and the rapacious slave traders found a new fountain in Africa. In Cuba , you could find white slaves (greeks) at least in the 18th century.

The Mexican scholar Gonzalo Aguirre Beltran gives also some example of Greeks slave in Mexico.

The first slaves to be deported in the Spanish West Indies before the Africans were deported , (and after the Spanish started using the Native Indian as slaves). Bartholomé Las Casas recommended the use of White & Black slaves instead of the Indians

A. Some books where you could find the existence of white slaves in the Spanish Americas and West Indies.

1. Georges Scelle : La Traite Négrière aux Indes de Castille Contrats et Traites D’Assiento, Volume 1

2. José Antonio Saco : Historia De La Esclavitud De La Raza Africana En El Nuevo Mundo Y En Especial En Los Paises Américo-Hispanos

3. Gonzalo Aguirre Beltran : La Poblacion Negra de Mexico

4.Michael Angelo Gomez : Black Crescent

5.Luis Diaz Soler : Historia de la esclavitud negra en Puerto Rico

6.Rollando Mellafe : Negro slavery in Latin America

7.Fernando Ortiz : Los Negros Esclavos

In general any good book about the slavery in the Spanish Americas / West Indies will tell you about these white slaves.

B. For White Slaves in Spain before the discovering of the New World

1.Alfonso Franco Silva : La Esclavitud en Andalucia 1450-1150

2.Alfonso Franco Silva : Esclavitud en Sevilla y su tierra a fines de la Edad media

3. Edouard Biot : De l’abolition de l’esclavage ancien en occident

4. José Antonio Saco : Historia De La Esclavitud Desde Los Tiempos Mas Remotos Hasta Nuestros Dias, Volume 3

5. Pierre Bonnassie : From Slavery to Feudalism in South-Western Europe

An interest PHD Thesis :

Bro as I always say, they already applied (and mastered) for centuries to their own folks (white slaves) what they did to us for 4 centuries

Peace – Salam

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14 thoughts on “Nehesy: The whites who were slaves Pt 4”

  1. I think most people tend to forget how the Northern whites helped free the slaves of the south. Most of which were owned NY Jews and Spaniards!

    1. Just the same as six million so call Jews holocaust in Nazi Germany whereas the Encyclopedia Britannica at the same times stated that there were only 3.4 million so call Jews in the world, so you might as well educate me on the type of abracadabra Hitler used to manufacture the remainder, I mean 2.6 million

  2. Also, Africa sold their own people and still do.
    Not to mention that millions of whites , still today, protest alongside blacks to stop discrimination. Please stop blaming all whites. Especially the Slavs who had nothing to do with American slavery.
    Yes, they did, at one time have slaves. Only for retribution to the Muslims who owned Slavic slaves and tortured them beyond belief!

    1. Africans sold their own people another white lie, and another history written by the whiteman . Edomites are very good in chipping in stuffs to cause division amongst our people to help them continue with their divide and rule scheme. When we discover that King James IV was a black man they (white people) started their smear campaign that he was a homosexual. If you really care you should be worried about black people still represented as 3/5 person in your American constitution. The problem lies with the same black person who is listening to what the white man has to say instead of doing his own research. How many professors of history in west Africa can boast of independent source of materials in their history books. None. They all copied from doctored white sources. The stupid rhetoric that Africans sold their own people is simply a calculated scheme to create divisions among our people. You can fool some people some time but you cannot fool all the people all the time

      1. It is sad that many things have been historically distorted and many lies have been told.
        However, the truth is that we did sell our brothers and sisters into slavery.
        I am a black west African and we do have a history of having sold our people to white slavers.
        Personally, my family (unfortunately) still has the relics of this time, (chains etc..) when we were actively involved in the slave trade as slavers.
        The stories that have been passed on tell us that the people enslaved were not even prisoners of war but mostly those seen as ‘troublesome’ .
        It is sad but true.

    2. @Denise

      Right on again. The short-lived slavery that the Moors experienced in America was a sort of soft payback for the vile slavery of the whites by them, which happened first, was worse, and lasted significantly longer.

  3. Anthony Johnson the pioneer of American Slavery was the first to own black slaves and he was a black man.

    Also there was as many if not more Irish slaves than there was Black slaves and the Irish was the first ones. One thing the rich Irish sold the poor Irish into slavery…men, women and children. I have articles on both of this.

    1. Anthony ” Angola” (later Johnson) , came first as a slave into the new world. A war captive of the slave catching enterprise planned by the Portuguese in Angola (see Charles Ralph Boxer).

      On their way to the new world this slave boat was captured by North Americans Pirates. This is how he ended up in America as a war captive.

      Later on, he was an Indentured Servant. And after his freedom, owned white (4) and black (1) indentured servants.

      His black indentured servant (John Casor) was sentenced o lifetime servitude (as an indentured servant, as it was also the case for many white indentured servants as described in Abbott Emerson Smith and Richard Brandon Morris books), after he engaged (indentured) himself with another master.

      Anthony Johnson when to court to nullify this new contract between John Casor and Robert Parker. This is how John Casor get a lifetime penalty in servitude as an indentured servant.

      Unfortunately Anthony Johnson’s story is often understood wrongfully and feeds the mythology about “Blacks” on “Blacks” slavery.

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