Narmerthoth Speaks: Why Assimilation is a Dangerous Agenda

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Dearly Beloved

You must understand the brutal history of the United States is due to the severe mental illness infecting the Babylonian Albinos from Albion, Europe (e.g. English invaders) who came to the country.

After murdering millions of people, men, women, and even children and babies in the most brutal ways imaginable, none of these psychos have ever seen criminal prosecution for genocide, nor have they received any form of psychiatric help for their psychotic anti-social murderous ways.

Being barbarians, even after building up tremendous wealth, they still have received no treatment and they pass their insanity down genetically. At this stage their insanity has evolved into a form of natural sadism inherent to their basic psychological makeup.

They feed these sadistic urges legally through their placing their most insane members in positions of authority (Police, FBI, Judges, Lawyers, politicians) who feed their need to murder through the criminal system, the military complex, and economic isolating future victims having them suffer to feed their needs.

Look at the most popular movies from Hollywood. They are ALL based on extreme violence, bloodshed, murder, and crime.

Listen to the hard rock and heavy metal that speaks to them. It is basically hard, harsh brutal noise glorifying death and destruction.

Now they have replaced it with Gangsta Rap.
Look at the video game industry and the best selling games. They are ALL about mindless violence.

Every Science fiction movie showing the future is about war, destruction, and murder, sometimes on a Galactic level.

These are all reflective of the Babylonian Albino mind.

They cannot think in a sane manner which would for example use these mediums for positive progression. They are always stuck on murder, death, and violence.

Notice Babylonian Albinos are cutting every social program available, but not touch the military budget although they possess more weapons then they will ever require.

What we have are native peoples being held captive by psychotic maniacs, who also happen to make and enforce their psychotic laws.

Assimilation with Babylonian Albinos means to become and embrace the insanity that makes up their world-view.


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4 thoughts on “Narmerthoth Speaks: Why Assimilation is a Dangerous Agenda”

  1. Violence, murder, rape, satanic bloodfest are today normalised on TV and internet. Through computer games, youth are getting disensitized from healthy abhorrence of violence. Adults are overworked, indebted and jaded, ready to fall onto the couch in front of the TV and watch inane, violent nonsense. No wonder outrage against real murder taking place all over the world no longer touches people.

    Something really sick is going on. Me, I watch Afrikan and non-european stuff. Not that all of it is sane-but there is still alot of humanity there….

  2. Sometimes its just best to turn off everything. YOU CAN STILL CONTROL YOUR ENVIRONMENT.

    All of that stuff they shovel at us is just illusion from delusional minds. Meditate over it and find yourself ALWAYS THERE (HERE): A ROOTED AFRIKAN ON MISSION.

    We are the FLESH OF THE SUN! Thats who we are.

    Not troglodyte degenerate with zero (relativistic) morals.

  3. Do you know who owns Hollywood?
    Mostly Jews who happen to be olive skin.
    Please stop stereotyping all white Europeans.
    Slavic people had nothing to do with black slavery. Something America fails to teach in History books. We are caught in the middle of this racism, white, conspiracy theory.
    Look to England and Spain who had their first white slaves and black slaves.
    Later on they mixed white with blacks, purposefully. Why? The blacks were much stronger. They had white slaves who were much cheaper to buy. So they
    sold off whites to mainly breed with blacks to get a better pedigree of slaves!

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