Mystical Signs in African Skies: The Skies of Kano

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Cloud causes panic in Kano

Written by Jaafar Jaafar, Kano
Saturday, 10 May 2008

Mixed feelings of surprise and confusion yesterday pervaded Kano metropolis as people gathered to peek at uneven strands of cloud that appeared in the sky, forming a strong likeness of the name of Allah and Prophet Muhammad in Arabic.

Kano metropolis was agog with bewilderment since Thursday last week as people gathered to catch the sight of the cloud formation, which according to the bewildered lot, formed the name of Allah and his Messenger, Muhammad (PBUH).

One of the onlookers, Malam Mamman, told Weekly Trust that the inscription clearly depicted the names of Allah and His Messenger, adding that it was the same inscription he saw in different areas in the metropolis.

Pointing his fingers at the cumulus cloud intertwined with vague lines, Mamman said that the writing shows Allah’s name clearly.

He added that it was a very rare sight and, according to him, its appearance “is a sign of good omen and bumper harvest”.

Those privileged to witness the mystery were seen aiding others by pointing their fingers at the direction of said inscription. Other young men took the option of climbing the trees or some platforms for a better view.

They also said that the sight was unique and did not happen by default, saying: “If it is a normal cloud, it would have disappeared in no time, as normal clouds do. It won’t remain for a whole day if it’s fake”

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