Mugabe: Don’t fear long-eared whites

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By: Carien du Plessis

President Robert Mugabe has told Zanu-PF supporters to go out there, head corporations, work the land, and not stand back for white people.

“We have been conditioned to respect the white man,” he said in a rare English phrase during his two and a half hour speech, which was mostly in Shona. “People are saying they’re afraid of white people. Are they afraid of their long ears? They’re even afraid of ears now,” he said to laughter.

He spoke yesterday to about 40 000 supporters in Harare’s 60 000-seater National Sports Stadium at one of Zanu-PF’s final rallies before Wednesday’s polls.

He said Zimbabweans were losing “part of our earth, part of our land” because mining companies came from abroad, took the mineral resources and left.

“My gold, precious, is under the earth,” he said. “That gold is much more meaningful to me because it’s part of my land, the earth where I have my residence.”

He said the Zimbabweans’ share of the mineral resources in the country was “more significant” than the capital companies injected into the mines. “The money comes and goes, my share is there in Mother Earth.”

He added that Zimbabwe had “destroyed colonialism” and now needed to write new economics textbooks for the children because “colonialism” and “exploitation” were currently being taught.

He said with their good education, people should become directors and owners of companies and white people should be their employees.

“Zimbabweans must benefit from this land. If others want to share, they should come not as masters but as subordinates.”

Zanu-PF’s policy of indigenisation requires foreign-owned companies in Zimbabwe to give 51% ownership to the state.

In contrast, MDC-T, the party headed by his rival Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, is pushing for a policy called “JUICE”, which would encourage foreign investment and the opening up of Zimbabwean markets.

Mugabe also told people to work the land so that the land could look after them, and so that they could keep the land.

He said the new, black farmers were doing things for themselves and “they aren’t waiting for the whites”.

He said the white farmers of old said farming was theirs, and claimed not to make much profit from it. “They were lying,” he said. He said black farmers now contributed a significant amount to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Mugabe (89), whose age has been called a “national crisis” by Tsvangirai, said what had kept him going so long was “that I want to educate the young”, give them skills and make them masters of their own destiny.

Zimbabwe’s literacy rates are the highest in Africa.

Although he attacked Britain and the US, Mugabe yesterday held back on attacks on his southern neighbour after earlier lashing out at Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu for his stance on the human rights of gays, and at President Jacob Zuma’s envoy Lindiwe Zulu.

Zulu had been communicating the Southern African Development Community’s (SADC’s) concerns about Zimbabwe’s readiness for Wednesday’s elections, but last week Zuma said her utterances were “unfortunate”.

A member of the SADC facilitation team yesterday told City Press Zuma had to do it because Zulu was too “open”.

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3 thoughts on “Mugabe: Don’t fear long-eared whites”

  1. Mugabe has a deep point.

    Economics is just indoctrination and only at “higher levels” is it revealed clearly that its just baloney pretending to be “science”. Some have said economists have “physics envy” because of all those formulae and curves/graphs they use purporting to explain scarcity/wants/needs and apportionment (the heart of economics) does not even reflect reality (which physics does with current knowledge at the time) Examples of economics as a fraudulent study:

    a) We are told in Economics 101 that the “west” developed due to capital accumulation especially after the industrial revolution (steam engine, railroad) and one day (in the long run) Third World will do the same.

    PROBLEM 1: This a brazen bypass of what ACTUALLY happened. Rastalive wire covers this in numerous articles if one looks at them from an “economists perspective”: ALL (material) Wealth comes from LAND. In the 15th Century the “west” was confined to Europe. Today the west is in the America’s/Australia/NZ -all that land is what resulted in its “development.” Check it.

    PROBLEM 2: 400 yrs of free labour by stolen Africans built up the capital of the west and it has compounded into TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS that the Third World can never hope to catch up to (within the confines of this downpression-style economics)

    Even if one loathes Mugabe or even if it is true that the majority of Zimbabweans want him out of power (something that is in increasing doubt as the counting of this years peacefully-held election seems to be confirming), what he is saying here is oh so PROFOUNDLY SIMPLE that due to our brainwashed states, it shocks some or may sound even trivially provocative:

    We see the Global Financial Crisis caused by the “clever geniuses” in Wall Street, London et al; aided and abetted by the intellectual factotums at the World bank/IMF/WTO; telling us that a new method of keeping money running around the planet safely and hence sustaining perpetual “growth” had come. Till it blew on their faces!

    Today, the simple fact is that they do not know how to solve this thing. The blow back is still on nd all they are doing (eg $85 billion/month pumping/printing by the Federal Reserve) is the “finger in the dyke” and hoping-the-thing-blows-over-somehow-kind-of-management.

    Very sophisticated right? LOL!

    So Mugabe is telling Afrikans: It is time to stop being over-awed or scared of the eureopean (neo) colonial to the point of catatonic brain-lock: Our land is our wealth, period.

    Anything else that explains wealth accumulation (“development) posteriori (after the fact of a theft) like economics 101 is utter fabulist nonsense. The top economists in Africa (& diaspora)of course know this, but they have been co-opted/embedded, neutered and have bills to pay and a certain lifestyle to live up to. This is the stuff of capitalism:

    EXTREME INDIVIDUALISM couched in tricky language (and out of context )to justify greed & heartlessness, “my self-interest will coincide with the welfare of the community”. Where?

    Yes indeed. Until the day we write up our own HUMANITIES (Philosophy, I-story, economics, sociology, anthropology etc) we will always be putty in their hands. That is what Mugabe said. Profound, yet simple.

    The current trick is to co-opt any African who has some truth. Make her/him part of the “mainstream” like some sort of interesting aside that is “fascinating”. With an “alternative viewpoint”. Just imagine that.

    Watch their language. Its deliberately made to make any such Afrikans “exotic” and quixotic (hopelessly romantic for a fairer world) …but ultimately harmless because this world is theirs. Mugabe has refused to conform to this fiendishness. How they hate him!

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