Mohammed Ali in Hospital

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News over the wires confirm that former world heavy weigh boxing champion Mohammed Ali is on life support in the hospital. Our thoughts and love are with him.

Good vibes from Rasta Livewire to the Greatest Champion of Our Time!

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2 thoughts on “Mohammed Ali in Hospital”

  1. Strange things happen..they say….Mohammed ali body flown home today here in louisville ky. At his memorial at the Mohammed ali center in downtown louisville there was a swarm of bees just resting on the building. That is odd. News personnel says they have never seen anything like it. .you know what he said. ….float like a butterfly..sting like a bee. His spirit is in louisville now…peace to the ali family and thoughts and prayers sent their way. Know that he was loved by many.

    1. drakeye

      Thanks for the live reporting. BBC also has it:

      Bees swarm around Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville
      6 June 2016 Last updated at 11:40 BST

      Thousands of bees have swarmed around the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky, as mourners gathered to remember the boxing champion.

      The former heavyweight champion famously said he could “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”.

      Kevin McKinney, a specialist from the Kentuckiana Beekeepers Association, who came to collect the bees, said they had “picked a pretty good spot”.

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