Miracle of the Nigerian Sun

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By Mazi Omeife Jideofo

Whirling rainbow appears in Nigeria

And so it happened on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 at about 1.00 p.m. that a spectacular event occurred in the broad day light. It was the miracle of the sun, an astounding celestial experience.

The sun was surrounded by a whirling rainbow. Some call it a sunbow.

It was seen virtually across the entire country of Nigeria, West Africa. The reader should take note that Nigeria is the biggest African country. It is a very religious country, a zone instability. Many rushed outside to view the amazing event, but the intense brilliance of the sun might have also prevented others from observing the phenomenon.

Scientists have not been able to provide a sound and coherent explanation of the whirling rainbow phenomenon. However in the Americas, Asia and Africa the spiritual traditions have explanations for this phenomenon.

For instance, the Native American traditions prophesied that the appearance of the whirling rainbow will signal the end of the oppressive global system developed by modern Europeans with which they subjugate the world.

Rastas are the children of the rainbow. The colours of Rastafari are the principal colours of the rainbow. Their scriptures speak about the appearance of the followers of the King who would be wearing the rainbow colours.

Their scriptures say that when you see the whirling rainbow, know that time has come.

I would only add to this by saying, remember the lightening that struck the Vatican City the very very day Pope Emeritus resigned. Remember the stone that came from outer space and landed in Northern Russia. All in 2013. These are the signs of the times. There are signs of the seasons and there are signs of the times (zodiacal changes).

Vatican City the night the pope fell from power

When you see the whirling rainbow it speaks that the storm is getting over, peace cometh, true liberation, human development. It is a beacon of inner and outer light.

When the lightening strikes the tower, watch the power fall..

The Tower: Tarot card # 15:

Those who have eyes should see!

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