Medical Marijuana

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One thought on “Medical Marijuana”

  1. ISLAM don’t get scared now. The reason for a herb being illegal,is the same as always..because people of color use it. it’s a medicine, and for those blessed with color it awakens the third eye. So of course it’s bad and against the law. Whose LAW? Is the creator colorless and on earth? Who gave the ones in charge power to be the creator over the original people that they came thru to enter this dimension. that’s the real issue with people of color…NOT TO LET THEM WAKE UP! All things that are in accord with the creator vibrate,move,make things happen thru motion. Everything we love has to be attached with crime. One of the reasons for this is the higher vibe medical marijuana lets off Regular is good for 3 Dimentional beings. But the frequency is slower, but the originals hydro,indica,skunks,etc. took us to a higher level. A 5 Dimentional vibe-bration state. Now who can’t go there, someone without a working pineal gland function,haven’t you noticed anything mutant albinos can’t catch, they pass a code or statute, ordinance, amendment making it illegal, notice eye didn’t say Law. My question again who gave them the power over the people to do this? Answer NO ONE. Nobody wants the melaninated people to wake up on the next levels.Cause no melaninated can’t come Just stay all natural can’t get any better, to let your mind out of this trick box HUH! Free your mind and your ass will follow. Another reason Marijuana is the miracle plant/herb and herbs heal, look at marijuana oil healing even mutations of their cancer.It’s ok now even their children are taking it in it pure form and are being cured. Until we can grow herbs like our creator furnished everything for free, we will be forever going to jail,paying fines for our right to practice our religion. Anything that you can drop in the ground, cover it and it grows is from the creator. Drop crack in,cover it up, does it grow? That’s man made people….nooooo. Wake up. Anything that might jolt us back to reality is kept away like an education as to who you are for example. The medical and spiritual aspects of smoking for our THIRD EYE,HERU. Good for the hospitals killing us daily with drugs, that do nothing but kill you. Marijuana was used all thru our history. It’s a food, a medicine, clothing can be made from hemp, fuel so cheap it can cost less than 5 cents a gallon and the exhaust heals the planet. Groves of marijuana heals the air quality and the planet. Marijuana is the miracle that the earth needs and melaninated people. The self proclaimed rulers know this.It’s all about vibration and the minds reading of it. natural vs. synthetic. Look up god complex. Get you some LAST POETS listen to the whiteman got a god complex you should overstand. Until we the people unite we have no power, no nation, no status, no say.Screw legalization a trap,Decriminalize it, legal means you get it from them now,you pay a tax. Decriminalize not illegal,you don’t go to jail for herb.

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