Mazi Omeife Jideofo: The Ides of March

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Beware the month of Mars,
the month of madness,
when the politicians plot and scheme,
assassinations, coups and war projects.

Beware this month of March, in particular…
It began with strife and madness of a higher order,
confusion and angst in high places,
generals reaching for their nuclear buttons.

Beware this Ides of Mars…
Lo, at the frontier trouble brews
at the border, they are starting a fight..
brother against brother, friend against friend.

Time getting dreader, every gully running red…
Yet, the sun shall rise, be ye not afraid,
and in it all, know you surely that
there must come out to light…

But be careful, of the Ides of Mars,
Brethrens and sistrens watch and pray,
tread carefully…

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