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Marcus Aurelius Mosiah Garvey
Who is the Messiah of the Hebrews?

Was it Jesus? No… No true Hebrew or Jew considers Jesus as the Messiah.

Jesus did not claim to be the messiah. He was only the “son of man” who came to bing into our remebrances the prophecies of the old.

The Messiah means a political leader in the spirit of Moses who will come and rebuild the lost nation.

The coming of the Messiah was first promised by Moses. In the book of Deuteronomy, Moses reminded Israel that they would eventually stray from the path of righteousness, and fall into the hands of their enemies, taken in ships to foreign lands where they would become enslaved. Yet, Moses promised that in the end, another Mosiac figure would come to liberate Israel, at home and abroad, from mental and physical enslavement, and re-dedicate “and livicate” them back to the path of righteousness. See Deuteronomy Chapter 30 verses 1 – 20.

Who was Jesus?:

As you all believe already, Jesus was an unfortunate victim of human sacrificial rites; whose blood was supposedly shed to forgive the sins of so-called christians. Weird ritual..eucharisti the eating of the flesh and blood of the dead victim. Greco-Romani pagan-blood rites.

What kind of saviour are the Romans asking people to accept? We know that their victim Jesus was killed so unjustly, without sin nor offence; and yet noone, no authority, not even the saving grace of magic, could save Jesus, the saviour and the liberator? What kind of Romantique idiocy lies in such convoluted logic.

Classical Constantine con-artistry; and his gang of imposters created a horror at the council of Nicae.

Who was Mohammed?:

Was Mohammed the Messiah? No, true Ethiopian or Muur considers Mohammed as the messiah.

Mohammed claimed to be a prophet in the lines of the biblical prophets. He never claimed to be the saviour nor the messiah.

Consequently we know that Mohammed was not the messiah, but he prophesied of the Messiah, the Mosiah, or the Madhi.

Who then is your true Messiah Black Hebrews?

There was a man born to in the late 19th century when colonialism, jim crowism, had completed the de-humanization of the great Noble and Ancient Muurs of the House of Israel in Greater Ethiopia otherwise known as the so-called Blacks.

This man lifted us out of the gutters of despair and desolation with his words and action. He almost single-handedly rebuilt the Black civilization worldwide.

He raised us out of self-hatred and denial, and gave us a United Black Nationality, Internationally. He gave the so-called negro political, economic and spiritual identity on a global scale.

Honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, the Messiah

A self-educated printer/publisher from St. Anne Bay Parish, Jamaica. A descendant of African royalty, from Kongo, trapped in the Carribean Islands. He rose from deprivation, and shook the world with his teachings. His name was Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

After he was done, neither the world, nor the so-called negro, nor the so-called white man ever remained the same again. Marcus equalized the playing field with his wise teachings. By the truths that he re-discovered for I and I, he gave back to the so-called negro, his mojo…his pride, but most importantly his nationality and true identity.

The so-called negro rose on his feet all over the world and demanded better. Negros made a step forward and became the champions of the world. Because they always had the royal gene, the godly blood, the divinity of their Jah, in their physical makeup.

He made I and I realize that we were the original kings of the earth! The children of Jah, bigger than slaves and the dead. He demonstrated to the whole world that Black people were the first, the true and the ever living.

And by his actions, he built the Black Star conception, which changed hearts and mind, and gave spirit to the skeletal frame of the so-called negros, and led directly to the freedom of all the African states. That is why Kwame Nkrumah honoured Honourable Marcus Garvey, by stamping the black star on the red, gold and green flag of the Republic of Ghana.

Marcus Garvey is the messiah, because by his words and his works, the black nation of Israel is being rebuilt day by day, politically and economically.

By the works and words of Marcus Garvey, we are freed by mental, spiritual and physical oppression at the hands of those who stole our nations, our bodies and our cultures.

Marcus Garvey gave us back Africa when he blew the first trumpet….chanting Africa for Africans at home and abroad. And the wicked melted away from Africa when the trumpet sounded!

Marcus Garvey is the father and inspirator of a thousand liberation movements and philosophies, including the Garveyites, Rastafari, the Moorish Science Temple of America, the Nation of Islam, the 5 percenters, Black Panther, African National Congress of South Africa, United Gold Coast Conference of Ghana, National Congress of Nigeria and Cameroons, the Southern Leadership Christian Congress of the Americas, and so forth and so on.

The Noble Ali Drew, Noble F.W. Fard, Elijah Mohammed, Malcom X, Martin Luther King Jr., Nnamdi Azikiwe, Kwame Nkrumah, Nelson Mandela, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, any notable and authentic black man or woman that has lived in the last century, all drew inspiration from the wisdom and compassion of our father Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

Indeed Marcus Garvey is the father, the founder, and our saviour, the messiah. Follow Marcus Mosiah Garvey!

Even his middle name Mosiah given to him at birth, by his mother, which meant Messiah foretold of his place in the Black cosmogony.

Follow Marcus Mosiah Garvey, the man all the prophets since Moses foretold. Follow him everyday, do the righteousness that he taught…and ye shall be liberated, freed, from mental and spiritual oppression.

Hear oh Israel, Marcus Mosiah Garvey is the one!

And who is Haile Selassie?

Selassie I is the ever resurrecting King whose coming was prophesied in the book of Revelation Chapter 5 verse 5: “the Lion of Judah and the Root of David” who would be the “King of Kings” Revelations 19 verses 16.

He was in the beginning, is now and is without end! Melchizedek, the King of Salem!

Take a check and realign your thoughts ye Black Nobles… take a stock.

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6 thoughts on “Marcus Mosiah Garvey, the Messiah! – Oguejiofo Annu”

  1. This is quite sad and full of so many lies. Jesus did claim to be the Messiah and this the very reason why the Jews sought to kill him, a simple reading of scripture will show you that.

    The problem you have, like the Jews is that you are focused on an earthly kindgom but Jesus said that his kingdom is not of this earth. That is why Christ said the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

    You are also dealing with some kind of race things.

    Marcus Garvey is not the Messiah and Selassie is not The Conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah, those are both one and the same, Jesus Christ.

    Anyways, Black people are still struggling today, so what kind of liberation are you really talking about? there is so much violence in many black communities, with a host of fatherless children, homosexuality is now being accepted. You see, one can be free physically and still enslaved. The freedom that is important is spiritual, that is why Jesus said “whom the Son sets free is free indeed”.

    You need to repent of these lies and place your faith in Jesus Christ.

    1. Paul N, you are another shyster! When did your imaginary deamon Jezus declare himself “The Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah”. Who gave him that title? And when? Provide your citations from your fake Bible, we are waiting….

      If you knew anything about the history of the messanic message, you will realize that it is connected to an earthly kingdom! It has nothing to do with some sugar candy mountain up in the clouds.

      The messanic message started with the Hebrew prophets who sought to contextualize the physical conquest, and exile of the Israelites. It was first announced by Moses, then taken up by others such as Jeremiah, Isiah, Hezekiah, Zachariah, Micha, and others.

      The Roman/Greeks writers of the new testament sought to change this message so that Israelites would focus on some sugar candy mountains in heaven, and no longer on the primary objective of restoring back our nation, nationality and our land.

      Paul N, not only are you an ignoramus, you are an arrogant ignoramus. Such types as yours will burn with the Romans, Greeks and their Djezus on the day when the Israelites run you out of the land.

      It is coming soul seeker, it is coming soon. The Armageddeon!

    2. Placing their faith in the fictional jesus has only caused black people heartache and misery. Now, why would anyone in the right frame of mind accept religion from murderers, rapists and theives. Christianity has done nothing but destroyed black people. Christianity is nothing but white supremacy. Christianity used scare tactics to keep their followers fauthful.
      And you are right about the enslavement – as a result of mental enslaving tools like christianity, black people suffer from self hatred. The kind of liberation the article is referring to can only be experienced by a people who do away with the worshipping of a useless foreign god. Just fuck off with your bullshit. The very problems black people a experiencing is a direct result of you cave dwelling apes and your christianit

    3. The black christians are viilent, fatherless, homosexuals because they had very good teachings from caucavian narcistic, homocidal, homosexuals, theiving genocidal maniacs who murdered and beat them into christianity. Christianity uses scare tactics to get and kep members. And this is straight out of the minds of degenerate cave dwellers. The bible is a blue print for what you race of twisted demented lot did to black people. The residential schools where native, amerindians, aboriginals (this term is an insult because ab means away in latin) were raped, murdered and robbed of their sense of self were ran by caucavian christians. Homosexaulity, pedophilia, incest and the fucking of animals are rampant amongst caucavians. Caucavians christianity are flying around the globe as missionaries and sometimes not to rape children around the globe. But caucavians excuse this type of behavior because according to them south african men are raping children and children are molesting children in tennesee. In other words, they want to point out issues faced by black people while ignoring their problems of beastiality, homosexuality, incest and pedophilia, drugs and murders, rapes in their own populations.

    4. Caucavians want to point that black men are killing each other at alarming rate but caucavians won’t tell you murdering their own people and other so called races has skyrocketed since they burst out of the caves. Caucavians want to tell you that africans are having tribal wars but they wont tell you that they are responsible for every major war in the world that has seen the lost of millions of lives which cannot be compared to africans killing a few of their own or some drug turf war in america. The caucavians are such bloodthirsty animals +them and their god) that they will have you erroneously believe that war can bring about freedom.

      While the black people(horizontal violence) in america are doing drive bys, the caucavian are murdering millions yearly due to their fly bys. And because they are so narcistic and delusional they cannot see how much pain and lives they have destroyed.

      “If you make a man feel that he is inferior, yoy do not have to compel him to accept an inferior status, he wilk seek it himself.” Carter g. Woodson in mis- education of the negro

    5. And speaking of homosexuality, who is forcing black people across the globr to accept homosexuality? Albinos like you. Why are black people now accepting homosexuality as being normal with reproductive value? Christian albino hypocrits like you. Who is threatening African countries with sanctions if they do not accept homosexuality? ALBINO CHRISTIANS.

      Leakey, an albino anthropologist with.his gang of homosexuals went into Africa and forced same sex african monkeys to fuck so that they can lend credence to the idea that homosexuality is natural in nature. FACT (whether you accept it or not) had no incidence of homosexuality until they came into contact with albinos. I think albino are plagued with something that cause them to engage in perverse sex acts and populations that have intermingled with them also developed this propensity for perversion such as anal, group sex, aphyxiation during sex, feces, sex with children, incest, sex with animals and non living objects and other vile acts that allow them to derive sexual pleasure because just having the male/female organs interacting is not pleasurable enough.for them. And most who engage in such acts are christians. Look you can find many human populations due to their contacts with albions develops a taste for any of the above to a lesser degree but you will than likely find the albino advertising and normalizing any of the above behaviours. Some albinos even want to pass laws so they can legally have sexual contact with children legally. this a mental defect. I dear anyone to read the stories on nambla and see if it doesnt make you physically ill. I know from experience dating albinos that many if not most are not interested in just having the normal interactions being man and woman or what they term meat and potatoes. When it came to the topic of sex likes and dislikes, most albinos i came across had sexual desires that were decidedly different from a so called black man or brown man. And for many any unwillingness to engage in such acts on my part was a deal breaker.

      Racist homosexual gangs all over the u.s.a blamed black people for proposition 8. Buju banton made a video in in his which cost him his life. Homosexual gangs along with the usa government conspiredbto desttiy this mans lfe gor a vidro he made some 20 yeras ago. Go to Buju Banton’s video Boom bye, bye on youtube and there you will find a resident homosexual champion of all homosexuals who is working according to him to keep buju in jail. Anyone who makes favourable comment towards buju, jamaica or black people gets discreditted but of course he is not racist. Like most mentally defected albinos he presents false statistics on jamaica. I don’t think he has a day joband quite possibly he is being paid for his work by othet gangs of homosexuals who wants to further discredit jamaicans and ultimately black people for their strong belief in the first science – family consisting of mother and father.

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