Lucifer the Bearer of Light: Part III – Anonymous

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Not only is this truth, but Lucifer is one of 10,000 names of the star system most commonly known as Sirius, Sopdet, Sothis, Sophia, Sheba, Cerbeus, Shiva, Isis, etc… Truth hides behind linguistic obfuscation.

This star system is known by both feminine and male names. Why is that? Because she is a prodigal Sun. Red shift (kachina) and Blue shift (kachina). She is known as the dog or wolf star globally because she is our companion Sun.

When this star travels away from us we drop into the abyss of a dark male dominant age that is spiritually bereft and when she travel towards us we know we are entering the sweet influence of the pleiades (see Job), the divine feminine and re-member who we are. This is a giant electromagnetic cloud that kickstarts quantum leaps of evolution. Hence, Lucifer is the bringer of Light, the morning star

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2 thoughts on “Lucifer the Bearer of Light: Part III – Anonymous”

  1. The problem here is getting caught up in greco-roman, judeo-christian (and anglo-saxon) mumbo jumbo. It just confuses people.

    The solution is to study things chronologically and check what the writers say and what they ACTUALLY DO. Then draw your conclusions.

    We Afrikans need to clean out our act too.

    Kemet is the first civilization where women had property. These days we are being schooled to treat our women well. By those whom were savages when Kemet’s pyramids were up.

    There is just so much confusion. No need to complicate your mind.
    Love is a natural instinct of man. Be careful with philosophy that degenerates.

    After all, it is on record that Socrates/Plato found young men as the ideal consorts!

    You are responsible for bring good to yourself, family, Black I and I and the rest of earth.

    No need to live in fear of fragments of the imagination of weirdos.

    I would not agree that the light that shines in I and I is lucifer. I don’t need to use european culture as props to my thinking.


    Dont jump in the water if you cant swim. Dont complecate your mind. Use your commonsense. Dont get mixed up in complex, hogwash fables.


    1. @ Jarateng Skabelli – BRAVO my brother…. well said. These Lucifarians are the ones who have been deceived by the Father of ALL lies… Lucifer, Satan, Abbaddon, Sarael, Samael, Azazel, Apollo, Zeus, THOTH… or what ever handle / name, that loser decides to go under this week. His minions, worshipers / followers who follow his teachings, also obfuscate matters, turning light into darkness, good to bad, bad to good, turning everything upside down, inside out and back to front… their sole mission to confuse & lead astray..!

      Lucifer; was known as the ‘Star of the Morning’… aka Venus & YAHusha was known as the ‘Morning Star’… Yes there are close comparisons, something that cannot be denied, and deserves closer scrutiny; There is unfortunately, so much of Christianity, that has been messed around with & mirrors many ancient pagan religions, that have been adopted by ‘Papal Rome’ – ‘Proven to be the worship of Nimrod’ by Alexander Hislop.

      However ‘YAHusha’ aka Jesus was a real individual… the ‘Teacher of Righteousness’, who gave ALL honour to Our Beloved Heavenly Father, OurAlmighty Eternal Loving ‘AHYAH’ of ALL Creation.

      As Einstein once said; (paraphrase) “there is no such thing as darkness, only the absence of light, and no such thing as cold, only the absence of heat…

      Make NO mistake my brothers and sisters, and don’t be fooled by the sweet platitudes and swaying words of the deceiver. We have been & still are, in a war with the enemy of ALL mankind & his minions, who has vowed to destroy every, man, women and child on the face of this Eden/Earth.

      How do you tell a BIG LIE… 99% TRUTH – 1% LIE

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