Laws of Rasta Livity – The Itations of Jide Uwechia

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The Laws of Rastafari Livity:

Honour all men and women.

Love the brotherhood.

Love Jah!

Honour the king… our king…

The Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah!

1 Peter 2 verse 17

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42 thoughts on “Laws of Rasta Livity – The Itations of Jide Uwechia”

  1. Trent, Color is just a color Rastafari the color of man means nothing we were all created equal by the most high.Its either in your heart or it isn’t. Bless!!

  2. Give thanks n praise unto the di most JAH RASTAFARI!!!words,sound &power.ini is a rastaman man that nah bow to Haile Selassie I as God in flesh,but the King is the mind opener and ini trod with the teachings of H.I.M as he is the last one to sit upon the trone of David &Solomon.So H.I.M came with the new teachings to pave a way for ini to Zion.neither Christ is God beca JAH said (thou shalt not have other Gods before me).for me to bow to man is going against JAH comandment,Jah said i will spread the prophet in all corners of the earth to guide and dilivery the truth to mankind.

    No manh ever trod on earth wu never did wrong in sight of JAH,no manh is clean to the bone so i realy cant praises to man but JAH alone as my creator and my only GOD the creator of Zion,EARTH ,SEA &all that is in them.

    Haile Selassie I is there fi hold the light for ini fi see where i trodd,with conciousness and spiritual Guidiance from JAHOVIAH.he is the teacher wu lead with example his works were proven fruitful to ini to call i RAS TAFARI.the seed of wisdom of Solomon fell to H.I.M to be the earthrightful KING of KINGS,elect of JAH.SO never divide ourself abht wu we Praises,the spirit of the living JAHOVIAH dwells within all mankind yah fi acknowledge that GOD live within before you ACKNOWLEDGE MAN AS GOD.JAH COMES FIRST with unconditional love.RASTAFARI is a livity theres no book fi read rules but the BOOK is JAH’s Spiritual guidiance of ini daily livity as ini learn iverday when JAH SPEAK in man’s meditation universal love,peace,overstanding,knowledge and wisdom.MAY GLORY BE TO THE FATHER AND THE MAKER OF CREATION AS IT WAS IN THE BEGINING SO IT SHALL BE TILL FORIVER MORE JAH RASTAFARI THE RULER BLESSES.

  3. I n i intrested with tha rastafari way of living always humble n respective n blivin in jah creotor i wished to join tha livity n take part in it……hw will i do so…..bless bhingys

    1. A reporter ask Bob Marley “what must he do become a Rastafarian” Bob’s reply he must be born again. Speak to elderly Rastafarians. for guidance. Jah bless


  4. Greetings Mi Bredren en Mi Sistren In The Name Of His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellasiae, Jah, Rastafarai, Ever Living Ever Faithful Ever Sure , Sellasiae The Fost, One and Only and Holy Divine Incarnation Of Christ. Mi Fost Contribution To Dis I en I Positive Vibration Is Tryna End Di Confusion As propagated By The Babylonian Collapsing Dynasty, Jah Is Lord En none other Is To be Worshiped Other Than His Imperial Majesy, King And Ruler Of Land en sea. You Know Di Bible Says That Two Tousand Years To Come Christ Shall Return From The Lineage Of King David King Solomon, And He’s Christ. You Know Mi Bredren en mi sistren Rastafarai Teaches You Things That Them Wouldn’t Tell you In school, You Know Them Wouldn’t Tell You That Rastafarai Is God En That He Alone Should Liberate Rasta. Mi bredren en mi sistren, Dis Nawt an Illusion, Denounce This A their Confusion, Rastafarai is The Life, I en I gat No Religion, It DIVIDES. Irie

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