Moorish Kings of England: King James VI and I of Scotland and England 1566 – 1625 and his daughter

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King James IV and I of Scotland and England

Keep looking at the hair!…the hair…

King James vi bbc_getty_226

Check out the hair again…

James I 1616

James I (1566–1625) was the King of Great Britain from 1603 until his death in 1625. The first English ruler from the House of Stuart, he succeeded Queen Elizabeth I after her death, and was the first British monarch to rule both England and Scotland. In 1606, James authorized the Virginia Company of London to found the Jamestown colony. The English successfully settled in Virginia, planting the foundation of Great Britain’s American colonies and the future United States of America. This colonization enterprise was a moneymaking venture intended to boost the coffers of the Crown.

Daughter of King James I

Check out her face! Official depiction stamped on her minted coins.

Elizabeth of Bohemia, Countess Palatine, daughter of James I, Married to Frederick, Count Palatine.

Even in her whitened, modified picture, we still the hair.

The Hair…


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  1. Message to Rasta Livewire:

    Could you verify the actual title of the King James you are referring to because my research suggests that his title was King James VI of Scotland and I of England & Ireland. You have him listed as James IV (4th) and I (1st). However King James IV lived much earlier than the one who had the Bible translated from 1603-1611.

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