King James I and IV of England and Scotland

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king james of england

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22 thoughts on “King James I and IV of England and Scotland”

  1. Get this; you have done some research and so have I, so I thought my subroyal Stuart take on it might impress you…

    Mary Queen of Scots married Lord Darnley, who was openly gay, only because he had the royal bloodline and was born in the king’s chamber at Stirling Castle. A last ditch effort to bring out an heir.

    The royal families during this period of history are people of colour; it is reflected in their daily life and comments, and also in all of the original art works but not the forgeries. The Royal Stuarts and the Hanover families are quite dark and they proudly display their heritage in the Scottish Registry, which is quite beyond dispute. The dark royal families are of a much more ancient and respected bloodline throughout the world, and all of the white friendly monarchies have always wanted to capture some of it in their own lineages. Having done so, at least superficially, more recently the current halfbreed royal lineages have been seeking to eradicate lingering details of their color component while maintaining the advantages the bloodline confers. Intellect has something to do with it, and a Grail King tendency to rule with empathy.

    The Queen of Scots grew to hate Lord Darnley, as he would not be other than a pouf, a decent advisor but certainly not a king.

    Mary Queen of Scots chose her Italian executive David Rizzio as the father of her unborn baby King James VI.

    Darnley became furious as Mary grew more pregnant; he may have known he was sterile or, perhaps through his occult research, discovered or decided that he was not the father. But at any rate he was induced to be quite sure that Rizzio was her lover and the baby was not his.

    Oddly, rather than banish Rizzio home to Turin like one would normally do with disgraced back-door royalty, a quick campaign was mounted, and with the assistance of Mary’s cousins burst into her chambers, threatened her, aiming criticisms of the unborn king in her belly at knifepoint, and stabbed Prince Ricco fifty times.

    So it seems the royal conspirators knew who the royal baby’s real father was.

    Soon after, there was a staged explosion event at the house, during which the Earl of Bothwell strangled Lord Darnley and his assistant, and dragged them into the garden.

    King James VI is half Italian, and the English legitimacy through the bastard is in question.

    The illegitimacy of Queen Elizabeth I is also well known.

    The claim of a Legitimate King James I/VI is false.

    The claim of a legitimate King Edward IV is false.

    The british royalty has not much royal blood.

    The royal people that the white illuminati have been killing all over the world have pedigrees that the British could never aspire to.

    So, illuminati replaces these legitimate monarchs physically via might and fraud.

    Most of the royal classes worldwide contain much more royal blood than the current queen does, and have impeccable pedigrees to prove it, while the bastard Queen lineage does not.

    The Royal Stuarts and even the Bute Stuarts still have pedigrees, and Queen Elizabeth II didn’t get a slice of our credibility.

    My grandma used to tell my sister that she has more royal blood in her than the queen does, and it’s obviously true.

    Indeed, it appears that much of the world knows this and the ranks are growing.

    The pedigree is the most important part of the Jewish royalty, the Jews claim lineage to Judah their namesake, but it is almost entirely a black or at least Moorish crossbred lineage. We, most of us, appreciate crossing ‘species’ because we all know about black nobility ruling all over the world, and cementing our families is all good.

    Absence of the colour and the genetically-guided character for decent ruling ability (Grail King character) exposes their fraud.

    Can the rest of us get the point yet? The white illuminati are running a parasitic invasion of what had been a globally-connected monarchic system, in order to take over the world from the top of the control structure.

    My grandma grew up in Stonefield Castle. We know some stuff.

      1. Yes, I too would appreciate such references to be cited. Words and looking at paintings and statuary is great and all but there can be artistic differences depending on time period. Is Bob Ross Black due to his sweet afro? Um, no and it is not whitewashing to point that out. Ultimately, all came from mother Africa. No matter how one wishes to argue it, science is factual. Art, on the other hand… that’s different. All of Europe has a Roman in the woodpile (or several) because they conquered and mated with everyone from everywhere. But not all Romans were light-skinned Italians. Roman citizens and Legionnaires were from all over the known, and conquered, world. Then there’s the Great Khan who seems to be Father to Millions as damned near everyone in that part of the world has some genetic heritage from him… the Middle East southern and Central Europe, parts of the former Soviet Union, China, Japan, Korea… Yeah, Chingiss liked the Ladies and had mad skills. And the Ladies LOVED them some Khan. Not just Chaka… I feel for you… I think I want footnotes from you. Then, I think I could love you. Keep me posted as I am very curious because my kids and grandkids need to know as well as I am working on my SCA persona and using some of my own familial history as a base. And, I am a child of both the Royal line of King George through my father’s lineage and the Moors through my mother’s. So, I am very interested in your work if you have the foundation to support it. Thanks for what you’ve done so far!

        btw, since your system requires my email, please email me and let me know if you have any update.

    1. The British royal family derives its legitimacy not from lineage but from an act of parliament that limits the succession to descendants of Sophia of Hanover. The Stuarts have been out of the picture ever since.

      Anything that happened before that date is irrelevant (as Bonnie Prince Charlie found out).

      1. That’s only partly true the act of succession most clearly states the succession was to be protestant. So succession could be from any descendant line as long as they were truly royal protestant.

      1. Be so bold!!! This is about uncovering and sharing Truths All information helps in doing that. If we are ever going to coexist without color-based hatreds, we have to talk about and dig through for fact. Some of it is lost to antiquity (Genghis Khan’s silver Sarcophagus style) and we’ll just have to learn to let it go. But, if we want to quit arguing that color, religion, or national origin makes us “better” people, we have to pick up the discussion left by Dr. King and Ghandi and such ancestors and learn, share, debate, research, learn, and share. Let’s get down on this conversation. I just realized how old this thread is… oops. Oh well, maybe we can resurrect it.

      2. To be so bold King James didn’t write the bible he authorized it. He selected Some 40 scholars to do the writings.

    1. Karen, King James did not write the bible himself. This is written on the biblebookprint “Newly Tran?lated out of the Originall tongues: & with the former Tran?lations diligently compared and reui?ed, by his Maiesties speciall Comandement”. So he gave order to a group of various biblical scolars skilled in several (ancient) languages.

      There were older bibles before the KJV 1611. The oldest European version is the Greek Pentateuch (“originally” written by Greek-Jews with knowledge of Hebrew-Aramaic ).

      1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news however, the Greeks had nothing to do with the bible. Paul translated it in Greek to the Isrealite’s who were captives of the Greeks who no longer spoke Hebrew.

        1. False. the Greeks have everything to do with the Bible. They stole manuscripts from Kemet (The Alexandria Library), redacted, deliberately corrupted, deliberately misquoted, deliberately misinterpreted and misunderstood the texts for the sole purpose of concealing truth. The New Testament changed names from Hebrew to English European names. Messiah being a Hebrew was named Yeshua. How were His mother and father named Mary and Joseph, his brother named James, his aunt named Elizabeth, His cousin, John the Baptist, His disciples Bartholomew, Peter, Paul, the gospel authors, Matthew, Mark, Luke & John? They had to do this in order to fulfill their wicked objective. To reveal the original Akan/Hebrew names would immediately reveal to the world truth. It does not make sense to change names from Hebrew to English. It was the method used to hide who the real “chosen” people are, the race and ethnicity of the people in the Bible, who white people really are, who the people residing in Israel really are and their genesis and true blood-line. Try reading the books of Enoch, Jubilees, Maccabees, Wisdom of Solomon, Jasher etc. In fact, try reading all of the missing books. They were removed bc they inform the reader exactly what the enemy of the Father would and did do and who every tribe and nation really is. NO man, woman or child had/has the authority to remove any scriptures and revelation clearly states the consequence.. It was and is important for the powers that be to hide truth, yet it is being revealed globally. HalleluYAH!!!!!

    2. He didn’t write the bible he authorized the book to be translated to english. author and authorized to totally different meaning

    3. He did not write a Bible.
      He called upon Scholars to Translate and Rewrite the Bible from Latin to Old English.
      In the process, the writings were Changed.

    4. Indeed! I’m stunned and love the Bible even moreso now. He didn’t “write” it perse … More like legally binded the book for our sakes. ?

  2. Thank you sir for your insight to the Jebusite story from Benin’s Archive’s , happy homegoing. I’ll smoke some Virginia Buffalo weed to that ! God bless the Emporer of Ethiopia.
    PS. I’m enjoying your insight into the black illuminati.
    PPS. Thank God leprosy has a cure.

    1. I’ll say a prayer to St. Martin De Porres, & Blessed Diana of the North, after porage this early morning , for your soul.

    2. I am just a poor “bastard” scholar, a common priest of Melchisedek, but I’m willing to learn, I’ve not been to Africa yet, but my deceased Auntie Dorothy went to North Africa I was told, with her husband ( RIP). I dream of rambling from Jerusalem to Table Mountain with some mates one good day via the Golden Horn or Gibralter. PAX Britannia.
      PS. I believe the angling is good, for the table.

        1. PPS. my mate Cobina Tom, an officer, a gentleman & scholar from Accra would come, I’m sure, but he has gout & is going blind, but he has many black ” bastards” children of rank, who could take him in an electric dune buggy. I would ask him, but I do not have the brass to finance the pilgrimage.

  3. So who was the father of the baby? David the Italian or was it Lord Darnley and were they both black

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